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Although this school was a very good change from where I was before there are many issues that they have not taken the time to iron out. It seems to students and staff alike that many of the people who are supposed to fix the problems would rather just blame it on others instead of trying to fix it.
I was 17 years old when I started my freshman year at Alamosa High School. The stuff welcome me so friendly. They encourage me finishing my high school no matter how hard it was going to be.
I would like that all of the activities were treated with the same amount of respect. I would also appreciate if the teachers were more recognized for their hard work.
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I have learned a lot of different things at this school. I have never been one for the sports because I don't like sports, but I really like the club's and teachers. I am a farm girl so I am very involved with FFA.
This high school was okay. I was able to take a lot of college classes through the school as well as the gear up program, although, they do not cater to individuals who have surpassed the classes they offer at the school and will not allow that student to attend classes at the college near by because of their "needs".
Alamosa High School is a pretty decent school it has a diverse student body and a good community support for athletics. It does need a better math section though. The teachers don't stay long and if they do they usually aren't in a position to have a big effect.
The teachers care to make sure you learn. Some of the teacher don't check up in their students under standing, but overall the teachers and counselors care about your education and motivate you to go tot college.
I love the community, I would suggest this school to anyone. I would only suggest the sports program to try to keep the good coaches that come through. The kids deserve more than a good coach for a year.
There is a large variety of clubs and sports to participate in and most are well funded well staffed and fun.
The students are great and the atmosphere is amazing. Its the perfect in between large school and small rural school fell. you know everyone in your grade but yet the school is large enough so that you don't get board or fell trapped with one group.
The teachers at times are quite knowledgeable but often can be confused with more difficult questions and problems. Especially in real world situation and application lessons.
The school is welcoming but also safe. Bad things can happen anywhere, but the town is immediate in its response to school emergencies and threats, which happen occassionally, but have yet to develop into anything harmful. (AKA- the safety procedures work fabulously). Though, once, we had a blackout and the bathrooms (which have zero emergency lights and zero windows were dangerous, especially since that also shut down the sinks and toilets (which were automated). Also, student fighting is not at all prohibited and so the courts become involved. That's a bit intense.
I would have been miserable at AHS without my extracurriculars. I was involved in tons of things.
Would I go back to AHS if I had to do it all again....well, it's the valley and there aren't very many other choices in rural public school districts....

If I could go back before all this federally mandated testing crap came in, yes, I would, but I would not want to be an AHS student in 2016. The school is not technologically or academically up to date.
I had many wonderful teachers at AHS, but I was lucky to have them. Not everyone was so lucky. It really was hit or miss most of the time; either a teacher was passionate and wonderful, or they just squeaked by, doing the bare minimum. My parents frequently advocated for me, to get me into classrooms with great teachers and out of classrooms with inadequate teachers (several of whom have since been removed from the school, so that's a bonus for future students.)
Alamosa High School is a great school to be in at the valley. The teachers at AHS is so sweet, thoughtful, and helpful. They continue to push students to do their best and make sure they succeed. Even if students are being disrespectful or would not put the time into their work, teachers still continue to push them because they see potential in all of their students and they want to see every single person graduate. Some of the teachers do lack some work. Every year, teachers are required to meet certain criteria, but sometimes, once the school year goes by, not only do students slack, but so do the teachers. Overall, the teachers are great, but need to work on keeping up with the education that students need.
The types of clubs are not diverse. There are few artsy clubs, a bit of academic clubs, but mostly athletic clubs. For choir and band there is no commitment. The teachers spend their own money for the students. However for athletics the school board can throw millions of dollars towards a stadium, but it can be kept clean. The most popular options are sports clubs there is no diversity. Most of the time the clubs do after school time for practice. The teachers who are in charge of the club gives support to their students.
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My favorite experience is when I would walk into my Intermediate guitar class my teacher and I would tell each other cheesy jokes. Something that makes this school unique is our stadium. It cost millions of dollars and we are still dealing with giant loan. Our school board focuses on athletics and not art, music, or other clubs. I would not want to do it over again, because our math teachers don't even have enough calculators for every student. Most of the text books are completely damaged, but that is also by the students. I have had my share of time in this school and I just can't wait to get out.
My sophomore World History teacher was really disrespectful to girls who came from an unnamed school. He would sometimes harass students walking down the hall or interrupt other classes by barging in and yelling. My junior year U.S. History teacher was a world changer. He was always respectable, people could joke with him and they wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Every other teacher that I have had has not made me personally feel uncomfortable. Some teachers don't have a grading schedule. Sometimes they will put in an assignment in the grade book that should should have already been entered two months ago. Our band and guitar teachers go above and beyond with their students, because every instrument in the room comes from their own money. The school does not give them money for choir, to replace broken instruments, or to buy new instruments. The teaching styles differ, but in most classes everyone takes notes. Other days could be activities relating to the topic being learned. The communication skills are there, but it could be better for some teachers. Some teachers in our school have masters, so we can take AP classes. Some teachers have interests in students, because they take their time to have meaningful conversations with us.
I feel safe at school. Never have I not felt safe.
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