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They want everyone to get involved; there are many clubs and activities for everyone. The teachers are pretty good. The school is adding many new facilities and expanding. The only thing is they say many things but a lot of times they don't always come through with what they said. And the security is almost to much. It seems as if students can't really do anything unless there is a teacher breathing down their neck.
Albany Senior High cares. Most of the staff from the teachers all the way to the janitors want what is best for their students. The surrounding community as well make sure that the their future generations are getting the best lessons and education. Plus, with the renovations coming up, the school will look and feel a lot more modern.
Albany has provided me with a fairly unique high school experience. The overall appreciation and emphasis on education leads students to follow their own path, but this is juxtaposed by the culture of fitting in throughout the town and surrounding area. This creates a dynamic of kids who like do express themselves openly and freely mixed with kids who are content being the same as their parents and ultimately everyone else.
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The average teacher at AHS is just that, average. Many of the teachers do more than the bare minimum, but lack of passion & often lack of mutual respect leads to a slight disengage within most teacher-student relationships.
A lot of students get bullied and are excluded. This year there was a shooting threat to the school. Not very much for security. Super easy to just leave the school. One door is always unlocked
Most sporting events are fun. The students love the school and chant during games and cheer on teams. Not many people really care about other clubs though. Most dont get much attention
I have about two favorite teachers in this school. One of which is the spanish 2-4 teacher. Mr. Jepsen. Hes amazing and he loves to get involved with students. I look up to him. We have some bad teachers too though. Most of them are pretty bad. Amdahl isnt that great, Coffell, Hines, Revier. They arent very good.
The first few years I was at albany, it was okay. The girls can get kind of cliquey and stick to themselves. I do love a majority of the girls in my grade. My grade if one of the smartest to go through albany so they keeps academics a challenge. The boys of my grade are quite dumb though. They tend to use girls and not many of them understand what they are doing. I do like a few of them though. There are a few really nice ones. I dont really think we accept everyone in our grade. There are a lot of outcasts. I decided to pursue post secondary options because I just wanted out.
This school holds education very high. As well as most sports. But if it's not a popular sport in the school it's not a sport at all which is bull.
Teachers are attentive to students. They do the best possible with what is provided for them and they also try to find different ways that are creative for students to learn so it's not the same old same old.
Like many small schools, Albany has it's quirks. A select few last names float around the school as the best of the best, while the rest are just there to make them look good. I was part of the cross country team and track team and contributed greatly, but because I don't have a familiar last name, it went a bit unnoticed. Like I said, many small schools operate this way so really it isn't all that bad.
The teachers at Albany Senior High, for the most part, teach what they have to teach and move on in a hurry. However, there are a few exceptions to this observation. Some teachers go above and beyond to help students learn and excel in school.
The students are very smart. Their test scores are record-breaking for our area. There are a lot of college classes available. A student can graduate with over 30 credits if they take every available college class. It goes by block system so classes are only 9-18 weeks. The curriculum is rigorous and the workload is heavy. The teachers are great though.
There is almost no diversity. Can count the students of color on my fingers.

Students are extremely cliquey. If you are not in a certain friend group, you will not be acknowledged by that friend group.
I loved going to this school. What makes it only great, not excellent, is the fact that some of the facilities are old and outdated. The bathrooms, for example, are very old and not in very good condition. The school overall is old and needs to be updated, but that is going to happen in the next few years anyway. One thing that won't get redone is the pool. The pool is very small for a competitive pool, but it works. It is still a nice school though, and the people there are great. I have countless great memories.
I have met some great people at this school, and the teachers are great, but the overall atmosphere is not great. Unless you are a jock, there is not much for you to do because most of the budget goes to sports.
There are a lot of sports available, and the administration encourages sports participation. All the popular people are the 3-sport athletes. The students who don't participate in sports don't really have as much appreciation.
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I don't think the school is unsafe. It is a small school, so when something happens, the entire school knows about it right away. We have a policeman who comes during the lunch shifts. The school nurse is very nice and helpful. She is actually and RN, so she knows what she's doing.
I don't actually eat the lunch at school. The lines are too long and I don't like most of the options. It is just easier to pack a lunch so I don't have to wonder if there will be something I like.
The principal is great. He is very patient and rarely ever gets upset about anything. The vice principal is the disciplinarian, so students don't like him as much. The guidance counselors try to help, but they act more like social workers than guidance counselors. They don't have very much information about college and after school plans. There isn't much bullying at the school; at least, not that I have witnessed. The dress code used to be really strict, but it got to the point where it was almost ridiculous, and there were 20 girls in the office on a 90 degree day, so it is no longer enforced except for by a few teachers.
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