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Albert Leonard Middle School Reviews

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its ok there are fist fights every so often. there is a lot of bullying prevention but there are still a few bullies
I like how they have language classes for people who speak different languages. I like the faculty there because they help you around. The teachers are so nice and tough on students to help them with their education. I would like to see ALMS improve more to a more wonderful school.
There are many security guards located throughout the school. All adults must sign in before entering the main hallways. Additionally healthy food is available for purchase in the cafeteria. Only certain doors are unlocked at particular times for entry and exit.
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There are a variety of extracurricular clubs in the school. For example, there is the recycling Club, the Scrabble Club, the accounting Club, and the Art Club.
As in all schools, you will encounter teachers that you love and others that you strongly dislike. However, if a student is willing to put in the effort, he or she can gain a strong education that will serve them well in high school and beyond. Most teachers are reasonably knowledgeable and interestEd in students.
Teachers were available at a minimum of two extra help sessions a week. The school was diverse and large, however the use of teacher "teams" makes it feel a lot smaller. There are a variety of art classes and honors courses for students to choose from.
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