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Albert Gallatin had some amazing teachers that would do anything to help you succeed in everything you do. However, the administration didn't help the more gifted students very much, leaving them not as challenged as they could be. I would have also liked to see more AP or College-Level classes offered.
Most of our teachers not only gave us the education we needed but tried to prepare us for the real world. Out of my four years of being a student I have only ever felt disappointment in our district once. As all know, our country has, unfortunately, faced several school and general public shootings. Our school made an attempt to provide the student body with a small form of protection. Their idea was to obtain metal detector wands. However, their idea of using them was unrealistic and in the end, may not have solved anything. Their plan was to not want everyone who had walked through the door, but to choose a select few out of the course of each day. That was the day I wasn't at all proud to be a colonial. That idea of selection just wasn't who we were/are. and I was not at all proud to be part of it. If anything could change in the district, it would be to have full body metal detectors. That way that idea of selection they had can be thrown away.
I love Albert Gallatin . The staff have their good days and bad days. The teachers are great they sit and help you work out your problems if you don't understand or just don't get the problem. I've went to Albert Gallatin all my life and wouldn't consider any other school. Theirs not to many things wrong with our school . The only thing I would say they needs work on is the school lunches , they could also work on the halls ,they get quite packed. Other than that it's a fabulous school. The kids are great too, we build ourselves up we don't break each other down. We don't really have racism or discrimination here either. I think you'd have a wonderful time at AG.
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Albert Gallatin Area High School is an excellent school. It might be less fortunate and not have as much money as other schools in the area, but the administration and teachers make it a great learning environment. There are plenty of fun extra-curricular activities students can participate in, including sports, drama club, young astronauts club, and so many more. The teachers are all very helpful and make sure students understand the content they're teaching. The biggest problem with the school, however, is the fact that almost any money the school gets goes into the football team or the cheerleaders. While it is nice to have a football team and cheerleaders, others sports, such as soccer, struggle with the old equipment and uniforms. Other than that, Albert Gallatin Area High School is an excellent school, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend for four years.
Overall terrible school. Dirty, low quality, no good classes, and full out trash. The students are all trash, too. The only good part was Frau. She needs a raise.
Albert Gallatin is a push over school. All the teachers have their favorites and no one gets all the same treatment as they should until parents come in and complain then the school no longer wants to deal with that parent again so the school will just let people get away with whatever they want. thankfully not all teachers were like that.
in all honesty its a school a place you have to go or go to jail but this school isn't the worst you could go to its pretty good
All the teachers pay attention to the students and help with the work and share knowledge on the subjects
the main doors are locked and visitors need to be buzzed in and signed in. the school nurse is ok if you need ice, but other than that, not helpful.
The teachers didn't take the time to sit down with us and help us. As an honor roll student with a steady 3.8 or higher all through high school, it didn't bother me as much, but there were some students who needed the help, and it wasn't made available for them. The teachers would put the responsibility of helping the needy students on the students who knew what was going on, causing them to not be able to do their own work. Teachers would actually talk about themselves using drugs and drinking to the students and made it seem like it was ok they did them. I dreaded going to school everyday because of the lack of discipline. If I could do it again, I would choose to attend a different high school.
The Teachers at Albert gallatin would pick favorites, and allow them to do less in class and would grade them easier than they would the non favorite students. They were not in control of the class, they didn't care if the kids did drugs in class, or walked on top of the desks, or talked the entire period. It effected my learning, they didn't care. When moving to a new AP english class, and getting a new teacher, the new teacher didn't follow how the old one taught us, leaving us confused and to figure it out ourselves. Some students would talk all class period and not do the assignment, so when it came in time of the due date, the teacher did the assignment for them and gave them an A and would give the kids who actually did the work and tried a lower grade. If I had the option to do so in school, I would have switched to a different school.
The health and safety policies in my school are greatly secured. If someone is caught bullying they start with after school detention and if it happens again they get suspended. We often has sweeps of the school for illegal drugs and alcohol etc. We have cameras facing every direction in every hallway so nothing goes unseen. A school nurse is always in the building and on call for emergencies. I believe my school is very safe. Our faculty and staff seems to know everything that goes on.
Throughout my years here, I have involved myself in numerous clubs, athletics, and organizations. I involved myself in cheerleading, softball, track and field, Art Club, Interact Club, Ski Club, National Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, etc. These activities provided me with vast opportunities on a personal, professional, and social level in networking, meeting peers, professional development, and skill sets such as organization. I feel as if these activities aided in my growth as a leader and has given me confidence in managing with groups.
My overall experience at my school has been great. If I ever had the chance to do it all over again I would still go to my school. When I graduate and do leave forever, I am going to miss the teachers and students that I've acquired relationships with. I will miss the fun I've had in all the sports, academics and extra-curricular activities I've involved myself in. The school presents a nice, educational environment for all students and I hope it stays that way for years to come.
Most teachers in my school put in more effort than others even though they all have a great quality of teaching. A lot of teachers include technology such as IPads and laptops in the work we do and involve group work to really get our minds working along with other student's ideas. Many communicate the subjects we're learning in multiple ways since every student learns differently. They present the subject as best as they can in words, pictures or even graphs.
Our school employs armed security guards that are on duty throughout the school day and also present during any after school functions. Bullying is taken as a serious infraction and dealt with promptly. No one enters the school without being identified by security and signing in prior to being admitted into the main area of the school. Fire drills and safety drills are practiced routinely and the feeling of safety is present in this school. There is a school nurse available 5 days a week and there are routine health programs presented during the school year.
Most teachers have excellent communication skills, and use a style that best conveys the subject to their students. Most show an interest in the student and his/her progress or development. As with any institution, there are teachers who do not show as much enthusiasm or interest as others. There are also teachers that have a clear difficulty communicating with students and being able to get their point across.
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Our school offers a variety of AP classes and college credit courses to take during the school year. This school also offers a variety of languages, math, English and science courses that are designed for advanced students, while still offering the basic courses for average students. Guidance counselors are available year-round to advise any student on his/her course schedule and also to correct any problems or miscommunications with scheduling. Every student can have a study hall to do extra work, meet with teachers, catch up on homework, or use the time as they please. Most of the teachers are willing to take the time to discuss pertinent areas of study and address and questions the students may have.
Our school offers many sports, including soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, softball, track and field. All of the afore mentioned have parent/student meetings and organized fund-raisers, as well as participation from all the student body and staff. Our school also offers Drama Club, FBLA, NHS, Academic League, Debate Team, cheerleading, band, silks, orchestra, choir, madrigals, Four-H, SADD, Spanish Club, French Club, German Club, Math Team, Science Fair, Book Club, and after school tutoring. All of these clubs/organizations are open to the student body with planned meetings and parent/teacher involvement
Honestly it isn't all that bad because the more "advanced" classes separate me from many of the kids that do not try nor care about their future.
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