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I really like how different all the students are here. I've made so many friends and everyone is so nice. However, the school could use a better system to keep it clean and free of trash.
What I like about the school is that at least for me, I never felt very different. I went to La Cueva HS previously, and the socio-economic gap was very prevalent in my academic life. At AHS, it was always about the academics. My teachers for the most part have been great, and ive really grown because of them. As long as you advocate for your own learning, you will be find at any school, and do especially great at Albuquerque HS.
Albuquerque High School is a public school that is the perfect example of what an inner city school should have. It has a diverse range of teachers, students, course levels, sports and extra curricular activities. It is the perfect school for any learner. Its AP program and Bilingual curriculum continue to grow and improve year after year as well as the school itself. Being the oldest school in Albuquerque, it has a sense of pride and tradition that cannot be found at other, newer schools. Overall the school has the potential to be one of the best public schools in the state, the only thing holding it back is the lack of funding for public education in New Mexico.
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I liked my time here, although it was a pretty average high school experience. Most teachers care, though some it felt like didn't care about their jobs or students. Some violence.
Albuquerque High is the best school in the city of Albuquerque, very traditional, and we have some of the brightest and resilient kids in APS.
I love being connected to a diverse school experience. Academics are challenging, for those who want it, and we have a huge opportunity for extra-curricular activities. It's a great school, and where I have wanted to go since I was very young.
Albuquerque High School is one of the best public schools in Albuquerque, with a diverse student body and teachers who work hard to prepare you for college. The neighboring CEC campus allows for students to partake in a wide array of classes, such as Anatomy and Physiology or Robotics.
I liked that there is a multi race community in this school. I would like to change some of the teachers who don’t really want the students to succeed.
My time at Albuquerque High school has been very pleasant with meaningful challenges. These challenges helped me to build life skills.
Many of the teachers seem unhelpful. Much class time is wasted. Need more clubs after school, many are at lunch which is limiting. Students are on their phones during class. The dress code isn't enforced, small shorts and pants around thighs, both bad likes on a plane of education.
The school offered many great academic and extracurricular courses that allowed students to learn and nurture their gifts and talents. I would have like to see more support from counseling staff, however, this may have changed since I attended.
Albuquerque High School was definitely the right fit for a student like myself. This school has been rooted with rich and vast tradition, dating back to the founding year of 1879. The teachers at this school truly do care for their students and their needs. Every year, the school hosts Adopt-A-Child. We bring in elementary students from low income families at the start of December and throw a celebration in their honor. The school has tremendous sports teams that have won them multiple state championships from soccer to tennis to track. The student body is extremely diverse, with students from every background you can imagine in classes. It is the most diverse school in the city and everyone is treated equally.
Albuquerque High School was a great school, mainly because of the great diversity of the school. There were many students from different backgrounds and up-bringing's. It was great to have good teachers as well, many made sure that each student understood the topic and contents.
Very committed teachers and staff. Excellent honors/AP programs. Regular ed. needs some work. Administration is not great. You will learn if you want to, you will not if you don't. Inner-city school with a lot of diversity and access to a lot of clubs. Bad budgeting as a result of Albuquerque Public Schools and administration. Despite everything, AHS has the most committed teachers and the best public honors, AP, and special ed. programs in the state. If you want to learn, you will receive an excellent education, if you do not than you will not do well.
Overall, it was a great high school experience with good academics, athletic departments, and other opportunities. The stuff is very motivated to work with the students and see them succeed.
Albuquerque High School is a great school especially considering that I am Hispanic which this school has one of the greatest bilingual program of all the schools.
Albuquerque High School was an amazing experience for me because no bullying happened, nobody peer pressured you, and overall nobody had problems with somebody. People are very welcoming, and not at all rude to somebody that's LGBTQ+.
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Experience was good, sends kids to amazing schools. However, administration is awful and tries to make everything harder for it's students. You must filter through teachers, if you want to get a good education you must get on the AP route. I was on the tennis team and involved in many clubs which was very helpful and allowed many more connections.
Albuquerque high is full of amazing teachers who understand and care for students. Teachers are willing to help and support students with whatever need it is. Albuquerque High is a pretty small school so it makes it easier to make new friends. Albuquerque High also has an excellent soccer program that has reached the state final for four consecutive years.
I admire the diversity that Albuquerque High offers. There are students from all over the city that not only have different backgrounds, but have something different to offer. Whether it be their culture, their language, their athletic ability, their intelligence, etc., every student contributes to the culture that is Albuquerque High. Yet, being that the school is dominated by the Hispanic/ Latino ethnicity, I would like to see more efforts to help these students achieve their greatest potential. Statistically, New Mexico ranks among the lowest in education with many dropouts being of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. If more resources were readily available, and if more emphasis was put on these students, making them aware of not only their potential in the future, but that people care, change would undeniably occur for the better.
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