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This is a very good academic school. It gets all kids involved in many activities. They have so many after school and sports programs to keep kids safe!
Albany high school is a great school. It has a high level of diversity and a great academic program. Albany high school offers the most AP and IB courses in the area. Being the most diverse high school in the area, students get a chance to learn about and interact with different cultures. If i could change one thing about Albany high schoool, it would be the food.
The academics are great, there are a lot of opportunities to excel, with AP courses, IB courses, I have 18 college credits already that I will be graduating with so that is great. I've had some really great teachers who went the extra mile for students and some who just taught the curriculum and kept it pushing. There is a lot of diversity at Albany high, that is one thing for sure. There are kids from almost every country, there is a large population of black and latino kids, then there are a lot of middle eastern and caucasian people, then other. As well as college readiness, for our senior year first semester , our English class is all college prep -college essay, college research. The guidance counselors do a fairly good job of helping the students with college applications, scholarships, etc. As for safety, there are some fights and there has been a riot before but security has been increased since then.
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I experience a lot of people that weren't my friends and weren't there for me as they claim to be. People are honestly rude there and aren't kind to each other and only care about looks than education. They have a good education programs and clubs and after school activities though! I love the teachers are friendly and helpful and so are some students! This school gives a lot of people no matter what race gender or any of that a chance!
Overall, I had a positive experience. The teachers are great and the class options are phenomenal. There are numerous AP classes offered as well as classes for all levels. I made a lot of friends and had a great time. The teachers also do their best to make the classroom as fun and engaging as possible. It feels like each class is a family (at least the ones that I took). Albany high is a good school with exceptional academic opportunities that prepare students for college.
I love everything about the school especially the diversity found in the school. Unlike some other schools, this school has a high level of security which makesz the students in the school feel safe
I like the variety of resources, help, and opportunity that Albany High allows their students to have access to.
The Teachers At Albany High Were Absoutely Amazing. One Thing That Was Bad Was The Regulations Of How They Reacted To Students Behavior.
Albany High was an interesting experience. I moved there from a school in Queens NY in the 11 grade. The teachers and the administration was great. They have the North and the South house for administrative needs, I was in the North house. They were extremely helpful with any questions I had. For every unfriendly student there were three friendly ones. There were lots of clubs and sports teams to participate in.
The only thing I liked about this school honestly was the career based classes. I also believe this school is very diverse, and your experience at the school is how you make it.
I loved the diversity in Albany high. People from all walks of life could be friends, hang out, and work together. For the most part, it was a pretty mellow experience socially. The teachers were pretty cool and understanding.
The CTE programs at abrookin. I would like to see more attentive teachers and pro student of any background.
I liked the diversity in the school. It was it’s own melting pot and had a lot of different cultures there. The way everyone connected was with sports. The teams had a good winning ratio so the students attending the games and had a lot of school spirit. I do wish the administration and security were better trained proffessionals because they picked people right off the street and they treated the kids like animals. The guidance counselors were the biggest help when I attended. She helped me with all my college applications and scholarship oppurtunities and I wish that she was still able to help me throughout my college experience.
I like the teachers. I wish the education system would change. Albany High School (AHS) in Albany, New York, United States, is a public high school with an enrollment of about 2,600 students for the 2017-18 school year. The school is part of the City School District of Albany. It opened on September 7, 1868, as the Albany Free Academy. Albany High has been located at 700 Washington Avenue since 1974.Albany High School is the only comprehensive public high school in the city.[2] The school is divided into four themed learning communities known as academies. Those academies are Citizenship Academy, which focuses on critical thinking and economic skills; Discovery Academy, which focuses on the arts and communication; Innovation Academy, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math; and Leadership Academy, which focuses on the skills needed to lead the way to a better future.
Albany High School is a mixed bag. The teachers, for the most part, are wonderful and seem like they love what they are doing. There are many hardworking students that take advantage of the AP courses in the school. However, the school isn't perfect. Some students are just dumb and disrespectful. There was a riot that happened in the school year of 2017-2018 which resulted in some people going to jail or worse. This all started with a person pulling the fire alarm or so I've been told. Albany High School is an alright place to get your education but the student environment isn't that great. That's why the graduation rate isn't going so well. Some kids are just troublemakers and come to school not to be in a place to learn but to just be in a place. However, I had a great time at Albany High School and met some nice friends and teachers. It wasn't the best school to go to but I'll be lying if I said that I learned nothing throughout these years and didn't meet any wonderful people.
There are 10 principals and they are all white. This is a minority school so this makes no sense. Administration needs a LOT of work. There are so many amazing opportunities with academics that are not present at a lot of other schools in the area. Teachers tend to be hit or miss. The older male teachers tend to not be great but I have never had a bad teacher under the age of about 45.
excellent staff and diversity, however administration is poor and uncooperative. There are a large number of academic programs that students can enroll in, such as plentiful AP courses, college courses sponsored by local colleges, and an IB program. There are also plenty of afterschool clubs and activities for students to join. The administration, however, has proven difficult to work with and refuses to take student-made complaints into consideration. They tend to make poor decisions that stem from nowhere, and do very little to inform the school about new rules and regulations, often meaning students would get in trouble for rules they didnt even know existed.
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I like the fact that Albany High School has AP and IB classes to help high school teen the College experience
Albany High is a very diverse high school with many challenging courses to advance one's education. The students are great and I have made great friends over the years. There are clubs and activities that are inclusive to all races and creeds. Albany High gets a bad rap from some, but I wouldn't change a thing. It will be with me all my life.
My experience at Albany High was mainly positive when it came to my teachers and my academics all though i wasn't the best student i had mainly great teachers that helped more times than not which is how I graduated from High School though i did graduate it wasn't really with top notch grades mainly because there wasn't much after school help and some of the students can be disruptive and hard to handle.
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