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Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science is an excellent school for students who are seeking college-readiness. This school is incredibly challenging, and students can expect to spend many hours a week completing homework and assignments. The teachers here are excellent at what they do. Middle school and high school students here continuously receive higher PARCC scores than their competitors; however, I would not recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a path in the arts. This school focuses heavily on STEM subjects. Furthermore, this is a charter school so students can expect to work with other students from grades 6-12. Although this school does incredible academically, this school needs more clubs, sport teams, and tutoring programs. Everything here is fast pace, and it becomes very easy to fall behind; however, if a person is seeking an incredible education in the Albuquerque area, I highly recommend this school.
There are not enough clubs, the school is very small. When we play games such as kickball we play in a parking lot. When we run we run on a dirt area behind another parking lot. If you are looking at playing soccer for the school its going to be pretty hard because we dont have a team or anything. The hallways are very small and crowded. When around the pickup line there are beehives and sometimes kids get stung, one time a kid got stung 5 times. I would not reccomend this school.
Dual enrollment has helped me prepare for college and the school is very focused on STEM careers, but has some fun creative ways of teaching!
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I loved the rigorous and challenging curriculum the teachers have for their students. I feel prepared going into college this coming year.
The extracurricular opportunities at AIMS are not what you would normally think of. There is an anime club, an archery club, chess club, rocketry club, National Honor Society, and other things.The staff put in their own time and money to make these activities better. There are sports at AIMS as well. There is basketball, soccer, flag footbal, volleyball, and cross country. The students are very active in the sports.
AIMS has given me many opportunities to learn and to experience many new things. They provide AP classes starting Freshman year and all the classes are Honors. I have begun to take dual enrollment classes. I have definitely struggled but I have learned to ask questions in class,ask for help from others, and to open my mind up to new things. The school is not athletic based but rather education based. AIMS is a place for students who are willing to work hard and get through many tough situations.
The teachers at AIMS are hard working and are very understandable. They make the lessons fun and easy to understand and give the students many opportunities to ask questions and to work with others.
We came to AIMS for the smaller class sizes and academic excellence. We wanted our daughter who loves to learn, to fit into an environment with other children who also enjoy learning. Her last school did the best they could as was a high ranked school but we felt they taught at the level of the mid to low range children. Our daughter was often bored, and Aims has filled her needs.
Friendly staff who are easily accessible.
We do not have any of these resources except for archery equipment.
I believe some of the teachers are below average at their abilities.
I feel like my school got me well acquainted with how college courses run however failed to introduce us to financial aid and extracurricular factors.
Students are for the most part safe and in a good enviroment
They are very strict on their tolerance policies.
Although it is getting better, they do not compare with public schools.
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