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First and foremost, there is no doubting the level of academic quality and rigor of this institution. Both students and teachers alike take learning quite seriously. And while this can often cause some stress and substantial workload, overall, I've learned a lot over the years, and for that I'm truly grateful.

There are some things that could be improved. The high-stress, competitive, culture of the school is my main objection. Teachers and administrators should structure the curriculum and our classes in a way that better fosters our natural curiosity and incentive to learn rather than our currently more grades and rating-oriented system. More diversity in the student body would be a refreshing change, and... better food couldn't hurt. :)

Taking this into account as well as the good quality of education and college prep, I'd rate it around 4/5 stars.
This school prepared me very well for college and overall was good. Security and dining are not very good at all.
Excellent School . Teachers, Faculty, Staff and Administration are all very supportive of the students. Every level of classes are interesting and educational. Community involvement is available to all the student body which makes education even more exciting.
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Albuquerque Academy is a challenging school that aims at preparing students for the real world. The methods of teaching at academy are very wholesome and effective. Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and to pursue their academic interests. Although the academics are superb, the social atmosphere is lacking for teen students. There are very few social events for underclassmen; I would say around 3 to 4 dances for the whole year and only two large camping trips (8th grade retreat, and senior year retreat). At the academy, academics are always at the center of many students lives so they have very little time to gain important social skills needed for college.
The teachers love their students and show a genuine interest in their lives and success. We have amazing sports facilities, weight rooms, trainers and everything necessary to be successful in athletics and academics.
Parent of multiple AA alums. It is an excellent school for college readiness, particularly considering it's located in a state rated 49th in Education in the nation. Biggest disappointment is the real lack of interest in equity, inclusion and diversity issues by head of school, trustees, some parents and some faculty--very elitist. A tour of campus clearly shows their statistic of 51% students of color claim is disingenuous. Sad, considering the geographic proximity to such rich cultural heritage in the American Southwest!
I have attended Albuquerque Academy for four years. I have made many valuable connections with the school faculty and my peers. I enjoyed the countless number of opportunities to grow as a person and a student; there were many resources to help me if I was ever struggling emotionally and academically.
The academics are rigorous, but they have prepared me for college. Like many other schools, Albuquerque Academy also has many clubs, sports, and extra curricular activities that can balance the year.
However, Albuquerque Academy comes at a price. Although the school has been high-achieving, I strongly believe that amazing teachers, resources, and opportunities could be found for no cost with enough effort.
Overall I really enjoyed my experience. I had some social issues but that is not necessary the Academy's fault. I am so happy with all of my academic success there which made it all worth it.
Great school for college prep and planning. Counselors are very helpful and coordinate with parents and students early.
This is an amazing school. The campus is huge. It has the option of studying abroad in highly prestigious high schools. Moreover, offers generous scholarships for u.s. citizens.
this place is the best school in the state of New Mexico. Much better than nearby La Cueva High School which is said to be the best public high school in New Mexico
I consider it a really worth it school. They also give generous scholarships to us. citizens. The education is high quality. Moreover, the reputation is highly valued by universities and colleges.
The community is incredible and I always feel safe on campus. The academics are very rigorous, but are balanced well with clubs and sports on campus.
Academy will prepare you for college. The teachers and administration truly care about you. The school is meant for students who want to excel and who want to continue their education after high school especially in a rigorous manner.
The teachers seem to enjoy teaching and listen to students. The administration is very competent and continues to advance the school. My child learned how to study and spend her time effectively and is doing well at college.
I liked the atmosphere quite a bit but it was very competitive. The teachers were all wonderful and enjoyed their jobs very much. I was extremely ready fro college academics-wise. Socially, I was not ready because Academy is very isolated.
Albuquerque Academy has prepared me for college better than any other high school in Albuquerque could.
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Really great experience. Had an amazing high school career and so glad for the opportunity to graduate from Academy.
Academy is great for the same reason The Hofbrau was great in the late 80s/early 90s. You went there on Wednesday because everybody else would be there (and to hear Gene Hood). The school itself is good, with good teachers, good resources, reasonable class sizes, caring administration. But the school is great because many of the most talented kids are there.
Great school, gets better and better the higher the grade. Generally 8-9th grades are not very enjoyable, but they prepare you and make you appreciate 10-12th. Amazing community, generally very honest and welcoming.