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Great teachers. Great preparation for college. Safe environment. Very supportive and willing to help understand material. Most teachers cared about their students.
I liked that Albany High was so diverse and had many different types of people. No matter who you were, there was always someone you could find to be your friend. Although there weren't any bullies, people weren't necessarily open to making friends with different types of people. However, the teachers there genuinely care about their students and their wellbeing; at school and at home. The school is clean and has a very friendly custodial staff.
This school is terrible. I went to UC Berkeley and a top tier law school, I know for good educational institutions. The administrators and teachers are lazy and unhelpful. If a child is facing a challenge, you and the child are utterly on your own. We tried for over a month to get guidance on participating in one school program. No response ever. Regular expulsions for drugs and weaponry brought to school, not to mention complaints were lodged by multiple parents against a Volleyball coach for vulgar language, bullying and incompetency; the Principal did nothing. I say this to note that sending kids here because 'well, at least it is safe,' is not accurate. The administration gets away with this lackluster performance because the student body (which is economically secure and overwhelmingly raised by educated parents) will test successfully despite them.
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I definitely enjoy my experiences at AHS. For those expressing their displeasure toward the racism and discrimination here, only a very small amount of students here have those views and they play little to no part in the atmosphere in the school. I feel as if a lot of people here pretended to be affected by the racial scandal in order to make themselves feel as if they were involved in something. They wanted to feel like they felt the pain as much as the victims did, something I can't understand. I've had my disciplinary problems here but I definitely feel it's one of the best high schools.
I had a rough start to high school, but the academic counselors and mental health support counseling helped me persevere and continue my education. Thanks to the teachers being incredibly understanding and informative, I was able to find my true passion in academia. I only participated in the dance program and was part of Albany Dance Company for a while, but quit because of the increasing cliqueness and felt that I never fit into that community. The school doesn't have the stereotypical jock and nerd heirarchy. Most of the students participate in the art programs, and are ranked socially through their success and placement within those. Overall, if you're willing to work and get to know your teachers, you will be successful.
When I first entered the school, the fact of entering it made my heart flutter. But I faced the reality. The experiences I've had there hasn't been great. My school environment isn't great but it isn't the worst. My teachers are great, but they are humans too.Like any other humans, they too are sometimes biased. Last year some major events made me dislike AHS, I was disgusted by my school. I've always thought of AHS as a non-racial community and a friendly community, but each year I feel wrong about it. The shameful posts shared in IG has made me think very badly about AHS but there are some good things in AHS that makes us special in our own way. My school has made me look at many things differently. Along with all the bad experiences I have experienced, I have also learned a ton of good from those experiences. Every bad experience has something for us to learn making us a better human every day, every month, and also every year and possibly our next lifetime.
Teachers are amazing and really care about the students. They really devote their time to make sure the students learn and understand the material.
Albany High is a great place, but ultimately it is only as worthwhile and fulfilling as you make it. The place is filled with great teachers, interesting classmates, and great opportunities- you just have to let yourself get involved. Classes are by no means easy, but students EARN their grades here. There definitely can be a hyper competitive atmosphere at times, but if you can find your balance with academics and extracurriculars and friends and family, Albany High will be a great four years and will definitely help you get to where you need to be. Overall, I cherish my four years here and I hope you do too.
Albany High School is generally a really good school. If you put effort in as a student, you’ll be able to get what you need from the school and get the preparation you need for college. It’s safe, compared to other schools in the Bay Area, and every student has a way to express themselves, whether it be through arts or sports. It is a small and connected community. The only problem is the community ends up becoming a bubble if you let yourself focus too much on life in Albany. The languages offered at Albany are also really limited (Mandarin, French, and Spanish).
The school counselors are very willing to help their students with questions about the college application process and with anything about school in general. One thing that I would like to be different is the quality of the bathrooms. Most of the bathrooms don't provide soap and the toilets are always clogged.
I liked that the campus wasn't that large and all of the teachers I had were kind, and cared about teaching. At Albany high school they really motivate students to challenge themselves academically by encouraging them to do their best and aim to take as many AP courses as they can handle. They also have a lot of clubs and have fun sports teams to join.
Albany is a small, expensive place to live. Many families live here so that their kids can go to Albany schools. As a result, many students are pressured to do well in school by their families, which creates a fairly intense academic environment compared to most public schools. Of course, as always there are social groups that don't care about school at all. Weed is commonly used in middle school and after, and alcohol starts to be popular in high school. Albany is mostly asian and white, with a small latino population and very few black students, especially compared to neighboring public schools. The quality of teaching is actually very very low for a school with such a good reputation. Good teachers at Albany are very rare. All the sports teams are bad, except girl's wrestling, but no one goes to their matches.
Only thing I can highlight about Albany High School was its education. They have high quality classes and professors. Extremely difficult but you actually learn good materials. I also loved their dance program. But other than that, very high turnover rate and a lot of unfair punishments to students.
Albany High School is an amazing school. Of course, yes, it has problems. I would have given it a five star review a year ago, but there was a dramatic event in my junior year that changed that opinion - the Albany High School racist instagram account.

On the good side, however, my school offers amazing music, arts, and theatre programs. Our academics are stunning. Our regular, non AP, non Honors Psychology class was good enough to get my a 5 on the AP Psych test. Albany High School has ignited in me a passion for learning that has inspired me to become an academic researcher.
Overall Albany High seems like a fairly average high school. It is difficult to get a challenging course load for many students, sometimes because of counselors or limited class availability. Some teachers are very inexperienced and haven't taught me much, but others are well-prepared and make class interesting.
My experience at Albany High School was fine. It was enjoyable. Many teachers are willing to help you get a good education, and counselors also help you to figure out what colleges you would like to go to.
I love the small community but it lacks diversity. This school is predominately white and Asian and based on their strict guidelines for registration and enrollment they don't have any intentions of changing this issue any time soon.
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small class sizes allowed easy access to teachers, tough academics lead to decent preparation for college. administration needs improvement and stability.
I like how teachers push the students to work hard and give students chances to make up work or to improve. Albany High also has a problem with racism and isolation of people of color that are not Asian. The sports teams for the most part are not very good. I feel safe there as far as external factors go but with the school walls through words.
Lots of school spirit, top notch teachers. Can't ask for more. I've had an awesome time in this school. Will miss it very much.
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