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My experience with this school was okay. Inclusion was always a common thing people try to force in this school, which I thought wasn't really good. Also there is a lot of cheating, which I wasn't fond of. Many of the teachers I would say are kind of bias as well.
ASTI provides an extremely challenging and rigorous high school education. Only self motivated student should attend. Each student no matter how bright has the chance to succeed at ASTI. Teachers truly care about the future success of every student. It’s an amazing environment unlike any other school. Students will always have courses to challenge them, from high school classes to college courses.
This school offers a unique opportunity as a Early College High School. It is a tight community that offers college credits and dual enrollment. While there are no sports, this school is academically heavy and has great preparation for college.
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ASTI is such a great school. As a small school, it is easier to communicate with your teachers who are always willing to support you. You also get really close to your peers. The homework load is sometimes heavy, so with proper time management, it's doable. In addition, you get to take college classes with the Peralta system which substitutes for their lack of AP. However, if your focus is more on sports or extracurriculars (such as art, music, etc), Asti does not supplement that, so this may not be the best school for you. Clubs are pretty small (unless it is part of a bigger organization such as Interact and Red Cross). ASTI is best for students who are academically ambitious and ready to work hard.
It is very challenging, teachers push you to do your best. It is an early college high school, you learn how to balance college work and school work. Especially at this school, you learn to get things done on time no matter what, excuses are not tolerated. There is an abundance amount of homework, practice is a must, studying is a must, and slacking off will not be tolerated. This school does not give "extra credit" ever, there is no such thing as "extra credit" at this school. Teachers are somewhat bias. The school is small, it doesn't provide extra curricular, therefore students should find other activities outside of school to do, like sports at another school. There are clubs, but not many. There are no lockers, they are connected to College of Alameda, therefore they share the campus.
The teachers and students make this school! Teachers challenge students in every subject. Having sat in on a few classes, I did not experience this kind of passionate thorough instruction and open discussion until I reached college. The expectation is high, the school rigorous. If your student is looking for a challenge, this is the place. My daughter plays competitive sports, and it is difficult to participate in an outside activity and maintain a high grade point average. It is possible, but the student must be disciplined to manage their time or quickly fall behind.
The school is small and focuses on academics, students that want to be in plays, play sports etc. can participate in either of the nearby in district larger high schools.
Alameda Science and Technology Institute is a early college high school that is very academically driven. They allow students to take community college courses, which allow students to be more prepared for college. On top of that, many seniors by the time they have graduated have completed their AA degree or IGETC. Not only does this save money on college but it also helps the students get a better sense of what college is like. The only downside to this school is the fact the social aspect that most high schools have. Sports is not offered and school spirit is lacking. It is important to keep in mind that this school has a very small population of under 200, which makes it different from other Alameda AUSD high schools.
I like how this school provides opportunities for students of having an experiment being a college student by taking college classes in the Peralta system.
Challenging! I did not have classes like the ones at ASTI until I went to college. The workload is heavy, but the school as a whole is supportive. You are ready for college and to contribute to the whole when you graduate from this school.
ASTI does not have many after school activities. There are some...........This is a small high school on a college campus. All students can participate in one or both of the close by Alameda School District's high school programs and sports, etc. The sky is the limit if you combine the quality of education and the opportunities available within the ASUD.

The coarse work is demanding, so participation in too many activities could be difficult if you wish to maintain a high GPA.
These are some of the best teachers I have ever experienced! Not exaggerating. My daughter chose this school because when she shadowed a student she could not believe the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm the teachers taught with. Teacher and staff support is great. This school is challenging academically, there is often two to four hours of homework, yet ASTI offers the kids a chance to grow personally and socially. Most of this is possible due to teacher's challenging students to learn, be creative and consider other views.

The school is small so there is limited after school and club activities. Any student can participate in either of the nearby large high school's activities including varsity sports, band, etc.
My daughter has now had a medical and academic difficulty at the school. The staff was FANTASTIC at alerting me to it and supporting/ resolving the issues with my daughter by counselor and academic assistance:)

Superb teachers, some of the best I have ever experienced at the high school level! The coarse work is demanding, but they are learning/ experiencing/ enjoying the subjects thoroughly.
Bullying is not tolerated and students are encouraged to notify adults if they see any problems.
There are a variety of clubs to cover student interests.
Although I was disappointed that there were no on campus music programs, this school taught me a lot of things that helped me with the college admission process and what techniques best helped me learn.
The teachers offer their help outside of the classroom and are knowledgeable about their subjects.
This school is generally pretty safe. Not much happens, especially since this is a small school.
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The extracurricular activities are just clubs either after school or during lunchtime. I don't know too much about the other clubs other than the one I'm in, but the Green Club, which is gardening after school is pretty popular.
I learn a lot at this school, and the staff is always involved whenever they hear about cases of bullying. The school staff take bullying very seriously, more than any other high school. I would choose this school again because of that.
The teachers at this school are generally really friendly and are able to easily connect with students and are comfortable with discussing anything with them.
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