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I transferred to AEA as a junior and could not have been happier! It was an extremely difficult transition but with the help of amazing faculty and the new friends I made along the way, I aced nearly all of my classes and ended junior and senior year with GPAs of at least 3.9. This school has prepared me for college so much more than my previous school could have.
Before Albert Einstein I wasn't that interested in school or even continuing after I had graduated, But after going there for one year everything changed I became more interested in school, countiuned my education after I graduated, and became a way better student than I once was. The school overall has a great environment from a great staff that helps the students become the most successful they can be in school.
Great school, awesome teachers and class selections. The support system and managment is excellent.
My has a handicap and was always treated excellent by everyone. Principle is on top of all the social issues.
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AEA is a wonderful high school that teaches its students values as well as academic excellence. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is considering it, as it is an amazing school with an amazing faculty.
I wish they offered more classses. I liked how we were almost a family. A highly dysfunctional, intelligent, drama inclined, family.
The extracurriculars is where this school falls short. However, the city and the surrounding communities have excellent activities to supplement what the school does not specifically offer. The school is highly involved in Relay for Life and some other charities. And the professional mentoring "club" offers an excellent way for students to meet professionals in the field they want to study in college and see if it might be right for them. Ms. Cohen does great work to get all the students mentors.
The theater performances, the talent shows, and the yearbook class are awesome ways the students can express themselves. It is excellent to see my classmates and their various talents other than the academics. The school is small and the teaching is flexible enough to accommodate students of different academic levels. I feel like they have prepared me well for college.
It's the best I know of as compared to the schools my friends go to. The teachers really care and will take time to personally answer questions and emails even during school breaks. The teachers regularly look to engage in friendly competition with students in fun events like basketball games or ultimate frisbee, etc. The mix of teachers with lots of experience and those with fresh ideas and lots of energy is excellent. It is a perfect learning environment that encourages positive self esteem for the students.
There are a quite a few opportunities to join clubs and after-school programs, although more can definitely be added. It is also relatively affordable and is another way for students to add something to their rigorous academic curriculum that is both fun and challenging.
What makes this school unique is that discipline and hard work are placed above and beyond everything else as priority of the school's goals for the students.
The teachers are obviously qualified and know what they're doing in this school. They clearly show an interest in the students' academics and go out of their way to make sure they are doing what it takes to succeed.
The extracurricular activities have a very decent track record.The sports programs are very competitive,especially around local schools. The other programs are very enjoyable.
The parents seem to be adequately involved in the school.Some are very strict and extremely focused on their own child's education.Other than that the school and parents get along really well.
The teachers at the school are very supportive and understanding,while also maintaining the college prep ideal of the school.
There are many great extracurricular activities at Albert Einstein Academy. I took Studio Art for two years, which is taught by an amazing artist named Mr. Krupp. I have also been in many student clubs, from Chess Club, to Art Club, Bowling Club, and Ping Pong Club. Band is taught in a studio down the street from the school, but the quality of the class is on level with the rest of the school.
Going to AEA has been some of the bests years of my life. I wouldn't chose to go to any other high school. This school is small, with about 70 students in my graduating class, but it is very unique. Students can meet with teachers and discuss lessons or homework at almost any time during the day, and every students knows each other, producing a very friendly atmosphere.
The teachers at AEA are very knowledgeable in their areas and friendly as well. They know how to teach well and always help students if they are struggling. Since the school is small, everyone is somewhat close, and teachers know whats going on with the students. The teachers can all be seen and said hello to as students walk the halls and eat lunch.
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It's a tough school academically, especially if you take multiple AP courses and other rigorous classes. That being said, it is doable and the teachers are there to help. You learn a lot if you put in the time and effort.
I have never felt unsafe while on campus. They take the necessary precautions to make sure we are healthy and secure.
There are extracurricular opportunities, but you have to look for them. I started my own club and it has been one of the best experiences of my high school career.
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