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Alameda International Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like my school, I have been almost 3 years there and my experience is awesome, I am active in school I play soccer for Alameda in varsity team for 3 years with this, I like my classes and also my Passion is art classes and I have been join it for 3 semesters and was the best, all the teachers are great even when star in my first year and I didn’t know English they competent me and support me every single day until my graduation.
I attended alameda for all four years of high school! It was an amazing experience with such an amazing faculty and peers.
It was fun mostly because I was in honors and IB classes, so all the kids in those classes were nice and serious about their work. Otherwise, I've heard many stories about others being bullied in their regular classes. Besides that, my friend had to drop out of her honors classes at one point and was seriously unhappy. The teachers are great though.
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This smaller school creates a warm inviting space. Since it is such a small school over time everyone, students and teachers, become truly caring and like family.
I made the best of what I could at Alameda and I think many of my peers did also. However, like many high schoolers, if students lacked motivation there was no help for them. I felt that Alameda just tried to get kids in and out the door but provided little support to help kids who did not have the help at home. There was little to no prep for college, and I felt that administration and teachers just assumed college was out of the question for many students.
These activities are available. My student feels welcomed and challenged. The principal is always involved.
The teachers at this school certainly have their work cut out for them, but they handle it with grace. I have never had any problems with any of the teaching staff at this school. These teachers seem very involved, and to genuinely care about their students success.
The school has opened its doors to the junior high school students, and with that, I was apprehensive about this move. After listening to this schools principal and ultimately trusting her, the jr/sr high school has really worked out. Security has been increased. This school has a clinic on site, and I believe that this is great. Along with their school nurse, who is great. The Lakewood Police department is involved and present, which I enjoy. Overall, this school is as safe as any other school in America.
In the last 4 years, my child has excelled in the IB Diploma Program and has held a 3.0 or higher GPA. I respect the school and the administration, especially the principal. The sports department is good, in some respects, but their football and basketball coaches should really be re-evaluated, because I don't believe a High School setting is really the place for nany of them. Overall, I will most likely send my daughter to this school in 3 years.
its not the cleanest school, and safety is high.
After school activities are pretty good at this school. They tend to keep students on the right track
This school is okay because it has nice programs, but I went threw the classes really fast and many times got bored. I don't believe that there enough options for students to get the education that they deserve.
I would rate the teachers at this school as okay, because there are equal amounts of not good teachers and good teachers. Some teachers do a really good job and some do not.
The health program seems very forced, and often times, not helpful or interesting.
We have an amazing theater program, our director is great and very creative. We also have a very good sports program, one that succeeds in several awards over the year.
I feel very welcome at the school. The staff are nice and supportive, the classes are interesting, and I've always felt like I have had an adult to go to or discuss anything with.
All my teachers are kind, caring, and considerate. I have a VERY strong relationship with a lot of my teachers, and I find most of them interesting, and they have made my high school experience very enjoyable.
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The extracurricular opportunities at Alameda are really great. They provide their students with numerous options going from different sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball to the school play that many of the students take part of. The school is really great and has a lot of talent hidden inside. We may not be one of the best schools but we are definitely underrated.
For the Homecoming game the school invites everyone in the community to come and watch the football play and win their homecoming game. This is very unique to me because the school not only invites the community but the Alumni who had played football while attending the school. This is very special to the players because it allows the players to show the Alumni what they got and make them proud to say that they play for Alameda.
Almost all of the teachers at Alameda are very caring and get to know about the students and what they like. At Alameda many of the students and the teachers get along well because as a student Alameda we trust our teachers and know we can come to them if we ever need help with anything whether it be a hard subject in school or even something that is going on in our personal lives whether that be troubles at home or troubles with another student. The teachers in some ways encourage their students and just want to see them do big things in life.
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