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I love the size of my school so that I'm familiar with most of the students and teachers but the quality of teachers isn't always what most expect it to be. A lot of the teachers have been there for years and just haven't kept up with the times and some that are new may have been qualified for the job but it's obvious that routine check ups are not done to be sure they are on track.
I love how the teachers stay on campus during lunch, and are great at providing help outside of class. The campus is also very pleasant to walk around, and it is easy to navigate around the school.
Alamo Heights High School is a great school with teachers who care. There are a lot of opportunities for those who would like to take them. All schools in the district are being updated, including the high school, so the facilities will be better than ever. Like any school or organization, you get out what you put in.
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I went to high school here. I absolutely loved this school. This school helped prepare me for a higher education. Today I am a nurse and finishing my RN degree.
I like the way they teach and how the teacher make classes fun and try to improve teaching. We have grate classes and options. Small class sizes.
Alamo Heights is a well resourced school district that creates a lot of opportunities for students. However, diversity and equality is very low among the students and the teachers
Amazing traditions. The school has implemented many new ideas and programs to help improve student wellness.
I enjoyed the open-campus atmosphere. However, everyone is really rich and I don't fit in with them. Some are sweet but a lot are rude and snobby.
Very good school since it's art program is becoming more serious and involved, good interesting clubs introduced recently too!!
Alamo Heights High school had very good academics and care a lot about their students. AHHS makes an effort to be inclusive and attend to each one of their students to help them succeed. The environment at the school was very positive and students were driven to be the best.
I will be a senior at Alamo Heights High School this year and I have gone there my whole high school career. The teachers and administration are very helpful and they care about their students. Everyone knows each other at the school and we all work together to achieve our goals.
I loved the close nit student life. Every one sort of knew everyone. I also loved how safe and non violent the faculty kept the campus. Before I attended Alamo Heights, I attended a middle school where there were daily fights and many Police officers circling the campus. It was a great not having to worry about that at Alamo Heights HS.
I liked how Alamo Heights provided me with an exceptional education by creating a comfortable atmosphere with intelligent teachers who are readily available to give there best teaching abilities. I liked how the school was not easy as teachers motivated us to challenge ourselves and strive for a bright future.
Alamo Heights is truly a typical Texas high school. Football is popular and so are the people that are more affluent, but surprisingly the diversity at my school has been growing recently. I love the amount of school spirit present, and some of the teachers are wonderful.
Alamo Heights High School is a place where there is a lot of resources you can go and get help for college readiness.We have a college center that can help guide the students to get ready for SAT and ACT exams.The teachers are very helpful and try their best to do anything for a student to understand the course and grades.This is s a school that it is very supportive of one another not only in academics but also in sports.For sport games we students love to go and support the teams and represent our school.College fairs are held few times a year to get a start in looking for our futures.Not only is the academical classes and sports are good hear but also Fine Arts too.Friends and family are so involved that make this school and other schools in Alamo Heights a better place.Alamo Heights also provide great scholarships and financial aid assistance.
Very impressed with the teachers the communication involving all programs to include the Specialized department with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. The diligence they truly invest in your child's growth and development.
The teachers are great, but some students don't have the decency to respect them, so it makes class harder for everyone.
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Academic standards help prepare students for college level studying. The teachers are very helpful and typically diverse with knowledge on multiple topics if you're not understanding a subject. The involvement of the school for outside of school activities is weirdly drawn with varying interaction from none at all to the school deciding what happens to the student.
It was a lot of fun. My teachers were always there to help even if we weren't in class I could email them and get what I needed.
I have grown up in Alamo Heights, and have loved attending the schools. At the high school specifically, the teachers are well experienced, the campus is nice, the students are friendly, and the college readiness is off the charts.
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