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Albemarle has meant so much to me in so many different ways over the years. There is so much to do and so many great people from students to teachers and the energy surrounding the school is unmatched. Such a phenomenal school and I am proud to be able to call myself a patriot.
Albemarle High is a good school. Unique to AHS are focus-oriented "pathways", or where students can plan a four-year course selection based on a subject they're interested in (ex: Arts and Letters, etc.). And of course there's MESA (the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy), a highly prestigious and selective program focusing in STEM helping students ultimately take undergrad engineering courses by junior and senior year. Overall, teachers really help you engage in learning at AHS!
Albemarle High School does a good job of trying to include people from all different backgrounds into their education programs. We have many clubs there including political, language, and LGBTQ+ clubs. The food is not the best and there' not much diversity, but for the diversity we do have, they're very inclusive.
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Overall, I liked it. The teachers were mostly friendly and really wanted the students to do well. My coaches were all good people. There were some classes and teachers I didn't like, but that's anywhere. I made really good friends at Albemarle that I'll have for a long time.
Albemarle High overall is a wonderful school and the four year experience there will be remembered for years to come. I feel that due to the teaching, resources, sports teamwork and many other factors that I am well prepared to step into my next accomplishment.
I had a great experience. It's intimidating at first because of the size but you will find a group and you will make friends for life. The teachers are amazing and the really care about how well you do. The teachers are also very well educated and know what they teach. The only downside was that administration struggled, with 2,000 students they didn't do well at spreading their time and effort to all students.
The students seem to be very racist with their comments and conversations. A lot of sexually active kids, even freshmen.
Albemarle High School is a good place to meet people who share your interests and passions. Along with this aspect, academics and fine arts at this school operate at a high level. Given this characteristic, it is a very competitive environment, which can be detrimental to some while others flourish.
A great school. Have had a tremendous four years at Albemarle High School. Great and friendly teachers and staff who want to see you succeed in life.
The school is a pretty good school. We are very advanced academically. This school smells like a sewer about once a month and some of the teachers are actually insane.
Throughout my experience at Albemarle High School I have experienced many positives and negatives. Albemarle has, and will continue, to contribute as much growth to the county of Albemarle. I personally was a member of the Cross Country as well as the track team and from that experience I gained a good reputation of becoming a student athlete. I feel as though the teachers, as well as the programs, were helpful for giving me insight for my trip to college. I know that the teachers have taught me important information to use in college and to my entrance into the real world. Honestly I wish the counseling was a little better for the application for college, yet overall I had a positive experience here in high school.
My experience at Albemarle High School was not bad, but it was not the best either. If the food was better and the way teachers taught was better then my experience would be different. I would not say this is the worst high school because I know it could be worse, but a lot of things should be changed at Albemarle High School. It was a good four years and I am glad I will be furthering my education.
its a great school but the kids in it just need to get better and add more clubs and have more fun i know that i would join but
Albemarle High School is a great school! All of the students there are really spirited when it comes to sports and supporting them. The teachers try their best to help the students succeed and reach the potential they know they have. There are many activities and clubs that you can get involved in or even create one of your own. The school has many students from all over the world but do not really interact with other students since they have a different type of schedule and classes. I believe that Albemarle has a lot of opportunities for students that want to go into different fields and peruse them as soon as they get a chance. The food could be better and there could be a better sense of unity among different types of students throughout the school. Overall, Albemarle High School is a school where you feel safe and are able to meet new people and teachers that want you to go to college and succeed as much as they do.
Albemarle high school is a good school. The school spirit is well expressed. The students of AHS are also diversified.
Albemarle High School is a great school! Being at Albemarle I have received multiple opportunities to discover a career path for myself. Our school spirit is fantastic and everyone is fully spirited. Very diverse and everyone is very nice. 10/10 school! GO PATS
My experience in Albemarle High school was not the greatest. I didn't see much motivation coming from the instructors. Upon graduation, students had it easy. Most instructors gave up halfway way through the semester and just didn't seem to care about our education anymore. This made it hard for some, especially for myself since I became use to instructors handing things to me. I wasn't mentally prepared for the outside world, which made my first year in college one of the hardest times in my life. I would like to see more effort and motivation from the instructors and club activities for student involvements.
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Albemarle is a large school, and feels like it. I'm a senior, and there are teachers I've never seen or even heard of. That being said, I think this helps prepare students for college much better than a smaller school would. The academics are strong--I am in almost all Dual and Honors classes, and slightly regret not taking more advanced classes earlier in high school, because I enjoy them.
Albemarle High School is a school that takes its diversity, spirit and size in pride. At a large school with 2,000 students we have many strengths: little to no bullying, a huge amount of pride in our school and a wide array of options. Our teachers work extremely hard to give us a good experience and our school allows us to choose between so many courses and extracurricular activities. However, I do feel as though Albemarle High School sometimes creates an atmosphere of competition. Our school encourages students to be engaged, which is a good thing. However, it can become extremely stressful for students to feel like they have to be involved in every sport, every club, every honor society and still maintain straight A's. However, I do still feel that Albemarle High School creates a environment that not only allows me to thrive as a student, but as a person.
Albemarle is an okay place to go to high school. There are nice teachers and lots of various classes to take. However, there are teachers who give special treatment to their favorite students. Some of the people there are inconsiderate and rude. Kind of like a stereotypical high school I guess.
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