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I loved how Alburnett High School allowed me to work with the best teachers I could ask for. The learning experience in the classroom was 1 on 1 and if I ever had any questions or concerns, I could easily talk about them with my teacher.
I liked that Alburnett is a small school and it I very easy to get to know your teachers and classmates. I wish that Alburnett had more AP classes and better science classes.
It is such a tight knit small community, you really get to chance to know everybody and make memories with them
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Small school with a good community. Had trouble with teachers in the beginning. New teachers have come in recent years. Senior year has been my best year due to new teaching staff.
At Alburnett it really is a hit or miss with teachers. I had teachers that I loved and really enjoyed going to their class and I also had terrible teacher that did nothing but watch Youtube all day. I can't say all the teachers were horrible because I had some truly amazing teachers that really cared about the students. However, there were a few bad eggs that the school refused to fire even though complaint after complaint was filled.
Teachers are overall knowledgeable in area of teaching, but some have been there way too long and need to get rid of "old Teacher" styles.
I love Alburnett High School. It is a small school, which makes it great to know everyone and become close with them. It is a very good one-one teacher experience to help all students become successful. Albunett School is unique because you start in Kindergarten and finish as a Senior without switching to a different school with new people. It is a very family oriented school and everyone is there for you through hardships and in times of celebration. My very experience at Alburnett would be playing sports. At a small school we play sports as a team. We never let anyone down or let anyone down. We work together to become better which makes all of our sports teams achieve goals.
Some teachers don't have easy-to-learn teaching styles
I enjoy my school but I do wish we had a few more opportunities.
Most of the teachers are great and know how to work well with the students. Very few act like they would rather not teach you
All the handbook rules are followed and enforced unless there is a special circumstance.
It usually is good but it doesn't always look that way. We always have an alternate. They could have more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned ones.
There is prom committee, National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, and Future Business Leaders of America. If anyone wanted to start something new the administration would be open to it.
We have a variety of sports to participate in such as; archery, baseball, basketball, cheer leading, dance team, football, show choir, softball, volleyball, and wrestling. The weight room is open before and after school for anyone who wants to use it. We support most our teams but don't always see past the stereotypes of others.
My school is very safe. I've only ever heard of one actual fight since I've been attending and that situation was dealt with well by the administration. We have cameras in the hallways to prevent bullying. We have assemblies for anti-bullying among other things like JDRF and Say No. The school nurse doesn't let you leave her office with medication. The school's meals could be somewhat healthier, like adding more FRESH fruits and vegetables.
Some are very good teachers, but others don't seem to care about teaching.
It's easy to get an A in classes, but you still have to work to get it.
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Our new administration has given us many more resources such as everyone gets their own computer.
It has sport options but not many clubs or groups that are known or very popular.
The school is a pretty safe place. Nobody is going to get in and hurt anybody. In terms of bullying, we have gotten it under control a lot in the past couple of years and it improves more and more.
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