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I loved the fact that I was taking actual college-level classes, and was getting credit for both high school and college! Sometimes the students do become a bit loud, but it is much more like college than high school.
I love the support that the teachers and counselors have towards their students. Would be better to hire an actual math teacher instead of a science teacher on the high school side. Some one who is able to work with the students in math, step by step. The students have and insight of what college is actually like, academically. Aside from the costs of the courses and the text books.
Alaska Middle College School is an amazing program designed for high school juniors and seniors from the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. The school allows dedicated students to work on their undergraduate degree through UAA while still in high school. Tuition, fees, and books are paid for through the school district, essentially giving the approximate 150 students currently attending a full ride scholarship. The teachers are amazing, the students are driven, and the school as a whole is worth the work.
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I really enjoy it, the Highschool staff is nice but the counsellors can be hostile and rude. Overall I enjoy the freedom I have and the different styles of teaching that are offered.
I really enjoyed the open campus experience and how the entire school is a college setting. its not only college prep but you are actually taking college courses.
I love the opportunities this school offers us. Nothing is better than free college classes for high school students.
The school provides students with the ability to take college classes that will give dual credit for their high school requirements.
The school has an application process that a student must pass in order to attend the school. The diversity of the student has no standing on whether they will get accepted or not. A student must prove they are capable of the level of academics.
The Alaska Middle College School does not offer clubs/activities because students join the clubs from their "home" high school. The Alaska Middle College School is just a two-year program for juniors and seniors in high school who want to earn an AA degree while finishing up their required high school courses.
I would choose to attend this school again because it was an amazing way to ensure that I was getting ahead in my academics and helping the transition of high school to college.
The teachers are all dual teachers and are very knowledgeable in their fields. They help students as much as possible and are always very friendly.
It's a great environment for those who want to get a jumpstart on college.
The teachers are phenomenal and engaging in their classes, and are usually available outside of class or during quiet periods of class to help students, even if they don't have the teacher anymore.
There will always be people who don't connect with you but most of the students are approachable and friendly. Everybody is tolerant of every race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.
There are many possible classes a student can take, such as English, Business, Anthropology, Communication, Philosophy, Math and may more.
We have no school nurse yet since it is a middle college. We are aught to act professional, about safety and non-bullying, and what to do in emergencies.
Since this school is relatively small consisting of only about 130 students and is on it's 4th year, there are not many activities yet. However, the students and staff are gathering ideas and plans to add any activity or club the student really want.
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What makes this school unique is that all the students get the opportunity to take college classes and learn how to transition to being a college student. I am a very shy student and the teachers have given me more confidence simply by their acts of kindness and for pushing to become better and improve on my school work, such as essay writing and note taking. I would definitely choose this school again!
The high school side teachers are amazing, they truly care for each and every student and go beyond to engage with all of the students regardless if the student is in their class or not. The college side has many great teachers, all of them are different, some are greater than others. I truly love this school and the amazing opportunity for a FREE head start in college.
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