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excellent staff and diversity, however administration is poor and uncooperative. There are a large number of academic programs that students can enroll in, such as plentiful AP courses, college courses sponsored by local colleges, and an IB program. There are also plenty of afterschool clubs and activities for students to join. The administration, however, has proven difficult to work with and refuses to take student-made complaints into consideration. They tend to make poor decisions that stem from nowhere, and do very little to inform the school about new rules and regulations, often meaning students would get in trouble for rules they didnt even know existed.
I like the fact that Albany High School has AP and IB classes to help high school teen the College experience
Albany High is a very diverse high school with many challenging courses to advance one's education. The students are great and I have made great friends over the years. There are clubs and activities that are inclusive to all races and creeds. Albany High gets a bad rap from some, but I wouldn't change a thing. It will be with me all my life.
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My experience at Albany High was mainly positive when it came to my teachers and my academics all though i wasn't the best student i had mainly great teachers that helped more times than not which is how I graduated from High School though i did graduate it wasn't really with top notch grades mainly because there wasn't much after school help and some of the students can be disruptive and hard to handle.
Albany high school was a good place to learn. Classes definitely prepare you for college applications/intro classes in college (comparative to many other schools), but the classes were very limited in choice. People are now trying to shut down advanced placement classes which would put everyone at a disadvantage as all non-honors/AP core classes taken were dry, slow and boring. The highlights of the school were definitely the classes that weren't forced upon you by requirements (such as ROP Photography). Teachers were mostly great thought!
I went there from 9th to 12th grade. The services they provide are awesome, they're always looking out for their students. However, the students at the school are terrible. A good amount of kids graduate but most would fail, get held back a grade, or drop out. The students are very violent and are bullies, they look for anyone and any reason to pick on. The school itself is great to attend especially when there are very helpful amd caring teachers. The counselors and psychologists provide a good support system as well. This school does everything they can for students and that's the main thing i credit it for the entire 4 years of my attendance that led to me earning a diploma.
Albany high school is a very academic place. The students here are very humble, although it lacks diversity, the students are aware of our society's challenges.
What I liked the most about Albany High was how most of the teachers cared for students as individuals and could tend to each of their needs.
Albany High School was pretty amazing. I was pretty nervous starting my first year here. As I continued to go to school I became vary aware of different intentions and selecting the right path that was best for me. Becoming to grow as a teenager was pretty hard, but with all the help with the staff as well as my guidance counselor it became very valuable to me. I loved my friends and got along with all of my associates. This is a diverse high school with many great people. It gives you an opportunity to socialize with a variety of cultures. As well as a chance to get into some extracurricular activities. The games are really fun to watch, everyone is supportive and have a positive vibe. I would very much consider this school for anyone looking for an incredible experience!
I really like the diversity that I am exposed to at Albany High school. Being in an urban setting that is almost inevitable. But everyone is accepting of everyone else's differences. Everyone has the opportunity to find their niche.
My favorite experience had to be going to all the sports games and seeing all the sport from the falcons.
They made my experience very fun and educational.
Although there are metal detectors at the door a student managed to make it in the offsite building with a gun. The are many hall monitors but fights still take place.
The teachers work really hard and try their best. The students half don't care the other half such as me try but its difficult sometimes in the setting. My mom and I had a lot of problems with the administration particularly this year and I feel my grades suffered from it.
Albany High is a poor school district a lot of the parents really don't care what their kids are doing.
Most of the teachers care about the students, however with some students not showing interest in the classes it makes it hard on them. The lack off needed supplies also hinders their ability.
The school can be pretty challenging for some students as there is always a lot of trouble and issues going on and some students may find it aery unhealthy atmosphere.
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There is a wide range of courses available at the school. The school has the most offered AP and IB courses available with best teachers. Teachers are really very helpful and concerned.
The school has certain issues which are significantly causing its downfall. These issues include disciplinary problems, drugs, bullying, violence as well as physical abuse. Serious measure are being adopted by the school to eliminate all these problems and create a healthy atmosphere for students. The school is not very safe and healthy for most of the kids.
Most teachers are rude and very unorganized.
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