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I graduated from high school in June 2018. I have been learned a lot of teacher and friends who supported me over the past four years. Thank you for help me prepare for college because I never thought that I will be attended college after finished high school.
It gets confusing, and it isn't one of the best schools I've been to, but it's a nice school. The teachers are ok. The campus is an average size, but they're doing construction to expand. It's definitely better than Encinal, but the academic effort has to improve.
Alameda High School is a great school with teachers that are easy to talk to. Many of the teachers make the class fun and make jokes to create a more exciting atmosphere in the classroom. The only thing that I would change about my school would be that I wish that it was more spirited. More spirited days should occur, and the spirit event should be something that everyone is willing to take part of.
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The schedule is really convenient and really teaches you how to use your time wisely. Park Street is one block over, and with open campus lunch theres lots of choices for lunch, with many of them offering student deals. AHS offers lot of AP and HP opportunities, but not as many electives.
Alameda High School is an amazing campus, full of diversity and school spirit. The community is very open and welcoming of all students and staff, no matter their differences. In fact, those differences are exactly what makes the school such an open-minded and progressive campus. The education provided at Alameda High is also one of the greatest curriculums as the school offers a wide variety of subjects and electives, including Advanced Placement courses. The teachers are experienced and understanding, and truly take the student into consideration. As a result, Alameda High truly prepares its students for their future college and career pursuits. Alameda High School is simply one of the greatest high schools one could possibly attend. My time at Alameda High has been four of the greatest years of my life.
Alameda High School has a fairly wide range of classes and many of the teachers are nice and always there to help during and after school.
As an alumni to Alameda High School, I would definitely enroll my future kids there. It is the best high school for college readiness. They offer a wide range of AP classes, have amazing athletics for future college athletes. Teachers number 1 priority is for the students success. They are very concerned for each student and treat them like they are their own.
The majority of the faculty strives to create a welcoming learning environment. Alameda High School is home to some of the best teachers I've had. I don't think teaching gets any better from there. Shoutout to Mr. Lamb.
Alameda High school is a small school in a small town. The teachers aren't involved in helping the students; most of the teachers don't know much about the subject they are teaching, they were thrown into it. Administration puts all the minority groups under a microscope and are unintentionally racist. We have over weight coaches teaching sports, we don't have consistent coaches for tennis, and they aren't supportive either. Overall, being an African american student at a predominately white school has been a terrible experience.
I have had a great experience at Alameda High. My teachers for the most part have been really great and I feel that I'm well prepared for the next step in my education -- college! I've been very involved in the theatre program and have been given great opportunities to perform!
Alameda High School was a great school. Many of the faculty members were kind and open-minded. The school held events to celebrate diversity and LGBTQ kids. The school also had a health center which helped students with their physical and mental health. Overall gave a lasting impression.
There are a variety of classes and a short break each day. The passing periods seem a little short considering the distance and traffic between classrooms in different buildings. Unfortunately, teachers are not required to allow students to use the restroom during class time. This is only a problem when the teacher is strict, and most teachers are understanding.
I came to this school for my senior year in Fall 2017 from Vietnam. All the teachers and students here really helped me to integrate into the school and especially the American life. I have had a great time here learning English. I also got so many good advices for college that I got into my dream school the following year. However, I hoped the Alameda High School would have more active clubs, which help students make friends easily.
Alameda High School is a very good school. The school provides a wide range of classes and opportunities for students. There are many resources that the students can use like the college and career center or counselors to aid them. Not only does the school have great resources it has a very safe environment for students of all aspects of life. The community is great, no one is ever discriminated or bullied for who they are. The student body has a good relationship with everybody and truly cares for the other students. That also goes to say that the administration is also one of the very strong aspects of the school. They care about the safety and education of all students. Overall Alameda High is a very good school that all students should go to.
The teachers and other staff here are wonderful and always ready to help any student who asks. Bullying is almost nonexistent, so all students get along very well.
- great teachers, especially ROENISCH and CARLSON
- very diverse community
- offers a variety of classes at different levels
- school spirit has been improving
Alameda High School is a very average high school. Students spend a lot of time on the academics side but not as much in the extracurriculars side. Teachers are pretty average as well. The school culture isn't as strong as others.
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I liked how diverse the school was. There were a bunch of clubs and activities for me to be involved in.
I spent my last three years of high school at Alameda High, and I very much enjoyed my experience because of the diversity and acceptance among students. I have never been in a school where I felt I could fit in as much as I did at Alameda High, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to learn how to make good friends, especially going into college
Majority of the teachers are nice and try their best to help. There are many activities for everyone to participate. Hope to see the new Kofman Auditorium soon.
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