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Albany High School Reviews

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rural school - minimum options
small school - everyone knows everyone
small school so not a lot of activities to choose from
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we are rural and it's pretty safe
There are very little extra curricular activities outside of the few sport activities. The quality of activities is very poor.
Very high turnover with teachers every year including Administration. Very poor quality as teachers are 1st time teachers and seem to have a very poor understanding of the subjects they are teaching.
The school has implemented a policy where all doors are locked during school hours and the only way anyone can enter is by a doorbell outside one door.
Very little emphasis placed on quality of classes -many teachers are young and teach from a book and not from their knowledge of the subject. Kids are not pushed to exceed their potential.
They are slowly starting to take security serious
We have extracurricular, but we have to pay for most of the equipment. The equipment we do have is in poor shape and people can get hurt will using. Not everyone participates because they feel out of place.
Overall parents support was way better than the teachers. I felt as if the parents cared more about our education than the teachers did.
The teachers never really helped me or my classmates. Our parents would have to go in and talk to them. It is so bad in elementary that I was never properly taught how to count money and I still struggle still this day.
Winning football season in the past two years,mCadet teaching the younger kids
Since our school swimming pool has been re-built last year, there have been more sports opportunities for athletes and in physical education classes. There are a variety of intramural sports during different parts of the year for students to play at lunch time. Overall, we have 11+ sports for students to participate in.
Teachers at Albany High are very prepared. Younger teachers are usually more energetic and engaging. Older teachers are somewhat energetic and engaging. The teachers are able to help students individually in class and out of class. Every teacher has their own teaching style, some are more effective than others. Teachers have good communication skills with students. They are knowledgeable and are fairly consistent in grading.
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