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Security cameras are used throughout the building and all doors are locked during school hours. Specific doors are left unlocked after school hours for extracurricular times, meetings, and other events held at the school, while the rest are locked. Staff members try to monitor the hallways and commons to prevent bullying and is somewhat effective, though not fool proof as teenagers can be subtle and clever about when they misbehave.
There are various types of extracurriculars ranging from horse team or FFA to math team and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Athletics are very enriching as well, though our school is most strongly known for runners. We consistently have qualifiers for state cross country and state track. Advisors and coaches are often understanding when it comes to occasional conflicts with practice time, especially for other activities. This helps students to be in a multitude of activities.
As a whole, I enjoyed my time in school here. I was able to participate in many of the clubs and athletic coaches were usually very understanding when other clubs had a small impact on practice times. Our cross country and track and field coaches were especially wonderful in this way, as three of us had an additional honors course after school on Wednesdays, which delayed when we could start practice.
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Most of the teachers are very concerned with making sure each student learns the topics in class, rather than fakes it through the tests. There are programs in place that effectively help struggling students and shows the value they place on helping. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable in their fields, though some are coming out of college within the last few years, therefore their styles are not always the most efficient at first. Teachers are generally pretty involved in the school as well, which really seems to help students feel more comfortable with teachers and helps them ask questions when needed. This also helps because the teachers develop relationships with the students and most truly care about our wellbeing.
They do not do anything about the bullying or the peer pressure and if they do it is very minor such as a warning.
The peer pressure is not a good peer pressure it is a hurtful kind. We have two ladies who are sexually oriented differently and they are bullied for it by at least half of our school.
We have a select group that go to the games and then you have the other majority that do not care.
It is not anything fancy, though i feel safe enough to go to school every weekday.
I thought it would be better than the bigger school i went to. However, there is more bullying here it seems than at the other school.
For the size of the school, there are great resources. The building recently underwent renovations and is really nice. Lack of air conditioning (other than in library & computer lab) is disappointing.
The problem with AP/Honors classes at Albany is that they are only offered online. Everything else is great
The food is decent and the portions are nice, however there is a slight lack of fresh produce (although enough for the standards)
They do the best they can and the rules are justifiable.
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