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The teachers at Alameda High are fantastic. They are dedicated and creative and passionate. I do feel that students not on AP track, however, do get somewhat left behind.
Alameda High School is a very safe and supportive space for students to be able to get their high school diploma.
Alameda High is fun at times, boring at times. The teachers are hit or miss, and the hits are HITS while the misses are MISSES. People are always in cliques and there's a lot of drama. The campus is great though.
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The school was great in general, there could've been more diversity and the school doesn't have much spirit but the academics were pretty good!
Amazing student culture. Teachers were passionate, supportive, and knowledgeable. Great athletic program and coaches!
My time at Alameda High School has prepared me for the next 4 years at college. Without challenging AP courses and wonderful extracurricular activities and clubs, I don't think I would have gotten accepted to the colleges I got accepted into, which includes UCSB and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Although the quality of some subjects like History courses are superior to other courses like Chemistry in terms of the teacher, AHS prepares a student for the future.
Alameda High School is one of the most diverse school I have ever been to. The school is really impacted with students. Sports and Education wise is GREAT!
Alameda High was a nice, average school with a welcoming community and a rigorous curriculum. It had many resources that helped students get ready for post-secondary life. The school next to one of the main streets of the town so it was a great place to look for after school activities. There are many groups at the school for extracurricular activities that helped students enrich their environment, whether sports or social and environmental activism.
For the most part, the teachers here are really supportive and want to see you succeed. There is a lack of diversity within the AP classes.
With a large variety of classes ranging from college preparing to multitudes of advanced placement, Alameda High's classes offer a diverse selection for students with varying abilities and talents, promoting educational and artistic diversity. With such diversity in classes, it makes sense that our school has over 100 clubs that are eligible for anyone to join or start. With no starting requirements, Alameda High's sport teams are inclusive and available for anyone. We are able to fund these clubs and sports due to our excellent “PTSA”, or Parent , teacher, and student association. The food selection is amazing. We have an open lunch, meaning we can go anywhere we would like for lunch. To conclude, with all of the diversity in classes, sports, clubs, and food, our school’s culture is amazing to be apart of , and enjoyable for all.
It is a good learning environment for students to excel. Even with budget cuts, teachers go far and beyond to supply their students with the best education possible. I really enjoy how diverse the campus and how there are many clubs for people to join. Most students I personally know went to four-year schools. Totally recommend this school for people who aim to excel in their studies.
Great teachers, good location, lots of AP choices, lots of sport and music options. Excellent communications from administration and most teachers.
Alameda High School is such a small and fun high school to attend. Home to one of the best basketball programs in town, with a whole lot of choices for college ready classes. For lunch, there are so many places to eat that can satisfy every craving that you will have.
The academic is great. The scheduling process is easy to do. The workload can get heavy, but the students find a way to complete the work. The curriculum is standard.
Sports medicine class wants students to go to the football games to help the injured players. It can help the students later on for internships and job opertunities.
I loved the academy classes. It makes you work harder than the regular English and History classes but not as much as the AP classes. You do activities in your physics class. I remember wearing a garbage because I was suppose to catch an egg that my partner would throw towards me.
Most teachers are invested in their work and truly care about their students. Their are a few who seems as if they just care about the curriculum more then the students. Some teachers stay after school to help their students. Some just point out other teachers or organizations at the school that provides tutoring sessions. All of them are very knowledgeable and consistent in grading their students.
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They were okay. Some better than others.
People usually will help each other. Therefore, it is safe here.
Most of the clubs at our school do not have spirit, thus students tend not to have the motivation to join.
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