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At Albert Einstein High School people are very accepting and there is a lot of diversity. You will likely build strong bonds and relationships with teachers and other students. The courses are challenging and also enriching.
A safe environment in need of better resources to prepare students for college. The teacher in higher level academic are more prepared than those of on level classes. The school demonstrates great pride.
Albert Einstein has very serious safety issues. It is no difficult for students to break in and/ or out of the school. However, when an incident does occurs they do a very good job of handling the situation. They need to do a better job on preventing situations.
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Einstein is one of the stereotypically poorer schools in our area, often nicknamed "Crimestein" I have never been in a situation where there was a likely threat to my life, but there have been a few near misses, including when a student brought an assault rifle into the parking lot and when a bomb threat kept us locked down for two hours. The IB and AP program is robust, but according to a teacher that has taught in other schools in our area, Einstein's "learning culture" is lacking. Students do not have as high of expectations placed on them.
At Albert Einstein there is a lot of diversity. Not only in student and staff ethnicities but class levels as well . Most of the staff members are friendly.
Einstein is a very diverse school which is amazing because you get to learn from people who come from so many different backgrounds. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of focus counselors give to each student. Applying to college is scary and sometimes I feel helpless because I lack a connection with my counselor.
I like Albert Einstein High school. The classes you take to help prepare you for college. There are many honors and IB classes you can take. There are many programs that help you in your future.
Unlike other school you get a load of friendly staff that are willing to help you and to know how your day is going! As well as loads of activities for every grade.
Einstein is the best, the environment is great , friendly, and lively. My experience at Einstein was great I had a blast attending Einstein the teachers were very friendly and everyone was friendly the staff were also friendly and if I have a choice to go back to Einstein there's no doubt that I would.
What i like most is that they offer various programs that suit to what you want to do and how there is a lot of diversity. One change I would like to see is more parent involvement in the school.
At Einstein there a lot of friendly faces and administrators that can help you with whatever you're having trouble with while also leading you in the right direction. It;s also a school where you have the mind set to push yourself whether in sports or academics or anything else school related. All the while a good experience and would highly recommend it to my peers.
Very diverse and small which is good for kids of today. I would like MCPS to be more attentive to the college process for kids throughout their high school career. This can happen with more counselors and staff just for college matching, applications, tests, visits, scholarships, etc.
This school has improved since I had attended in the late 1990s. The school still has a strong sport program.
Visual Arts Center is the highlight of the school. STAGE produces great musicals and plays. Students heavily invested in sports. Honors and AP classes have high enrollment.
The education I received there prepared me well for college. However, the social scene is not what I wanted and the students remain very self-segregated according to their races.
Overall the school gets a bad reputation it doesn't deserve. I went for the Visual Art Center, which is an excellent program. Einstein has some great teachers, but some awful ones.
Albert Einstein is one of the most diverse schools, we interconnect and try our best to involve everyone in activities that are brought to the school.
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The overall environment is safe and friendly, the teachers care about the students, everyone is unique in their own way and it feels like one giant family.
The art program here (VAC) is incredible! Overall the school has a positive atmosphere and caring teachers!
I really enjoyed the IB program and think that the school is amazing if not just for that. You can't really know anybody that well in the school, and the class groups are somewhat segregated by difficulty. I ended up only knowing around 50 people in my 450+ Graduating Class.
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