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Albemarle High School offers most of your core classes but does not have many extracurricular classes or career oriented classes. For these you are actually required to travel to surrounding schools.
I like the spirit of the school, however, I don’t feel like it prepares you for college quite enough.
After attending Albemarle High School for Four years I can honestly say it has its ups and its downs. One of the things I liked about it was how small the student population was. It made it easy to really get to know everyone. One of the things I disliked most however was the fact that it doesn't have a lot of extracurricular class offerings. They do provide transportation to other schools for half the day if you needed to take certain classes the school doesn't offer but this can cause your schedule to become restricted. If you were involved in a club that had a meetings in the mornings you wouldn't be able to go because of the transportation schedule. The teachers are good and there's always someone willing to help with any questions you may have.
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My school was diversely populated and low on academic prowess. Few AP classes were offered and that became only one ☝️ my senior year. Football was more important than college prep classes.
There are higher education courses that need to be taught. For instance, AP Chemistry was not taught and neither was

AP Statistics. Supposedly, there was not a qualified teacher. Although one teacher is qualified to teach statistics and may next year. Also, Physics has not been taught for at least two years--even though a certified teacher in that area was fully qualified to teach and 10 students were signed to take it. The principal did not care for the teacher and so unfortunately the teacher left for another school system. Very unfortunate--no physics this year or last. Students do not come first here.
It is not the teachers, but rather teachers only have the 30 minute "pride time" available for teachers to give

help to students. They cannot come before class, they cannot come after. Also, there is no other allotted time for students

to use the media center. I think that at least for a half hour to one hour after school ends or one half hour before school starts extra help should be given. It is not the school's policy unfortunately.
I wasn't very involve in extracurricular activities, but from the one club I was in the students would be committed to the club.
From my experience, Albemarle High school main focus is their athletics and their honors students. I wasn't very fortunate to come across teachers who cared about my success. The students would not take both the classes and teachers seriously, therefore, it motivated the rest to follow along. I did not have the best experience in this school and sadly would not choose this school again.
Every teacher has there own way of teaching, but in the years I spent in Albemarle High School the teachers who taught honors would be the only ones with the best communication skills with their students. As for the other teachers, they would strive to get the remaining students to graduate regardless of the poor effort.
I think the school could have more challenging classes but as a full time employee, I don't have time to work with challenging problems for class.
There are varieties of clubs that people attend. I don't personally because I work almost full time so I'm not able to stay but I'm sure many people attend the clubs and organizations we have.
This school offers a lot of options with different cultures and religions. I have not myself been peer pressured. I don't see any challenges with students being judged on skin color. Most students that attend here are all different types of races.
The teachers are very good. They are always willing to stay after to help with a student or students. They help with any need a student has.
This school has prepared me for the real world but really, college is the real world. I have already have the real world experience because I have a job and having a job and paying bills shows a lot of what the real world is.
The food services are healthy. They have vending machines with snacks that range from healthy to unhealthy and drinks that range from healthy to unhealthy. Just your choice on what you choose.
I love my school and I have learned a lot through education and people.
The athletic facilities are to standards. They are very clean and usable.
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The school administration is very open minded to students and security officers are always on campus making sure the school is safe for students.
Everything in the school is great, the students are what cause the trouble. They are disrespectful and don't know how to treat school supplies. We have great after school tutoring programs.
We have many new teachers that have not had much experience with teaching, so their techniques are sometimes not too great. There is a hand full of teachers that are irreplaceable in our school.
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