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I love this school, but if I had to start over I would probably want to go to a school with more classes to choose from. That is the only thing I would want to go to another school for. Alberton is amazing for students who want one on one attention from teachers. Everyone knows your name when you go to alberton and it is pretty amazing.
I feel that we have the best teachers in the state of Montana. They are all very passionate about what they teach and want everyone to succeed in life after high school.
Our attendence at school is very low. I don't blame this on the teachers or staff, but on the students. They can be very lazy and not want to come to school or will be tardy every day. We have tries to fix this problem a couple times, but nothing seems to get kids motivated to come to schoo .
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We have little to no college prep courses and resources. We do not have a tutoring program and parents aren't nearly as involved as they probably should be. The guidance counselor is amazing and she helps students with everythin . Big and small. Our technology is definitely on low budget. We do not have fancy laptops that students get to take home for the year, but we do have some good technological stuff.
We don't have a ton of extracurricular activities, but he ones we do have are really fun. We have four main sports and then we co-op for quite a few. We have BPA, student council, national honor society, volleyball, football, basketball, and track. I wish we had more to choose from, but coming from a small school it is understandable why we only have a few.
I feel safe when I go to school and if there is bullying then the teachers don't let that happen, they stop it as soon as they hear about it.
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