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I loved the teachers and the opportunities they offered for you. Guidance counselors try their hardest to make time for you and to actually look and plan out your future. The school building itself can be confusing for a new student at first but after a couple of weeks, you'll get it. They have MANY clubs and sports you can choose from. The very few problems I see at school is the drug use and their bathrooms . It seems that Albemarle High School does not put money into their bathrooms or try to enforce the drug use.
Half of the school was newly built and half was still old which made for an interesting campus contrast. The middle of the school is an opening called "the breezeway" which allows for some nice fresh air and open space. I enjoyed attending the sport events and even playing on the field for my soccer team, the school and the students have a good sense of community and support.
This school is excellent, very diverse and makes you feel so comfortable! The teachers are very supportive and only want what is best for you as a student working toward your future.
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Albemarle Highschool is a great school considering how big it is. The highschool has over 2,000+ kids and the teachers do a very good job of making sure no one feels left out.
Albemarle High School has been the high school I have attended for the past three years going on four. Throughout high school, I have been given multiple tasks and have learned a lot about myself and about my peers in the process. Overall the facilities are not the best, but the Patriot Pride we have is surely present. When walking through the halls, you consistently see happy faces, along with lots of Albemarle Spirit. The teachers at Albemarle are a very diverse group
its a awesome school, the teachers are really cool and fun. I enjoy the activities and classes. There are a lot of different kinds of race at the school, its safe a lot of the time and makes me feel comfortable. The activities are outgoing and very physical. We have a lot of resources, our library is great, the students are offered computers. The food is okay , it could be better , a lot better. The staff are pretty awesome people, some of them are terrible and rude and racist. BUT others are very fun and can help students tremendously. We do have classes where they help up for college , especially for seniors. I enjoy our principals , they are chill and fun and can be big helps sometimes
Albemarle is such a great school. I couldn't imagine myself attending a different high school. It just wouldn't feel right, and I feel like I wouldn't be getting the education I'm getting now at a different school.
What I liked about Albemarle High School was the simple fact my teachers taught me how to be more organized, especially my AVID class which is based on college prep. Without having the most important things in your life planned or anything planned for that matter is irresponsible. This mindset will help me throughout my college years and beyond thanks to my high school. What I would like to see change at Albemarle High School is one thing and that would be to have shorter classes with more study halls. A lot of teachers at the school have a hard time keeping their class focused after a certain time so I believe the classes should be more similar to college time.
As a recently graduated senior, I feel immensely prepared in regards to academics. Honors and AP classes are generally demanding, and are presumably reflective of what introductory college courses will expect of you. The school has wonderful outreach and volunteer opportunities, such as the peer tutoring program, Key Club, Beta Club, and more. I had a few bad experiences with administration, but teachers were almost always kind and relatively accommodating. The school culture can be difficult at times, as students often only associate with those in their circle, which can make it difficult for incoming students without a defined “identity” to find their group. However, I believe that the experience was undoubtedly better than it would have been if I had attended another nearby high school.
I’ve only been at Albemarle for two years but I know that this is a great school. It’s very large, which can be both beneficial and a disadvantage. With so many people attending this school, you will meet a lot of diverse people and hopefully make friends with some. This could also be seen as a disadvantage, as you may not know everyone and therefore could be missing out on a potential friend. Nontheless, most kids here are very friendly and kind- along with the teachers. The teachers here are very caring and want to bring out the most potential in you; meaning they can be strict, yet kind. I also find the fact that we have elevators for people who may be handicapped when it comes to stairs very helpful if that’s an issue. I would only suggest this school to people who can handle large crowds in hallways and some classes. Overall, this school offers several different classes a student can take to learn more about themselves or work towards their chosen career.
The teachers at Albemarle High School prepared me well for college. The MESA program gave me a bit of a leg up compared to other students when entering the engineering program at our University. This helped my adjustment to college and living on my own a great deal. The clubs and activities that this school offered also let students take a break from academics and explore other interests and passions that each student had. Overall, this school really helped me learn more about what I liked and didn't like, and helped me achieve my dreams of going to college.
I think that AHS is a very good school.I have learned so much while I was there.I learned how to be apart of something bigger than yourself.I have learned that not all teachers are bad.Also I have been on so many adventures while I was here like the time I went to New York.
Albemarle High School is a very locally diverse school with motivated teachers who want each of their students to excel. As a new student, I have felt very welcome at this school and gotten to know most of my teachers very well. Although, Albemarle is a large school, this is beneficial when trying to find your own group of friends because there are so many students who are interested in different things.
Lovely school, the teachers are very willing to help with anything you need. Any program you could want to be involved with is available to participate in, and if it is not you are encouraged to start that program with the help of a teacher advisor. Great school.
After spending four years in this school, I can certainly say that I really enjoyed my experience in this school and I think they provided a lot of support both academically and socially. This school taught me many lessons that I shall carry with me in the future and friends that I will cherish throughout my life.
I love the inclusive environment. Albemarle is a great place to make friends and learn. Albemarle Allows people to excel and offers plenty opportunities.
Albemarle High School is diverse and has many opportunities for all different types of learners. The music program, in which I participate, is especially strong, with a nationally recognized jazz band.
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The demographic diversity of AHS is significant, and it is in AHS that I learned more and more and exotic cultures and ideas that always fascinated me. I have met many hard-working, knowledgeable, accessible teachers that lended me
Albemarle High Scool is an academically rigorous school with a lot of character and spirit. There are multiple ways to get involved from clubs to sports to drama. The teachers are willing and ready to help you be successful in the classroom.
Albemarle is a very nice school. It is large, so there are a lot of students and diversity there. There is a large variety of classes to take that can fit many interests. Most of the teachers are pretty nice, but strict enough to keep everyone focused, and free enough to enjoy learning.
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