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I love Albuquerque High school. The school spirit is amazing and everyone knows everyone. it is very diverse and there is so much you can do from sports to many different clubs like Native American club to National art honor society.
I went to Albuquerque High School for all four years. Most of the teachers I had helped and made the graduation process much easier. There were some teachers who didn't seem to care about their students and their well being. The school offers many clubs, activities and sports allowing everyone to be involved in some way.
There were great things and not so great things. I was in AP classes which gave me a different experience than someone who took regular classes. You have to put in the effort. You get out what you put in.
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I love the bilingual program and the great opportunities it offers for the future! The teachers offer great advice and most of them have very good teaching experience. The best part about the education is being able to take as many classes as you want, especially the open enrollment to the AP classes offered at the school. The people and the culture is always easy to be a part of, since they are mostly from the same backgrounds as yourself. Very good school!
Albuquerque high was a stepping stone in my life that was very necessary and being at Albuquerque high made four years of high school pass by in a breeze. Thanks to all the teachers and friends who helped me find my way.
Over the past three years at Albuquerque High School I've had a great experience, despite all the typical High School challenges. It's a great school that offers many great opportunities, and is filled with awesome staff and students.
Enjoy the diversity of the school and meeting new students. If any changes, maybe smaller class size.
I had an awesome experience at Albuquerque High throughout my four years, I will definitely recommend this school to my family members and friends, the teachers are awesome and very helpful !!
I attended this school all four years and I enjoyed it!! It is a diverse school that celebrates multiple cultures with open arms. There are a good amount of teachers who genuinely care about the education and well being of their students. There were so many ways to get involved, tons of clubs sports and academic organizations that were available to students. Overall not a bad school to attend I could not imagine attending high school anywhere else.
i have absolutely no problems with Albuquerque high school, however, i do believe that it is one of the biggest mistakes that I've made in my life. i am a sports fanatic and i feel that Albuquerque high school was the wrong school to go to because the athletic department is wack. it needs to be rebuilt.
Going to Albuquerque High School for four years has been a great opportunity. The teachers, students, and environment have helped me develop the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in life. I love that Honor and AP classes are offered to prepare us for college and even earn college credit. A change I would like to see within my school is better organization through the tedious construction project that is currently in process.
Albuquerque High School is really diverse school and it has been a pleasure working with the teachers here at this school. I have been greeted with amazing new friends and amazing teachers who have helped me throughout my high school career. This is School to be!!
I'm not going to say that AHS is perfect; no school is. I'm not going to say I never noticed the graffiti on the bathroom walls, or the sniggering teens... Yes, AHS has its flaws and sometimes the staff and students can rub you the wrong way, but the thing I love about AHS is the diversity. The students, the staff, the culture...and I don't just mean on a racial level: we have the star quarterbacks and the overly confident cheerleaders. We have the nerds, the band kids, the student council...we've got them all. AHS is a family, bound together by differences and flaws, and perfectly content being different. But even beyond diversity, AHS has so many wonderful teachers who genuinely care for their students—who go out of their way to help those who ask for help. That is the one thing all of our teachers share. Hidden behind all those pop quizzes and homework assignments is a teacher that cares and a loyal friend who will stick their neck out for you.
I have attended Albuquerque High School for the past 4 years and I've had a great experience. It has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and meet many new people. I have also been prepared for real life situations and overall have improved in my academics.
Albuquerque high school was an amazing experience. i wouldn't have rather went to another school. the people are great, there is very little drama and confrontation between people because everyone gets along and the culture and tradition we have here is just inspiring. from out three time state finalist soccer team, to being in the top 5% in the nation for academics, Albuquerque high is really the place to be.
What I like about my school is how much opportunities there are that can help discover or build knowledge of what career I want to do in the future. The school has great programs such and the Junior Mentorship Program and a nearby CEC (Career Enrichment Center.) The DECA program also offers many opportunities to earn college credits and practice in a work environment they also selling better-than-cafeteria food in their snack bar which are ran by the students. The JROTC elective also offers many skills that could gel for the future as the mission of the program is to help "Cadets become better citizens." Although there are flaws in the school such as the building is hard to travel class to class and it didn't make it better when they blocked the main route to the other side of the building that goes to the science and CEC classes.
I loved most of the teachers and students. But some teachers were rude. Unfortunately many new teachers are a downgrade from the old teachers they are replacing.
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Albuquerque high school is a school full of tradition and spirt which is something I really enjoyed as a student. Although, because of construction happening at the school assemblies, which are a big part of spirit at the school, are not happening this year. This is something I wish could have been changed.
This school has helped me grow academically and personally during my four years. It has a strong and diverse community of educators and students that fosters development for all who care to pursue it.
There are a variety of paths students can take (AP, Honors, special ed, regular, etc.) I am in the Honors/AP courses and I have an extremely large workload. It's manageable, but barely. Despite the workload I have my teachers are superb and I have learned a lot. Trying to get a schedule change is extremely tasking and difficult.
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