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my experience at Albany leadership coming from a co-ed school to just girls was a difficult change but was worth it i built friendships with these girls and also my teachers. the teachers here at ALH push you to be college and career readiness. Thing i would like to be change is all teachers support us,more technology based in our school.
Albany leadership's teachers are very kind and friendly, I a different backgrounds of people meet in school and respect each other most of the time, the classes are very serious about studying and learning, the mock regent exams give us the opportunity to see how the real regent looks like.
Major discrepancy between what this school advertises and what it acutally is. My daughter attended and the experience was traumatizing. Doors were taken off the bathroom, there were non-stop fights, and administration did nothing to create order/safe space. Please don't let your child go through that...
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From middle school I had really low self esteem I never believed in myself and I never thought I was capable of having really good grades. Upon entering Albany leadership they have made me realize my potential and helped me build my skills in all the areas I needed. The teachers were very flexible and were willing to help anytime I needed. Now I'm a junior still attend this school I'm rank 1 in my class and have a 4.1 gpa none of this would've been possible without the help of the amazing teachers that worked diligently with me to better my self confidence and academic success.
Not enough sports to choose from.
There not much pick of sports options. Not alot of teachings of whats needed in college and in life. The school is beatiful but that about it. The staff makes many mistakes but few teachers are very caring for thier students achievment goals in life.
They also have hall monitors
Parents barley seems to care about students work
The lessons are good but they cant control students
If I could do it all over again I would choose ALH again because they help me accomplish many of my goal during the school years. this school help a lot with my English do to the fact that is not my first language. the teachers in the school helped me with anything that I needed. I would also choose that school again because I met a lot of good friends and teacher during my school years.
I believe that the teachers from Albany Leadership are great teacher do to the fact that they help you with anything that they can help. They would do anything to make sure that the student understand what they are teaching before they get out of class.
This school is unique because of the fact that it is an all-girls and charter institution. It provides an environment where girls can feel comfortable, appreciated and supported by their peers and teachers. This school is small and so promotes individual attention and close relationships. My decision to re-enter this school would be torn between the fact that although I enjoy the small and comfortable atmosphere, I may prefer to attend a larger school that has more opportunities.
The teachers are all knowledgeable in their teaching areas. They are available for out-of-class-assistance and help students to the best of their abilities. Most teachers go above and beyond to ensure student success. Teachers make classes as engaging as possible to ensure that students understand and participate in the lesson. The staff generally care about students and are devoted to ensuring that they not only graduate but are ready for the next step of their lives.
My experience at this school has been great. i have met many new people that supported me over the years and pushed me to do better. The best memory i have are the spirit weeks we have each year, its a high school tradition that will always remain with me.
I mean I love the school I'm at . It's less Distractions but you have to be able to make that happen. They open doors for you but you must be willing to walk through them . We are a family!
One thing that makes Albany leadership unique is how us young ladies, have strict teachers that gives us a relationship and path to success. If i could choose Albany leadership again I would because it's a great opportunity and non-distractions and learn alot more better being that we get a large amount of work that prepare you for college, and being a proper young lady.
They have good academic clubs, and sports clubs. Teachers and staff care about the students, but ifs a little unorganized.
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There should be healthier food options available always, and there needs more variety.
Our security is good, were prepared for emergencies, but there should be metal detectors for more protection.
Fighting leads to expulsion, if your recording/there during the fight youre suspended, Cursing in class is prohibited as well as violating the dress code, disrespect isnt tolerated either
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