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Albert E. Grice Middle School Reviews

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This school is amazing! Before I went here, I toured the school inside and out. The quality was outstanding! All of the teachers had their classes in control, all of the teachers and staff were so nice, and the numerous things you can join was fantastic! Now that I can call myself a "Grice Gladiator", I can say that I love the school even more!
The food is okay. Its not very healthy or tasty, but its okay.
The food is okay. Not very healthy or tasty, but food is food.
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There's Year Book Club, Advanced Choir, Woodshop club, volunteer club, and so on. Pretty great.
I love this school. I have so many great memories, I meet amazing people, and wasn't involved in any drama.
People are accepting here, I haven't seen any racism that happened.
Everyone does their job, and is efficient with their work.
The teachers are great, the nurses are nice, and the counselors take care of you. My favorite class is Choir, the teacher is the best.
Its a regular classroom, and such. Nothing special
They closed down all sports due to not having enough money.
I liked the staff, they were all kind.
The teachers at my Middle school, were great. I miss them dearly.
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