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This school will ruin anyone's love of learning. It is so obvious that every student here experiences academic burnout. The work is rarely actually challenging, it's just that there is such an absurd amount of it that it usually seems impossible to finish. With 5-6 hours of homework every night, students have little to no free time or time to spend with their families. This is one of the reasons that most students at AIMS experience anxiety and depression. Students are not the only ones who experience burnout. The teachers seem like they lost their love for teaching a long time ago. Most of the teachers don't actually teach their class. They just let computers teach the class. If you're thinking of coming here just for the college courses, I would advise against it. Most high schools in Albuquerque offer dual enrollment.
I have been at AIMS since I have been in sixth grade. I have learned so much and haven received the opportunity to take dual exams enrollment classes and to experience many things I couldn’t have if I went to a regular school. I have completed a Science Fair Project 6 times; with this, I learned how to present to others in a professional manner. I have also had the opportunity to be on the Archery Team. The AIMS Varsity archery team has won first place at the NM NASP Tournament for many years now. The teachers want the students to do their best and to strive to be better. The school is very academically challenging, but I feel very prepared for college. I have met many incredible people while at this school. I would recommend AIMS to students and parents who are ready to take on a more challenging education. I have loved it here!
My experience here has been simply the worst. No opportunity to grow as a person, as well as academically. In English, we watch twilight zone and do puzzles. There are no strong sports, no extra curricular, no fun, no nothing. It's absolutely miserable and I regret even considering coming here for sophomore year. The only positive aspect is that I discovered CNM dual credit. NO choice of classes, force you to take 3 AP classes out of 5 classes Junior Year.
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My daughter has excelled at AIMS@UNM! After completing her elementary education at Lew Wallace Elementary downtown, she started at AIMS@UNM two years ago. I continue to be impressed that the school has such strong, dynamic and dedicated administrators, who have a clear vision of what they plan to accomplish. School staff is very friendly, and the teachers help the children to develop self-esteem, discipline, and to excel academically. The school population is small and that means no one falls through the cracks. The school requires participation in the science fair, an annual Rube Goldberg event, and AP classes/exams. The combination of academic rigor and creative assignments helps the students to feel challenged, engaged, and supported.
We feel extremely lucky to have our child attend AIMS! The administration and teachers have been very attentive and I’ve even seen the principal out at the pick up line! Academics are stressed and my daughter is excelling in the environment. We have not come across bullies unlike the public schools she attended, and feel most students desire academic success. A great school!
Great school that seeks to challenge those academically. I want to note that most classes are not flexible other than math, though there is great opportunities in going to college early and getting an association degree by your senior year.
Great school, great teachers , and I really like the small classes! People are friendly and helpful, my son just graduated, but my daughter still attends in Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science. Some of the things in the classroom, perhaps a little “outdated “ , but again , they are doing their best to teach my (our) children. Open mined, yet , not going too far left or right. I have only good things to say about this school!
I originally came to the school because the principal gave a huge speech about how she made it the best school in NM and how people are becoming the best students in the country but that is just all lies. Rather than making it better, the principal going to meetings with senators, etc. to show how great she is. They have 2 years of world language. You need atleast 3 (usually 4) to get into a good school. They have no career/tech center. You have five classes (math, sci, hist, engl, and one elective). They have 3 elective opportunities. There is no real life experience nor any classes that focus more on certain subjects. They also provide no choice they set apart each class every year and you can't change that. There is also no arts/music program at all. . The building is cramped, there are no resources and the principal never does anything.
It's challenging but I have learned a lot! I like to say that it is kind of like a small town because everyone knows each other and everyone is kind of like a huge family especially in Junior and Senior year.
While this school is academically rigorous, it lacks resources and after school activities. Students are prone to burnout and many students have problems transferring class credits from other schools.
I have attended this school since sixth grade and every year there has been either some time of improvement or downfall. If it isn't with the teachers its with the building. Considering the fact that this school is a school of choice and a lottery based school it is very good. Although we have had to share buildings with UNM, AIMS has a very good college readiness and college opportunities. Besides the headaches, tears, dedication and effort i have had to use to go to this school it is an excellent choice.
I liked that AIMS got you ready for college and were able to save you a lot of money by being able to take college classes. However, AIMS is not like a regular school, there isn't a gym and cafeteria (they are combined), there isn't a lot of kids but the students they do have is too much for the small school. AIMS focuses too much on test scores rather than individual students. There are only a hand full of teachers who care about if the student understands the content but most only care about their lesson plans.
Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science is an excellent school for students who are seeking college-readiness. This school is incredibly challenging, and students can expect to spend many hours a week completing homework and assignments. The teachers here are excellent at what they do. Middle school and high school students here continuously receive higher PARCC scores than their competitors; however, I would not recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a path in the arts. This school focuses heavily on STEM subjects. Furthermore, this is a charter school so students can expect to work with other students from grades 6-12. Although this school does incredible academically, this school needs more clubs, sport teams, and tutoring programs. Everything here is fast pace, and it becomes very easy to fall behind; however, if a person is seeking an incredible education in the Albuquerque area, I highly recommend this school.
There are not enough clubs, the school is very small. When we play games such as kickball we play in a parking lot. When we run we run on a dirt area behind another parking lot. If you are looking at playing soccer for the school its going to be pretty hard because we dont have a team or anything. The hallways are very small and crowded. When around the pickup line there are beehives and sometimes kids get stung, one time a kid got stung 5 times. I would not reccomend this school.
Dual enrollment has helped me prepare for college and the school is very focused on STEM careers, but has some fun creative ways of teaching!
I loved the rigorous and challenging curriculum the teachers have for their students. I feel prepared going into college this coming year.
The extracurricular opportunities at AIMS are not what you would normally think of. There is an anime club, an archery club, chess club, rocketry club, National Honor Society, and other things.The staff put in their own time and money to make these activities better. There are sports at AIMS as well. There is basketball, soccer, flag footbal, volleyball, and cross country. The students are very active in the sports.
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AIMS has given me many opportunities to learn and to experience many new things. They provide AP classes starting Freshman year and all the classes are Honors. I have begun to take dual enrollment classes. I have definitely struggled but I have learned to ask questions in class,ask for help from others, and to open my mind up to new things. The school is not athletic based but rather education based. AIMS is a place for students who are willing to work hard and get through many tough situations.
The teachers at AIMS are hard working and are very understandable. They make the lessons fun and easy to understand and give the students many opportunities to ask questions and to work with others.
We came to AIMS for the smaller class sizes and academic excellence. We wanted our daughter who loves to learn, to fit into an environment with other children who also enjoy learning. Her last school did the best they could as was a high ranked school but we felt they taught at the level of the mid to low range children. Our daughter was often bored, and Aims has filled her needs.
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