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There are only about 40-45 students in the High School so everybody is very friendly and they all know one another. There is very little peer pressure and very high acceptance. Since its such a small school, there isn't really a diverse ethnicity or sexual orientation.
Our school does not have a lot of money and have been experiencing pay cuts because they need more money to fix our school. Our school is fairly new, however they still do everything in their power to fix it. They could do a lot more fixing. We have a good computer lab and its always available when needed. The seniors have a class to prep them for college and for financial aid and the counselor and all the teachers help out a lot in that area. Most parents are involved in the school for substitute teaching positions and such. Busing is also something that the parents are involved in and we have a very good bus system.
We don't have a strict dress code at our school but when there is somebody violating it, the teachers will let us know but they will do it in a kind manner. Our school administration is very good and they are really involved in our activities in our school. Our principle is very involved and very busy. Since its a small school, there is very little bullying because everybody tends to get along with each other, but when there is bullying, the staff absolutely does not allow it. They do a good job taking care of us and making sure we have it best.
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Since I go to a small school, the teachers engage in all activities that we have in a classroom. They are always available when you need them and they will work with you as long as you need. Most of the teachers have different grading styles but all are consistent.
Since I go to a small school, Athletics are the most important thing. Almost everybody goes out for sports and we always have our bleachers full for games. When you go out for a sport, you are always included and there are many opportunities for you to show your skills and talents.
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