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Albert Lea Senior High School Reviews

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My experience with Albert Lea Senior High School has been incredible. The school made me challenge myself and push myself to my limits by offering college classes. I've taken advantage of the college classes they offer and I'm so glad I did. The school isn't perfect, but what school is? Being a underclassmen for so long has made me look forward to being a senior, but being a senior is stressful and disappointing. Our principal has taken away privileges that seniors get to have; for example, togas. Besides from getting some privileges taken away from us, I'm glad I went to school here. I got to grow up with all of the peers and I know almost everybody in my class by name, which is amazing that we can all be close and connected.
I like the learning environment of the Albert Lea senior high school. I also like the teachers and their ways of teaching.
Albert Lea is a hands- on learning type of school. In the past, due to the population of the classes, it was difficult to receive direct help from teachers but as the years have gone by, it seems as if the teachers care more about who you are and what is going on in your life. To be someone to rely on and to trust.
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Albert Lea Senior High School is a very unexciting school. Our walls are white and filled with inspirational posters from the '90s
I liked albert lea high school because of the people that also went there. The people at the school are very friendly, and maybe even a little too nice. I would like to see more teacher involvement, it seems everything at this school is built for the teacher. Teachers get out of work by leaving you to figure out on your own. This is when you need to rely on those friends to help you, and vice versa.
I really enjoyed my time at ALHS! There are wonderful teachers that you can go to for more help than just class issues and an amazing staff that works hard every day to keep the school clean. One thing that was sort of bothersome was how things were constantly changing. Whether it was how we ran lunch or what the schedule was for the day it was changing every school year or multiple times a year. Overall, wonderful school.
The 8th graders get worse every year and can't understand the importance of an education.
Most of the teachers are good but some simply hate their jobs.
I was bullied/shunned throughout the years, mostly ghosted like I didn't exist.
I had help from the counselor in my later years but didn't like or trust her.
The students need to be more controlled/patrolled
Albert Lea high school taught me how life is hard. You are going to have colleagues and teachers that you don't agree with and that you don't understand or learn well from. I had teachers who intimidated me and scared me, and other teachers who really just wanted the best for everyone. It's life you have to learn to dealt with everyone
My experience at Albert Lea highschool has been very good. We have good teachers that care about the students and are understanding. One thing that I would like to see changed is the temperature; a lot of students think the school is uncomfortably cold.
I did not particularly enjoy being a part of this district. I am a bit embarrassed and ashamed, actually. The school is very unorganized and does not have good time management. The school does nothing about bullying but finds everything wrong with a particular shirt or outfit that should not even be bad to wear. There are some teachers who have no idea how to successfully teach. There are students everywhere who disrespect everybody else and think they sit on top of the world and look down on everyone. I am not proud to say that I am from this school.
Albert Lea High School is a very welcoming environment. There are many art and athletic programs to get involved in and meet new people. The classroom experience is good, teachers are there to help you and make sure you understand the material they are presenting. Most classes are challenging but there is always a way to get help as needed to meet your full potential and be successful. I'd like to see administration more involved and active with the students learning goals. The facility is beautiful and the classrooms, lunchroom, gym, etc. are clean and ready for learning and growth. Great place to attend high school.
The work load is a lot and some classes that are hard enough aren't giving college credit.
Some sports and activities are given more attention and funding than others.
The best thing about this school is the Music programs. There are lots of opportunities and the teachers are amazing.
The teachers in this school are diverse. It depends on who you have, some are amazing and I will never forget and some I truly regret having because I didn't learn anything in that class
A lot of students are in sports for their extracurricular activities, we have some who are in student council but that is about it.
It is a simple school, we don't have that many people in each grade. Average is about 230. There are a few activities to join but not enough where anyone and everyone could join. I would attend this high school again because it's pretty laid back and you get to know all the teachers well.
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There are more than a few teachers who really focus on their students success. Then there are teachers who don't really understand from a students point of view on things which is the hard part.
Chess club, Student Council, National Honors Society all are open to willing students.
Very clean and wide range of elective classes that students can take.
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