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I love the inclusive environment. There truly is something for everyone here and i rarely ever see someone being excluded. I also love the small things about Einstein, like the flash mobs, art shows, football games and more. It’s a really wonderful school.
I loved it at AEHS! What was so great about it was that we were such a tight community. Everyone knew everyone and we were all friends. Although we each had our own friend groups we all got along with each other. I also loved the diversity. We had so many minorities in our school (myself included) and it was incredible getting to meet people from different cultures. I also loved the school spirit. Our football games, especially our homecoming games, were so fun and exciting! We genuinely had a family atmosphere at AEHS. It was also a great learning experience. While we definitely had some teachers that weren't the greatest, we had many who were incredible. Also, for my specifically, I enjoyed the fact that Einstein has an Academy of Finance. I'm a business major, specifically marketing, and I think that this academy definitely prepared me well for college.
Albert Einstein high school is a VERY diverse high school! You will not feel left out here. When I attended, there were unlimited resources to scholarships, jobs, college information and so much more! I even received a scholarship to go to college. At this school, counselors and teachers really encourage you to do your best and to strive for more. It is very hard to fail at this school
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For the past few years I have had no problems with the school. Also all the people in the school are generous. Being around this enviorment helped me connect and meet alot of new people.
There is a certain feeling of excitement a stressed high school should feel when they arrive at school in the morning. I must say , that as a student going through a very stressful junior year, I feel pumped despite being sleep deprived and concerned about the day ahead of me.
If you are a responsible student who is genuinely concerned about your high school success and getting accepted into a good college, everyone will be more than willing to try their level best to help you. From your bored academic counselor to a teacher you might not even have, everyone wishes your success if you, as student, take responsibility and show determination and drive.
High school is tough for teenagers and there is some concern building up about colleges but as a student you are solely responsible for your success. That is the one thing, if the student realises, that will help them prosper and garner support for what they hope to achieve.
I love my school. Albert Einstein High School has the finance academy that i am in and without it i would have been lost not knowing who i wanted to be when growing up because Albert Einstein High School has this academy i was able to find my dream job.
I really liked the amount of diversity within the entirety of the school and the availability of high level courses. However, as an art school, it never really feels like art classes are a priority. Also, the one class (Literature as Film) that would be related to my intended major was cut from the budget.
When I attended this school, I was constantly amazed by the passion that the faculty had for the students. I had not only one, but multiple teachers take a genuine interest in me and my plans after high school. They supported me and encouraged me to do better and exposed me to very valuable opportunities. There are a myriad of extracurricular activities to chose from and even more ways to get involved. Albert Einstein truly focuses on the students in more aspects then just academics.
At first it Waac a little difficult to find new friends but afterward the teachers and people around me made my high school life easier I love it here now and can't imagine being at any other school.
Well i'm currently in my senior year and the past 3 years have been the best years of my life.I created a diverse group of friends from around the world. I learned about other cultures. The teachers are really patient about grades they will understand if you cant turn in an assignment on time. The security are really good with peace keeping around the school. When i was a freshmen there was a bunch of fights but all of the sudden my sophomore and junior year there is no fights.Overall I love this school the people and atmosphere is real nice.
Very diverse. Faculty and staff are appreciative towards one another as well as towards the students. Lot of encouragement geared toward clubs, sports/extracurriculars. Academics are well
The moment I stepped foot at Albert Einstein high school, I knew it was the place to be. It's a really good school we're everyone is accepted. It's a international school as I view it. I love how different races come to that school. Everyone is accepted as who they are. Teachers really motivate you and make you feel like your family. It's an amazing school.
Albert Einstein Is the best school In Montgomery County Public school system. You get the best education possible, you have counselors/coaches/security guards/ principals that actually care about you as a person. The best school in my opinion.
Einstein prepared me well for college through honors and AP courses, which generally had better teachers than grade-level courses. The diversity at the school is necessary and important. It was something I missed after leaving Montgomery County to go to college. I always felt safe and did not perceive Einstein as clique-y.
I had a great experience at Albert Einstein High School. I made friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. Also, through the Schools International Baccalaureate program, I feel extremely prepared for college. I have learned time management skills and have gained study skills that I will use for the rest of my educational career.
Albert Einstein is a very diverse school with lots of students with amazing talents. Our teachers are always available when we need the extra help and are very understanding. I believe the only thing that should be changed is that they influence the students more to get involved around more.
Albert Einstein High school is a fantastic high school with great teachers and students. At Einstein you can accomplish what you want through high school. The school has amazing spirt and it makes the high scool awesome.
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Albert Einstien High School has improved over the years,but overall the change is not impactful for soon to be graduating students. The administration are very rude to all students and many teachers favorite students. Everyone in the counseling office is very nice and helpful. But, most of the staff need to be replaced with people who actually like kids.
AEHS is a very diverse and welcoming school! Teachers are helpful and kind. The stage program is amazing!
What I liked about Albert Einstein High School was the that it feels like home. Everyone is so authentic and many teachers are legitimate. I always felt comfortable coming to Albert Einstein High School. It's a place with so many underestimated values. But with good comes bad and I feel that there should be more early attention paid to college and scholarships and all.
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