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Albertville high school has the potential to be a wonderful school although they tend to focus more on wealthier students. The school offers numerous opportunities but they need to focus more on applying those opportunities to ALL students, not just the wealthy ones.
Albertville High School has taught me great tings about life. It has taught me punctuation and discipline. Albertville High school taught me how to stay determined to reach my goals, and how to to survive in a competitive atmosphere.
Albertville high school has great facilities and wonderful staff. They are well versed in several different sports. The only thing I believe Albertville is lacking is teachers with a goal to prepare their kids for college or career and making their schedules and experience tailored to their specific needs and wants. I have been apart of Albertville city school my whole life and I am lacking in many skills I need to be successful in life and they need to start from a younger age teachering children what it is like in college and the real world, what to expect, and what to do. The school system overall is going in the right direction but teachers should be screened and go through a better process to be qualified to teach today’s youth.
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Albertville High School was a wonderful place to learn and it was like our school was one big family. We had a very supportive group of teachers, principals, and counselors, willing and able to help up be prepared for anything that might come our way.
It is a great school, with great teachers that will help you with anything. Most people I have met since I moved to Albertville, was very nice and helpful to me and they helped me get through 8th grade and now I am almost a senior. Because they give you plenty of opportunities to learn and thrive better in your classes. I would not have gotten this far if it was not for Albertville. I 100% recommend.
Albertville High encouraged me to excel in both academics and sports and to participate in clubs/organizations. I did have some teachers that I would say were a bit lazy and did not care about the success of the child.
I am proud to be an advocate for my high school, Albertville High School, located in Albertville, Alabama. All four years of high school have been nothing short of wonderful for me. I have been a class officer all four years. This year, my senior year, I was Class President. This has allowed me many opportunities to be very involved with activities promoting school spirit. Our facilities are some of the best in the State! I've had a close relationship to my teachers and administrators. My high school offers a wide variety of academic and extra-curricular choices. Students of all backgrounds have a place here. Albertville High School has a special place in my heart. I've literally grown up at AHS. My mother is the school secretary, so I've spent a lot of time there. Thank you for allowing me to share my overall high school experience with you!
The unity of Albertville is something that I cherish more that anything. I moved schools, so I've been on the side where everything from sports to culinary and even classes, feel divided. I feel like I am just as equal as the star football player, even though I am in the band. The class ratios could be a little smaller, but solidarity still runs strong with the bigger classes.
It was an amazing experience and the care and help I received from every member of staff is unbeatable.
Albertiville high school welcomes students of all races .You are not judged on your academic abilities and achievements .Your grades doesn't play a role on how they treat you .The staff there is very supportive and understanding, and takes time to talk to you about any concern you might have or struggles during class and very open minded.I would love however to see students interact outside their social circle.
AHS is a wonderful place for students to learn and also a beautiful campus! The campus is safe, and students are offered a wide range of opportunities to enjoy high school and also prepare for college and life as a productive adult!
Albertville probably has the best overall music program in Alabama. Its bamd is unparalleled, and it choir program is outstanding.
Academically, it offers many AP classes and is adding more and more career-tech classes like Multimedia Design.
AHS has many good teachers, but it also has a few sorry ones.
Several classes require students to complete homework online or using online sources, but the school does not provide student wifi and does not send students home with any computers or tablets. The computer equipment and networks at the school are second rate, slow, and prone to malfunction.
For its area, comparing to the surrounding schools, Albertville High School is a good school. However, over it is a mediocre school. I feel like it cared more about the fine arts and sports than the academics.
I love AHS. This school is such an amazing school and has so many learning opportunities. Albertville High School is the largest High School I have seen. There are so many great students and wonderful teachers willing to help anyone in need.
The teachers at Albertville use diverse teaching techniques in order to engage students in the lessons, and to help students understand the material. They all do their best to help students in whatever way they can and they are always available to lend a hand when possible!
i have no problem with bullying . this school is safe
i don't really know or participate in the after school things so i would honestly say its pretty good cause everyone loves it that i know of .
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this school has been a big break for me . i loved it . I've been with this school since my freshman year , they have treated me right nice . and i probably would love to go back to this school .
the teachers at the school are pretty great . everything they do to help as far with the students they were tremendously helpful .
My high school experience could not have been any better somewhere other than at Albertville. There is absolutely something to get involved in that agrees with an individual student's interests. From the winning sports teams to the championship band and choir to the academic based clubs, there is a multitude of opportunity available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them.
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