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Albuquerque high is full of amazing teachers who understand and care for students. Teachers are willing to help and support students with whatever need it is. Albuquerque High is a pretty small school so it makes it easier to make new friends. Albuquerque High also has an excellent soccer program that has reached the state final for four consecutive years.
I admire the diversity that Albuquerque High offers. There are students from all over the city that not only have different backgrounds, but have something different to offer. Whether it be their culture, their language, their athletic ability, their intelligence, etc., every student contributes to the culture that is Albuquerque High. Yet, being that the school is dominated by the Hispanic/ Latino ethnicity, I would like to see more efforts to help these students achieve their greatest potential. Statistically, New Mexico ranks among the lowest in education with many dropouts being of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. If more resources were readily available, and if more emphasis was put on these students, making them aware of not only their potential in the future, but that people care, change would undeniably occur for the better.
Throughout my fours years of attending Albuquerque high, I have had great teachers. They are very helpful and do their best to help each student individual as needed. I played soccer and track and it was a great way to meet new people why doing the activities you enjoy.
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Albuquerque High School has been an amazing school to attend throughout my four year experience. The students, staff and education at Albuquerque is amazing.
It's a great school as it celebrates diversity through many different clubs and organizations. It has strong AP and Honors classes. One thing I would change is a more interactive administration-to-student relationship.
Albuquerque High School offered many options for me to take AP classes to get a good start on college. If you want to work hard, the school provides excellent teachers.
I love the diversity shown at the school and how everyone there is rooting for your success. One thing I would like to see change is the food variety at lunch.
Everyone was very kind and welcoming in all groups and clubs. I did swimming, track, and tennis and in every single sport everyone was very nice and very welcoming. I was able to meet students from all grades in each sport and made new friends from all grades which I kept for all 4 years of high school.
As an AP student I feel as if many of our programs were unfair and favored the regular ed more. Most of the scholarship seminars and college visits were directed towards them, while AP and honors kids were left in the dark. We had to find our own way towards paying for college and discovering what we wanted our future to consist of. The teachers are great, amazing assignments, I would just love if there was change so that AP students can have the advantage they're supposed to have.
I think that it offers amazing classes for the AP and Honors students, but the regular ed programs get left behind and there is a clear divide in effort put into the programs. Also all of our money is put into sports and our music and theatre department are struggling.
My experience at Albuquerque High School was an incredible experience for me! I had met so many life long friends at this school. I got involved with so many sports and clubs that opened me up to a variety of fun opportunities and people. As far as college readiness goes, the school had a vast amount of resources that will prepare you for college such as ACT and SAT prep courses and AVID courses. It's up to you to put in the work to use these resources in order to prepare yourself for the next level of learning. The school's staff will lead you in the right direction and make your success a priority.
One of the best schools in APS, with national recognized academics, art, and sports programs. If you take AP or honors classes, expect a lot of work, but generally very good teachers.
I really enjoyed attending Albuquerque High School because of the diversity. The student body and activities ranged all over the board, consisting of unique clubs and all different types of people. My teachers always seemed to be passionate about their jobs and reaching out to students. I rated AHS four stars instead of five because of the lack of college prep the school provided. I am now in my third year at the local university and I do not believe Albuquerque High prepared me or even encouraged their students to attend college.
It’s a okay school. There should be more activities and clubs. Most of the teachers are boring and don’t really teach us. The math department is very good, but the English department needs work.
Overall my experience was good, but I think that some classes and teachers could be improved. I've heard some of the school has been renovated now, but I haven't seen it for myself. I liked attending AHS.
Albuquerque high school has helped show my fellow classmates and myself about diversity and culture and how everyone is unique in their own way and how everyone has a different learning style and it is best to learn in your way! No other school has been like this in my experience.
Albuquerque High Schools academics are very good. There are a wide range of varieties for all students to choose from based on their interest. There are a minimum of changes I would like to see for this high school. One change I would suggests are more challenging things in the classrooms.
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i am a senior now and i've liked going to Albuquerque High School, it is a very good school and the academics is great, so is the spirit
What I liked about AHS is the community and unity. I was welcomed very well when I was knew, and we have all passed this tradition to to others. I would like to see an improvement in the bathrooms, this seems silly, but other than that its great!
I love Albuquerque High school. The school spirit is amazing and everyone knows everyone. it is very diverse and there is so much you can do from sports to many different clubs like Native American club to National art honor society.
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