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Albert P. Brewer High School Reviews

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I love my school. Many of the teachers care about the students and how we do in our academics. The school also has many options to help students to explore possible careers.
The teachers are easy to work with. There are a lot of vocational programs available for students. Some stuff is older and needs repairs. More funding for the softball program.
There honestly isn't that much to like about Brewer. Some of the teachers really care for you and want to see their students succeed, while others have favorites, and if you aren't a favorite, they make their class hard for you. We do have a dress code, but you don't have to follow that if you're a skinny athlete. Other people get sent home for wearing the same thing as those athletes. Overall, Brewer's system is not fair and only certain people are treated the way they are supposed to be treated.
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Most teachers are great and really challenge students. New athletic facility is really nice. Child doesn’t eat in the cafeteria but food is probably average. Administration has really stepped it up the last half of this year.
I liked that Brewer High School allowed for many options related to course study. We had honors, AP and Vocational school with many trade options.
It's good, however the admins need to be more lenient with students expressing personality. This especially comes to hair color
Brewer high has been great to me every teacher cares about you and want you to succeed. The new principal has been really great as far as getting to know everyone and he is really involved in everything that has to do with my school. If there was one thing I could change about the whole school it would be for better lunchroom food. I feel like I have left a good impression on every teacher I have and I really like the teachers. The community around our school is great and I hope I get to live around there and send my kids to brewer as well.
I like my high school, it's surrounded with friendly faculty and students. But, there are students who bully one another, I wish that would change. Also, I believe there are things that need re-done or added as far as classrooms, bathrooms, new books and technology.
There are some great students and teachers however the AP Program doesn’t prepare us for college and administration is too focused on sports rather than education.
This high school offers a variety of classes for students to take, good academics, and offers mAny clubs. Prepares students for college too. Could improve on the sports though. Good and safe school for kids to learn.
This is a wonderful facility with wonderful teachers. I enjoyed my time at this school. I could go talk with my teachers if i needed someone to talk to. Also they have many different career tech. classes that help you prepare for the future profession you want or they help you decide on the path you wish to take.
I graduated Albert P. Brewer Highschool in May of 2016. As an honors student, I had the necessary knowledge and preparedness for college. The school strives to have students be involved with new projects that help both the school and the community around them. Albert P. Brewer is a well-developed school, but it does need a bit more of diversity in order for students to gain first-hand knowledge of other cultures.
Offers a variety of classes and extra curricular classes. Teachers are helpful to students. Would like to see more involvement in sports. Prepares students well for college and careers.
I graduated in 2004, and I loved Brewer. Best band director, life changing teachers, fun classes. Its a good school that puts a focus on the arts.
Rain Drop, Drop Top, AP Brewer's lit non stop. it's lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. lit. #yeeyeenation
Albert P. Brewer High School is a well diverse school with a lot to choose from academically as well as extra curricular activities.
My experience with Brewer has been very positive. The school has many electives and academic opportunities so I can explore my interests. The only thing I might change is for the addition of courses to better prepare students for after high school careers.
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My experience at Brewer was both challenging and rewarding. I loved high school and I am so happy that Brewer was my high school. I highly enjoyed all my classes and was very involved in extracurricular activities.
You can't be gay, an atheist, or anything like that or people will treat you badly.
The popular classes are the career tech classes. I took electronics and its very infornative and fun. Most girls choose cosmetology and most boys choose auto tech. The teachers that teach career tech are the best ones here. They are nice, communicate with thier students, offer help, and give great advice on life choices.
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