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My experience at Albany High School was fine. It was enjoyable. Many teachers are willing to help you get a good education, and counselors also help you to figure out what colleges you would like to go to.
I love the small community but it lacks diversity. This school is predominately white and Asian and based on their strict guidelines for registration and enrollment they don't have any intentions of changing this issue any time soon.
small class sizes allowed easy access to teachers, tough academics lead to decent preparation for college. administration needs improvement and stability.
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I like how teachers push the students to work hard and give students chances to make up work or to improve. Albany High also has a problem with racism and isolation of people of color that are not Asian. The sports teams for the most part are not very good. I feel safe there as far as external factors go but with the school walls through words.
Lots of school spirit, top notch teachers. Can't ask for more. I've had an awesome time in this school. Will miss it very much.
I have been happy at Albany High though there have been some mishaps that I have not liked. As a disabled student I have been very happy with the amount of assistance I receive and with how little bullying I have encountered during my time at Albany High School. Almost all of the staff are kind and helpful as are most of the students. While I have been very happy at Albany High School I have been witnessed to bullying. I am glad that the administration deals with incidents in a helpful way however a recent incident at my school reminded me that bullying does exist at Albany High School even if it is not directed at me. Therefore our school is not perfect.
I wish there were more opportunities for students to get support and counseling. I also wish there was greater access to resources for students outside of school.
Liberal, attracts Asian and more affluent Caucasian families. Equipped and maintained well as a public high school, great college prep. Teachers are very accommodating and invested in students' careers. They ensure that students have access to all necessary resources: books, tutoring, answering questions in person, via email. Every single teacher I’ve had in my four years has encouraged communication. Teachers share as many extracurricular activities, contests, and programs with their students as possible. Impressive technological resources: photography, video production, graphic design ROP classes have new cameras, tripods, new iMacs, the latest Adobe software. The library is a welcoming, spacious environment for group studying, has newly upgraded iMacs, free printing, and very warm staff who recommend books and resolve tech issues.
Great school, safe campus and within walking distance for every student.Close knit community. Friendly parents. School administrative email and call parents if there is an emergency. Most Senior students attend college right after graduating. Great school academic, friendly neighborhood and faculty. Families get together to raise funds when needed and very generous with donations for school care. We couldn't ask for more.
Friendly community. the campus is very small as well as each class. Very diverse, however is limited to people who only live in albany which forces a lot of people to lie about where they live. The academic life is challenging, but it thoroughly prepares its students for the stress and academic load of college.
School population is relatively small which allowed classmates to become close. Very safe surrounding neighborhood. Not enough focus on sports, and more support from faculty.
The school is very diverse, and has excellent opportunities for students when it comes to academics! It is a small school, but one of the best comparing to the other nearby schools. As people say, big things comes in small packages.
the school is diverse and supports its community. We've been enjoying the high level of art, music, commitment and academic excellency of the Albany High school
the teachers are unique, creative, and demanding.
it has been a safe and secure place for my child
Various types of extracurricular activities that are well run. Many groups participate in competitions as well such as Mathletes for the math club.
The school offers a variety of opportunities to participate based on your interests.
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Teachers are engaging and put in a lot of time in preparing curriculum.
What makes this school unique and the reason I would do it all over again is the rich diversity the school has. With student from all over the world, with equally spread out personalities, the school is a unique institution of learning. However, what makes this school special is the open-minds and open-hearts each student and teacher have towards everyone else. Would definitely do it all over again!
There is a wide variety in teachers and their subsequent teaching styles at Albany High School. However they all share a passion for teaching and for helping those in need. As an eager student myself, I often found myself staying after class and discussing the coursework I need help with. In my four years, I found myself satisfied and content with the quality of teachers and would recommend attending this high school to other parents.
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