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Albany Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Albany Junior/Senior High is a great 2A school. We excell in both academics and sports each year. The community is very involved and supportive of all school activities.
Attending Albany High School has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. I like that it is a small school and everyone knows each other on a personal level, and getting help from your teachers is not a hassle. One thing I would change would be able to have the opportunity to pick through many different classes.
Police and nurses are not directly on hand at the school, however, they are not very far away. There are security cameras that help catch any unwanted or dangerous behavior that might occur.
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The most popular after-school activities consist of sports practices to prepare for the games. There are also different leadership opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities to help those in need.
This school is a smaller school, so it allows you to get to know students, as well as teachers, on a more personal level. They become more of family friends that you see on a daily basis versus strangers that just lecture you over school subjects.
Teachers here are always willing to do what they can to help the students succeed.
The school does do what they can for our kids
Mrs. Waggner is always ready to her students, staff overall are helpful and try as hard as they can.
Albany is a great place for kids to grow up. There are a lot to do everyday
The school spirt is great when it comes to football games. The majority of the town shows up to the games to support the boys, but when it comes to the cheerleaders or the JV games of other sports, the school spirit is not all that great. There may be two people that yell with the cheerleaders and unless your on a varsity sport the stand will only be filled with the family of yours that can make it.
The scheduling a test dates have become an issue to students. Students are very active in sports and other extracurricular activities in my school and I understand that is a decision we make, but having four test on the same day can become a problem not only for active students but and students. It is difficult when all of you test are scheduled on the same day. When this happens students become overwhelmed and start to do worse on their tests. Their should be a set date for testing days of all the school subjects, so that this is not a problem.
The teaching staff here is always doing their best to give students the knowledge they need to have an education. They are always willing to help with any questions you have. They make sure you know the topic and fully understand what is going on.
The school is go to is a great school. Everyone is respectful to each other and supports each other in all they do. They're is not a problem of people not getting along. The school is very welcoming to all students and cares about you as if you are family. If I was a new kid at this school I would feel welcomed as soon as I stepped foot in the building.
Technology is used all throughout my high school. The junior high through high school has Mac books. By using technology we can better our education from educational websites online giving us information that may not be available in the books of our classroom. Considering the world is now relying on technology, it is good that my school does give us the opportunity to use such in the classroom.
The administration support at my school is wonderful. We have tutorials during school and Lion Academy after school. Both are held to help better the students education. Teachers are always willing to help and answer the questions you have about the class topic. They are here to help us and put forth a great effort in our education.
My school is very aware of the damage bullying can do. Bullying is not a huge problem in my school and I have never actually heard of someone being bullied in my school. Here we are like one big family, everybody knows everybody and have respect for each other.
The cafeteria food is healthy, but does not necessarily taste the best. The majority of the kids prefer to bring their lunch rather than eating what the cafeteria is serving. Also, you don't have much of a choice on what you want to eat if you eat the cafeteria food. The meal of the day is what you get, so although the food is healthy, it is not ideal to most of the kids.
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The guidance counselor is very helpful to the students. She make sue we are aware of the many opportunities we have, such as scholarship programs to help us pay for college. Not only does she help us with our college stuff, but she is there for any of the students that need counseling on other issues.
School nurse is housed on elementary campus not at high school.
80% white . Not much diversity
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