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Good environment for the most part. Some very great administration. It would be nice if the teachers actually helped the students that really struggle, some teachers do, others don't.
Albert Lowry High school could have better food and more activities for those who do not play sports.
Lowry High School offers an amazing High a scho experience. Most teachers are willing to work with you beyond their required efforts to ensure your success and understanding of material. Though much of the staff works hard to provide the optimal experience, student interaction within the school tends to be segregated and it can be difficult for new students especially to make friends. With this however, a variety of. Extracurricular activity opportunities ranging from leadership, to cheerleading, to drama provide students with tailored groups they may join to better find individuals with similar interests. With an exquisite staff, Albert M. Lowry High School is indeed an exceptional learning institution.
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Lowry high has a great student body and a great faculty. The sports programs are great, and the coaches really take the sports seriously.
I went here all four years. I loved it, I was super involved in cheer, band, and rodeo here. Lowry had great teachers who cared about the students and their educational goals.
I am currently a junior at Lowry High School. I played volleyball up until my junior year where I decided to try new activities. Lowry High School is not the best school in the world. The school does need some improving in it's staff. Some teachers will care about each of their student's future. Others will not. Our school does not offer many clubs which is depressing. The school did have a excellent athletic system until many people began to drop out of sports. Overall, my experience at Lowry was not the best, but I tried to join as many clubs as possible with the little choices I had at this school.
We have all these policies, but no punishments.
I loved band all four years of school!
It's not horrible, but it's not completely stellar.
It's not top-notch, but it's not totally ghetto.
I love running varsity track and cross country. While i don't play football or basketball, i do go to the games. It seems like the entire town goes to these games. This high school isn't perfect, but it is better than some schools. I haven't went here for all of my high school years, but if I could do it again I would. It's a safe place and there is a lot of support.
There are some amazing teachers and some horrible teachers at my school.
Has campus police but in an emergency situation I would not feel safe.
A variety of clubs for most interests. There are some clubs that are much more active than others and depending on which one you join, the level of commitment varies.
Overall the school has an enjoyable and fun environment. Doesn't motivate students to have achieving dreams but still wants them to succeed. Very "tight knit" enviroment and students are supported in all aspects of life by their teachers.
A small town community makes it hard to get access to all the other teaching tools bigger towns have. Puts strain on teachers and causes some to lessen interest in their job. Some are still very passionate about what they do, but not many.
The extrarcurriculars activities are amazing love them.
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The techers at lowry are amazing techers they take time after school to help students if they want help. the techers are very encourageing in there classes
To be honest I had my unforgettable memories at this school. One of the best 4 years I've ever had. Don't get me wrong there was a few bad days along the way but I wouldn't want it any other way.
Lowry has a lot of athletics for the athletic people but not much of anything else. I am so grateful to have experienced a cruel environment, it opened my eyes to the ugly of the world. There was a time I was harassed for snitching on kids who were doing drugs in class, but I did not do it. I was too busy to be paying attention to them. Lowry is quit the party school and I just never fit in.
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