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Alan B. Shepard High School Reviews

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Shepard is a good public high school. They’re academics are good although the students make the school seem worse than it is. There are many resources for students when it comes to academics or even personal issues. The school seems updated for the most part although, it’d be nice to see a bigger gym space for all the sports they offer.
My experience at Alan B. Shepard High School was inevitably one of the best experiences ever. Although I am a senior, I truthfully am not ready to leave all the amazing teachers, staff, and students all behind. The academics may be challenging and the athletics may push you over the edge; overall, Shepard has taught me a lot about myself that I never knew until now. Shepard will always be a part of me, even in 40 years. Many people do say that your high school career flies by, and I never believed them; now I fully understand what they mean.
Over the past three years, I’ve had a fairly positive experience with my school. Technology allows students to be further engaged in learning, but it is not always accessible because of problems with the network, application restrictions, etc. This is surely something that can be improved. Otherwise, there’s not too much that I can complain about.
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I love how they prepared us for college and how the counselors were always available to aid in any area for highschool
Alan B. Shepard is certainly a middle of the line school. It fails where many other schools fail but also exceeds in several areas. Overall, the best choice out of the CHSD 218 schools.
My experience at Alan B. Shepard Highschool was amazing! I got to meet new people and make new friends. One thing about this high school I enjoyed the most was the diversity of people in this high school. I loved how everything was organized and the clubs were awesome. I joined an art class which made me feel like I had accomplished something inside of me. The teachers made me feel welcomed and I soon became comfortable with them to talk about anything. One thing that I would like to see a change in this high school would be to have had a longer lunch break! Otherwise, I loved every minute!
At Alan B. Shepard High School, there’s many clubs and activities to join that accounts for everyone’s interests. The teachers are open to helping students with their daily classes or additional support on their future plans.
Oral presentations to students with social anxiety or anxiety are nightmares. I was unable to qualify for the Spanish honors society because I received a D for my oral presentation. Little did the teacher know I was having a small panic attack after my presentation. So mental illness should have more awareness.
Alan B Shepard is a very diverse school and they have a lot classes that can help you choose your route (major).
During my time at Alan B Shepard, I found that as a student I was surrounded by great teachers and students. The vast majority of the student body is committed to their education and that translates to a great learning environment. The support is also incredibly good at Shepard. Counselors and teachers are there for students at any point during the school day and even before or after school.
Alan B. Shepard was a great school to attend because of its outstanding faculty as well as classes & courses that prepare you for the college world.
Alan B. Shepard is a good high school overall. It is in a very safe area, and this, in combination with the security guards in place, ensured that I never felt at risk at this school. When it comes to academics, most of my experiences with my teachers has been positive. The worst thing I can say about any of my teachers were that some were boring. Some of the teachers in the math and science departments have had a large hand in shaping my future, and I have had many positive experiences with them. Overall, I am glad that I attended Alan B. Shepard High School.
my experience was great the teachers cared and was concern about my education. They were very helpful
To begin with, the actions and consequences I encountered at Alan B. Shepard weren't simply scholastics; They were about individuals―social abilities, regard, self-esteem, sympathy, and understanding your own aptitudes. The most vital lesson I learned here is that “Friends come and go." High school demonstrated me both the great and awful in individuals. I discovered that individuals will attempt to cut you down; You have the decision in life to pick great individuals who are steadfast and strong.

Secondly, what I liked about Alan B. Shepard was the diversity. I was able to meet new people who expressed their culture and had the opportunity to educate anyone interested. However, the things I would like to see change at Alan. B Shepard is the food. The food here isn’t that great; Food presentation is very important and appearance is the first thing we look it.
I liked the diversity and the involvement at Shepard. There were many different things to get involved in. I think they could have better food options for lunch to accommodate vegitaritans and vegans. Overall my experience at this school was pretty great.
I personally really enjoyed to be part of this school, I enjoyed each and every single moment of it. The one thing I mainly enjoyed was being part of the soccer team, I was able to share my skills with other players and leave on a victory for the school. The only thing I recommend to be changed or at least apply more time into would be find different tutoring times; since many students are not always available the times teachers have open. Other then that it is a very well put together school, my respect!
Alan B. Shepard is a very unique school, dedicated to offering students a one of a kind experience. The school is always incorperating new ways to help aid students who may be struggling academically and strives to get every student involved in activities. Teachers leading clubs make it so that students are not limited to involvement in just one club. Academically, the teachers are focused on making sure all students correctly understand the material, and if not, are willing to make arrangements to help the student with their course work.
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(-) the food is kinda bad.., the zero tolerance policy is not enforced like it should be, some of those hallways are too narrow, and not enough attention is being given to the music programs..
(+) teachers a real pretty good and security is always on top of things. There's a lot of different clubs and activities to be involved in. Plus our resource hour on Thursday is pretty cool. The Special Olympics assembly is a great idea to spread love and respect too.
I like how Shepard is flexible with academics and their activities that they offer there. The staff is helpful to everyone and never leaves any students behind when it comes to academics since they want everyone to have preparations for college and makes strides to make the students work their best. The big change I wish that could be made is our start and end time because I have noticed in the beginning of the day that some of our students aren’t really their best in the morning at 8 and don’t have focus. Also, I feel like there should be some classes that would help us more in the future, like I feel there’s a few classes I did take that really wouldn’t be useful for me in the future.
Shepard is full of good teachers and classes and if dedicated, can provide a student to be ready for college. It’s vast amount of clubs and sports provide a fun experience.
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