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As I stated before, our school staff deal quickly with any bullying issues that occur which are not many. The staff all have the same mindset in how it is dealt with. Our school is safe - visitors have to be buzzed in as the doors are locked to those trying to gain access from the outside. Our front office has a video monitor of all accesses. We have a school nurse on premises at all times.
Due to budget constraints and our location, there are not many extracurricular activities available to our children at school. Parents have to travel approx. 30 minutes each way to work which makes it difficult to form clubs, etc...
Since we are a small school in rural Vermont, there are programs that are not taught due to funding. It would be nice to have a woodworking or technical class for the boys and a home ec class as well as foreign language. Our teachers and staff love the children, they do not make the high wages of other school districts, but we have teachers that truly love what they do and it shows. We have teachers who have been here for 35+ years, mentoring younger teachers and student teachers, leading by example.
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Our daughter has attended ACEC since she began school. She is the top student in her class and her teachers find ways to challenge her despite teaching others whom are at different levels. The teachers have always been available for questions and concerns. The teachers are consistent across the board with discipline and grading. The children and parents know what is expected on them.
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