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Albany high school is mediocre at best. If you're not planning on going to college it would not be a bad choice, as they offer decent shop classes during the school year and refer you to some during the summer. However, if you're on a college track the only preparation you can get is to leave half a day to take courses at SELU.
Albany High School has helped me to prepare for college through many of my AP classes. Many cosmetic changes could be done to the school to make it more desirable, along with more class options and overall schedule diversity.
Albany High School is a decent school for children who enjoy sports, but that's about it. The school hardly supports the arts, which is something I am very passionate about and the academics are mediocre at best.
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Albany has such potential to be a good school. It's a good size, but not too big and because it's such a small town, the school is so friendly and "home-y". However, it's like no one -- not the teachers or any administration -- care about their jobs or their students' futures. Every now and then, you may luck up with a great teacher, and you'll never forget them, but I just wish there was as much focus on education and college preparation as there was on sports.
My personal experience with Albany High School was a great environment and community minded. Albany High School's staff was unprofessional and did not treat students that were not in advance placement classes the same as the higher level kids. I was in all advanced placement classes, and personally I felt that I and my class mates were treated better than those who chose not to participate in the more challenging classes.
Other than the occasional teacher that truly did not deserve to teach, all faculty and staff were very good and driven to provide a good education. Overall, the only thing that needs to change is how much money goes to football vs. academics.
It gives opportunities around this small town that other schools in bigger towns do not get. Opportunities such as: CNA, Patient Care Technician at Literacy Center in Walker, EMT, First Responder courses, etc. This school is very positive and supports students' influences. They have a strong disciplinary system as well. The teachers have strong, knowledgable abilities and really try to help us succeed.
The teachers do to the best of their teaching abilities. They work very hard with us in preparing us for college. We write lots of essays and do tedious amounts of work and they make it very clear that it is our responsibility to work hard if we want to maintain to have good grades and be successful in our futures.
We have a lot of opportunities to take honors and AP classes at my school.
There is not a lot of peer pressure at my school.
We have a policeman that the schools in our district share, as he goes from one school to another to show his presence.
Albany is not the best by a long shot, but those who care push it along in the right direction.
Our school may not be the best, with the best faculty, but we make the best out of our experiences there as students.
The teachers at my school teach well. Some go the extra mile for the students, some are just mediocre.
Mostly I feel safe while I am at school. We have a nurse on campus. Visitors must check in through the office and get a visitors pass.
Our school has football, baseball, softball, cross country, track and field, dance, and cheer. We have a variety of different clubs.
My father went to my school when he was younger so the teachers and administrators know him. The faculty is very friendly. It's great when everyone knows your family and is friends with them. This is because it makes being at school together much easier.
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Some teachers are consistent with their work, but other teachers tend to slack off.
The safety is average at the school. If one was to watch the school, there are very noticeable patterns in the school that nobody really notices.
The extracurricular activites are average at best. Not a lot of sports or clubs for people to join.
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