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Albertus Magnus High School Reviews

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Is a great school with an amazing acedemic program! It truly is just like a family, we are up and coming in sports!
Albertus Magnus high school is a very close culture of student that is like a family . The faculty and staff were always available for me to turn to when I needed to .
Alburtis Magness was a very close knit and extraordinary school to be a part of. There wasn't a place you couldn't turn without seeing a friendly face. The teachers were excellent and we're always there to help you With whatever you needed. Then for the school lunches they were extraordinary in health and taste.
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Albertus Magnus is the catholic high school in Rockland County, New York. Albertus creates a sense of community with its students making them all feel important. The teachers know everyone by name even if they have never taught them. With the student body being around 500 students you will never feel like a nameless face in the hallway. Although Albertus is considered a sports orientated school, it also prepares its students immensely for their future. Albertus offers many advanced classes to prepare you for college. Students are very active in clubs, nobody in Albertus is "an 8 to 2 er" as our old principal Mr. Troy use to say. All students do community service which teaches us to appreciate what we have. Many students go on to play in college after they have successful seasons in their sport at Albertus. Albertus not only creates a sense of unity within the school but in its surrounding community. At Albertus everyone truly believes that they belong here!
I'd say I have had a good experience here overall. The spring musical had been my favorite thing about this school, but it would be nice if more funding and support was put into the program.
This school is a small, suburban Catholic school who instills these values in students from their freshmen year. I wish they would focus more on academics and make their courses more rigorous.
The school meets the needs of its student but it does not go beyond the necessitates.
There aren't a lot of clubs, if you want to get involved then you'll have to go elsewhere.
Too be honest, it is a nice small school, but I'm no so sure the price of tuition is worth it.
They love to see you interact. Engage with them and they will carry you through.
My experience at Albertus was okay. There were definitely things I would change about it, including how unaccepting it is of people who do not follow the strict "Catholic" standard they seem to only uphold for the students.
Some teachers at Albertus Magus do go above and beyond to help teach you and spark an interest in learning. Other teachers do not really care and seem to only be there to get their yearly salary. Those who do care though, will make your time at Albertus enjoyable and fun.
The extracurricular activities at this school are highly encouraged, from having to do 20 hours of community service for theology and all the options of clubs and sports to choose from no one should be an "8 to 2er". An "8 to 2er" is someone who shows up right when school starts and leaves as soon as the bell rings for the end of the day. In all 4 years of albertus I have never met someone who didn't do a sport or club after school. Sports are always supported by "Falcon nation" or "Magnus Mafia" which is the student section. Last year when the girls basketball team made it to States over 200 students were bused to the game to show their support. We were also voted best Student Section of 2015. Theater is also widely supported and is known for putting on the best show for Spring.
They have a 0 tolerance for bullying. If you are caught bullying you will be suspended up o 3 times and on the third offense they will ask you to leave the school. Police walk through the school at least once a day to make sure everything is okay and we have monthly fire drills and lock down drills. The school nurse is always available and will help you with anything you need from borrowing uniform clothes for the day to your health and making sure everyone isn't sick. I believe that the school is very safe and reliable.
I've made some of my life-long friends at this school and some are even teachers. This school is wort every penny and i would definitely send my children there and would recommend other people to. This school is so welcoming and such a family environment everyone gets along with each other and wants everyone to succeed. The sports programs are also really good too and they are now getting a turf field. Everyone always supports the sports teams and theater.
The teachers all have extra help at least two times a week at reasonable hours. Many teachers also allow you to come during lunch or your free time to help you with anything you need. I have never had a problem trying to get in touch with my teacher or had any problems with them. This school is seriously a family and it was the best 4 years of my life.
The extracurriculars are awesome there are tons of community service opportunities. We also have a good amount of clubs that let any student get involved at any time. Our sports are also awesome and have different levels for anyone to get involved!
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Our schools is extremely safe. For bullying we have Bridge-it and the teachers are so open at Albertus that you feel you are always about to talk to them. The one thing I don't like is we don't have a greeter or security guard at the door. However cops do patrol the building.
I wish there were more clubs, and better sign up/info about the ones we have.
We have assemblies all of the time.
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