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4-H and FFA are two very popular extracurricular activities that a lot of the students enjoy.
I feel very socially involved in what happens at the school and being an athlete here makes things really fun.
I've had trouble in class many times and the teachers are always happy to help with solving problems both involving school and social troubles.
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The students and staff are very supportive of each other whether in academics, athletics, or fine arts.
I don't really eat the snacks unless it is some kind of fruit.
Everything is great the only thing that make people upset is the dress code.
Teachers are very nice, class sizes are small so its easy to get help.
I haven't really heard of after school clubs in our school.
Anyone can play a sport the coaches are great always trying to get new people out. Recently the want to be great and be the best at your sport has created a competiveness throughout all of our sports. The student body is there to support most of our sports but not all. We have the best student section in our conference.
The facilities and our technology is average, our counselors and busing parent involvement are great. our college prer resources and tutoring are also okay.
It wasn't the best, but I'm not sure how great the other schools in the area are either
Any special classes (trades, arts, foreign languages) are overlooked and receive no attention.
The school dress code is a joke. It is never enforced fairly and equally among the students. There are "favorites" who receive special treatment from the staff in every aspect school life.
The school nurse is less than to be desired. However the school is very safe. We do not take many safety measures because we have a history of being safe. As a small school, there is not many safety threats.
The only after school opportunities include sports
Most students are fit and are able to participate in sports
I felt somewhat prepared for the real world only because the school itself did not prepare me. I learned to be very independent and handle situations myself.
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We have the healthy kids act, so we don't get as many unhealthy foods anymore.
There are many clubs to join. Some are FCCLA, Art Club, Book Club, and many more.
Most of the teachers always have free either in the morning or afternoon for you to come in and get help or ccatchup on work if you're behind. There is even an After School Program that you can go to for help/to catch up on work if you feel it's needed. This is really helpful for students who are in sports.
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