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Alba-Golden High School Reviews

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They tend to be over punishing.
We have generally nice facilities.
You pretty much know all the teachers by your seventh grade year.
Review Alba-Golden High School
The athletics program is pretty good.
I like this school pretty well.
The policies are strict but effective.
Resources are mostly available to students.
There are many clubs and groups to participate in.
Some days the food looks and taste eatable but others you have to eat snack line's food.
After academics our sports is something we are known by!
All of our extracurricular activities are amazing.
Everyone in the school is amazing. The teachers never argue with the students and vise versa for the students to the teachers.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with our school's food.
Everything I know personally about our administration and policies is positive. Everything in our staff is amazing! From our cafeteria to the bathrooms all of it is good.
The school nurse is wonderful, and bullying isn't that bad.
The coaches coach the students, but it is hard to participate when the coaches don't, and you can tell they couldn't.
The teachers really care about the students.
Review Alba-Golden High School
It's a good school with great teachers.
Students are not allowed to wear shoes without a back strap and students are not allowed to wear tight jeans or tank tops which are all understandable but students are not allowed to wear sweat pants or yoga pants and there is not a certain reason why.
The general classes are offered as well as honors classes, online classes, and dual credit college classes with certified college teachers actually teaching on campus. The workload for college classes can be difficult but it all depends on how determined the students are to apply themselves and study.
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