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I had a good Experience at Einstein, love how we’re allowed to go anywhere at lunch time to eat lunch ( on school property of course) Also the teachers and education given at this school is better then any school I’ve gone to
I liked the fact that einstein isn't a big school so, you really get to know everyone and there is so much access of courses that prepare you for college, like the IB and AP courses offered.
The thing I like about AEHS is the community the unity the school has in the sense of it being the "place to be," and the spirit we, Titans, have. The only thing I would change is the school food that is being served it is not very nutritional enough.
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Albert Einstein felt like a "normal" experience. However, the STEM classes that were offered were terrible with a lot of teachers that did not know how to properly teach. The teachers at this school are a hit or miss.
Einstein is a diverse high school which feels like a tight knit community but allows students to express their individuality through a plethora of clubs. Einstein offers many AP courses, the IB program, and the Visual Art Center (VAC).
Albert Einstein High school is a diverse school with a strong school spirit. The facility is pretty good. The schools sports are competitive and are one of the best in the Down county consortium. The teachers here care about the students and try to help you prepare for the SAT and AP exams. The VAPA academy is excellent and the plays are superb. There are many clubs to choose from and there are multiple other ways to get involved. There are school events that reflect the diversity of the school and enhance different cultures. This is a great school to go to.
This school provides various classes to choose from such as AP Psychology to Accounting. The teachers are very supportive and the Career Center is very useful for those who need help with their career path.
I liked that freshman year every kid was offer a connection class which provided extra assistance on work and providing guidance to surviving high school. I would like the school to have specific information on schedulling when it comes to where and when tests need to be taken and tell the whole school early on instead of later down the road so school needs to be more organized!
I have really enjoyed my time at AEHS. The teachers are very good and there are challenging classes while maintaining a calm and inclusive vibe. The sports are not insane but constantly improving and the games get a lot of fans. The most important thing is that you are self-motivated. If you care, it is indeed the place to be. Go Titans! Roll 'Stein!
I enjoyed my time at AEHS. Welcoming school and enjoyable classes. Had a couple teachers that weren’t great but were replaced shortly after. We had a lot of fun around homecoming and though our football team wasn’t great we had other outstanding teams such as cross country, soccer, and a few others.
I went to Einstein because of the VAC (Visual Arts Center). This program allowed me to grow my passions for art, without hindering my academics. There are some downfalls to attending this school, namely recent issues concerning violence. However as a whole, I believe the community fostered by Einstein's small programs (VAC, Renaissance Academy, Academy of Finance, and Visual and Preforming Arts) and their rigorous IB courses are worthwhile.
In order to put into context my review of Einstein High School, you must understand, I am a senior in the IB Diploma programme at Albert Einstein High School and a president of a club. Albert Einstein High School is a wonderful school. The teachers, for the most part, are committed and ready to help students. One of the largest problems is a large number of students in comparison with the resources given. Another problem that has been commented to me is the large allocation of resources to the higher level IB students, rather than the honors and on level students. In spite of all of this, the student life is welcoming and fun, with many activities for the students to enjoy and including a wonderful amount of traditions that really allow for our students to feel part of the school. The ability to pursue leadership positions is really endless from club positions to SGA positions, allowing anyone with a willingness and commitment to make the most of their high school experience.
Everyone likes to bash their school, but this one is honestly underrated in my view. Some of the athletic facilities were just redone; for example, we have a big new gym, which is very nice. They offer AP classes and a two-year IB, which makes this school unusually rigorous for an MCPS school. The days of "Crimestein" have been consigned to oblivion; that is to say, it is very safe now. It's true that the staff aren't always super helpful, but the vast majority of the teachers will help you when you need it (this coming from a student who needs help a lot,) and some of the other staff members are alright. This school is kind of like a prep school in my opinion because so much of the culture here is how a large number of our graduates go to college, and because of the AP/IB opportunities here, we get a lot of practice with writing college-level essays and things of that nature. Don't hesitate to come here; it's rough for the first month or so but it gets significantly better over time.
It was a good school because it was so diverse which means I got to meet a whole new crowd of people.So I got to meet wonderful students that i've became friends with my freshman year of high school and we are still friends to this day. Also, the teachers I had were really good because they care about there kids a lot and most teachers will do anything to help the kids succeed and improve in school to prepare them for college.
I was a student at this school and it change my life. The teachers were very supportive whenever I struggle as well as the students.
I have attended AEHS for nearly 4 years, and I love it here! Einstein is very diverse and most teachers are highly skilled at teaching. Overall, I have had a great experience at AEHS, and find myself well-prepared for my future.
I messed up my life from the beginning of 9th grade. I wish I had to restart my high school life again then I will be a somebody. This doesn’t effect the school, it reflects on the bad choice I’ve done.
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My school is a very good school and well constructed. The school adapts quickly to social change. It uses every resource, advantage, gift, and opportunity it has to grow students and tends to see more resources, advantages, gifts, and opportunities than lower performing schools. It has diverse and compelling measures of success measures that families and communities understand and value. All the staffs including teachers, counselors, securities and are nice, humble, generous, friendly, and patient. A change I would like to see is about the food. It would be better if they provide a healthy meals.
Einstein has great teachers and they care a lot about their students. Although Einstein has been on the news a little bit more than usual but that is not a reflection of the quality of the school. They have great programs for arts, business, and science. The overall it is an average school and it is also able to allow students to have creative freedom and the AP classes prepare students what to expect with higher education.
At Albert Einstein High School people are very accepting and there is a lot of diversity. You will likely build strong bonds and relationships with teachers and other students. The courses are challenging and also enriching.
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