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I had a great time at Alamogordo High School and they have nice teachers and a great community. I highly Recommend this school to learn it for high school. The clubs at Alamogordo High School are fun and interesting.
I would like to see better teachers. I love all the clubs and electives available. We have a lot of electives that help kids get ready for the career they want.
In my four years of experience at Alamogordo High School, I've come to reflect on the time and lessons that it has taught me. However, these are not good lessons. Alamogordo High School was an institution sorely lacking in any basic respect for its students and faculty. Although it did give me a basic foundation for my college education, it was not fulfilling nor helpful.
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I honestly had some of the worst experiences at this school. The Math department is terrible, the English department is about the same unless you take the Advanced Placement classes. I've had teachers lose my assignments and then find them two months later and blame me for their misplacement. I fell behind the curve in math because no one cared to explain things to me, and since I wasn't as far behind as other students I was just pushed along to the next class as if I understood what I was doing. I've been sent home for following the dress code, I've been sent home for not following the dress code. There are fights every single day at this school, and I don't mean just the yelling at one another fights, I mean broken noses, blood, hair being ripped out, clothes being torn fights. I am honestly just grateful I had the sense to sit at the same table with the same people every day because that is honestly how I survived life at this school.
Alamogordo High School has done a great job trying to use the resources it has, despite what it lacks because of low funding and low priorities from the city. Although it is not perfect, they try their hardest to create the best learning environment possible!
Alamogordo High School is a hard place to be on a bad day. Although when it’s a good day being there makes it better. As a high school student you don’t want to go to school. No one does, but when you get there it’s not so bad. The teachers know your name and your friends walk the halls with you . One day your going to look back and miss. I know I will miss AHS.
As a military child, I've lived many places and gone to many different schools. By far Alamogordo high school has surpassed these school and soared above my expectations. When I went to high school in Texas, I learned that we would be moving to Alamogordo New Mexico. I had no idea where that even was, but things were moving quickly and I knew I had to adjust soon. On my first day, I was accepted and invited to participate in extracurricular activities almost immediately. Attending Alamogordo High School has been one of the best experiences of my life. This is all due to the people, teachers, coaches, and environment. I have now attended for 3 years, and will graduate soon. I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge I have obtained at this school.
The Sports are organized and competitive. The coaches are nice and understanding and create a fun environment. The teachers are dedicated to the students and want them to succeed.
Alamogordo High School is a great place for kids to grow. Like any public school, not all of the teachers are perfect--It's a little game of chance. However, I can guarantee that you will find that one teacher that you will go to for everything. Some of the teachers are very caring people, especially when you form a bond with them.
Alamogordo High School strives to prepare its' scholars to be college ready within four years. The teachers go out of their way to expand students' knowledge and understanding of academics. It is a community effort to embrace, encourage, and mentor success.
My overall experience at Alamogordo High School is very memorable. The environment of the school is warm and welcoming, the teachers and students are, for the most part, helpful. I have enjoyed spending my past 4 years at this school, though I have experienced many new changes. Some changes I would like to see is more help from some teachers and from those of higher staff.
The teachers and students are very personable. My favorite activities were soccer and track and field. The track program and coaching staff is one of the best in the state. I do wish the curriculum at the school was more vigorous and challenging.
Alamogordo High School has been a good school to attend. It has many good teachers and has a good staff overall. I have met many new friends and developed a stronger relationship with the friends I already made. It has helped me become college ready.
The school has a good environment. The teachers here are wonderful. Great teachers happen to speak about how the District, principal, and the state hinder their ability to teach. This leaves the school with teachers who follow everything by the book. This doesn't allow any ability to learn for those who need a different type of learning. The fine arts program is also one of the most mistreated programs at the school. The music part of the building has a roof that leaks when it rains, even the main building has leaks in the roof. They receive the least amount of funding out of all the programs. The art building demolished and the students moved into smaller older rooms. The football program receives the most funding. They received a new field, uniforms, and track among other things. The football program is not even the mosst successful program either. Students are treated fairly and education is a top priority at Alamogordo High.
Alamogordo Highschool was a school I started my junior year of highschool. It was a big transition but I have really enjoyed it. The teachers are very helpful and the academics are challenging.
My experience at Alamogordo High School was definitely memorable. This school has become my second home through the past four years. All the teachers are very helpful, academically and personally. I have continuously felt safe returning daily. Most definitely would recommend to anyone.
It was okay. I didn't love it, the teachers were great but the other staff (security) were absolutely unbearable.
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All of the teachers I have had, save one, have been over the top and amazing when it comes to student concerns and taking care of the students.
Sports are some of the most popular extracurricular activities at this school. Overall, Alamogordo High School's sports are not spectacular, but many students have fun with them. I am not overly impressed with the coaching staff, but many students do enjoy the programs.
Overall, I have had a nice experience at Alamogordo High School. This past year, I had a great world history class with Mr. Forest Pearson as the teacher. Mr. Pearson is engaging and motivated. He made history fun. I had other great classes with Mr. Kevin Blackstone and Mrs. Georgina Niedermeyer. Another benefit of this school is that the dual credit program is easily accessible, which opens the door to a wide variety of possible elective classes. I would choose this school again because overall I have had a very nice experience with some wonderful teachers.
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