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I’m a senior at Shepard High School and I’ve been there since freshman year. I started playing sports my freshman year and I feel that helped me transition from eighth grade to high school. Sports helped me get connected with others and made me feel more opened. Also, extracurricular activities (Spainish club, chess club, year book etc.) helped me became outgoing and gave me a lot of friendships that I still have to this day!
While teachers are supportive of students’ ambitions and goals, there are many students that aren’t motivated enough to even try. This creates a difficult environment for those who want to do well and succeed. Aside from that point, Shepard is a decent school. It has a large selection of electives, and many AP classes to choose from. Teachers want you to succeed, especially is honors and AP classes. The only things that could probably be improved are college readiness, student motivation, and possibly more strict teaching.
Alan B. Shepard is overall a decent school, but there can be some improvements. For instance, there is not that many opportunities to get extra help if needed.
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Alan B. High School taught me to adapt with new surroundings and it showed me that being different isn’t a bad thing. When I am in class it is easy to learn something new in a fun way. Everything I did throughout Shepard taught me a life lesson and it taught me that no matter what you do in life, anything can make a difference.
I really loved the teachers at Shepard and the diverse community was fun as well. Teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. I've met some of the best people in my life at this school. Just watch out for the lunch room- if you're in a busy lunch, it starts to get reallyyy crowded, gross, and annoying.
Overall I had a wonderful experience with Alan B. Shepard High School. I was involved in the marching band, wind symphony, concert choir, show choir, musical, national honor society, tri-m music honor society, French national honor society, and French club.
Alan B. Shepard is a fantastic school that allows kids to succeed. They provide the resources and time to make sure all other their students are aiming towards their goals. Throughout my time spent as a student at Alan B. Shepard, I had created friendships and experiences to last a lifetime. One thing I would like to see changed at Alan B. Shepard is more vegetarian options on their cafeteria menu. Although they have "bosco sticks" (bread sticks with cheese), that is not enough nutrients nor a heathy option for vegetarian students. Overall, my time spent at Shepard was enjoyable and exciting.
I attended all 4 years at Alan B Shepard and was an involved student, I was on varsity cheerleading all 4 years and was apart of a program that worked with our special needs students. While I had many ups and downs and Shepard I would not trade my experience for the world. Shepard is a place where I not only found life long friends but I found myself. Shepard allowed me to express myself and truly discover who I am and who I want to be. I could not be more thankful for the supportive staff and teacher I have met through Shepard. Many teachers would go out of their way in order to help me succeed and accomplish my goals. Shepard has a warm atmosphere and is looked at as a second home to all students who attned.
Shepard is very diverse which was excellent for me coming from a white middle school. While attending I was first introduced to the idea of socializing and working side by side with people of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. The academics were outstanding for honors and standard level classes, however I noticed that the classes offered for lower average classes didn't improve my peers' education level. However starting from freshman year, this school does very well on prepping students for college. I was very ready!
I was there ninth to my eleventh grade. The school is very diverse and open to different things. The school also offers many different sports and activities to keep their students busy. I absolutely loved the school and hated that I had to leave before graduation.
Being an alum of Shepard, I can honestly look back and say that I loved this school. The class I was grouped with was very competitive, causing me to have to work harder to rank higher. The teachers, noticing this, encouraged us to be the best versions of ourselves possible and made external resources available to us to do so. The teachers throughout all grades did not treat you as just another student, but as someone they cared for and taught you in a way that would best benefit you as a growing adult. I felt very respected, cared for, and encouraged at this school.
I had a great high school experience. There were plenty of athletics and clubs to join as well as volunteer opportunities. The teachers went out of their way to offer extra time for test prep. Overall, I was very fortunate to have gone there.
I enjoyed Alan B. Shepard High School because I thought that many of the teachers at the school were interested in the students and really committed to their job and engaged with the students. Shepard also has many activities to participate in and as a result become involved with the school. At Shepard High School I was able to become a certified Open Water Scuba Diver. One of the things that I would like to see improved at Shepard would be the culture of high school. I would have liked to see less bullying at Shepard and the way some of the students choose to speak to each other. I think that the environment should be welcoming for all students and as a result more careful monitoring. Another aspect of Shepard that I think should be changed would be the buses for the students. The atmosphere in the bus is very hostile and drugs have been used and sold in the bus. The buses must be monitored more closely and anyone seen selling or doing drugs be punished.
Overall Alan B. Shepard was an decent school. Academic wise there ranges from normal, honors, and AP courses. For some subjects the honors isn't much different besides the pace but the AP classes can be much faster and slightly more difficult. Many clubs and activities from academic clubs like scholastic bowl to speech club, drama club, and pop culture club. Sports that include the Cross country, Track, Swimming, are really good while the Football team isn't the best. There is a lot of diversity
Alan B. Shepard High School is definitely a school I am going to miss. The curriculum and teachers really helped to push me to further my education at a year university. Not only did I receive a great education, but my resources to get a good education and resources to help me find the right college were beyond spectacular.
Diverse, at first i found everything uncomfortable but soon i adjusted myself in the environment , start making friends and now my journey begins .
it's welcoming and comfortable but the funding to cheerleading is not acceptable. majority of the teacher are very nice and helpful when students need it. the food isn't as healthy as it could be.
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My experience attending Alan B. Shepard High School was really memorable. My teachers that Ive had all my 4 years were more than welcome to help me through my work when i had trouble. No matter what the teachers helped me achieve my goal in graduating from Alan B. Shepard. Besides the teachers and academics having a good note about them the students usually start fights almost everyday, and that is really shameful for a good school such as Alan B. Shepard.
Alan B. Shepard High School as a whole experience has been good for the majority of the years. Some of the best experiences at the school were the social events like homecoming, prom, or sporting events. As well as club activities outside of school, as there were many different ones and most of my classmates were happy to be apart of them. The school was a good as it really helps with social problems, interacting with society, and work with teams or groups.
The teachers at Alan B. Shepard High School overall are good, the teachers I have had try hard to make the lesson interesting an easy to learn o the best of their abilities. Many of them offered help outside of class, for hose who needed or wanted extra help. The teachers all respect the ideas and beliefs of both my and my classmates. In class they had good control of the classroom, and consistency grading practices.
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