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It is very good and it is very diverse community with very hard-working students and teachers. I recommend it to everyone, especially high schoolers.
An ideal environment for kids not cut out for the big high school scene. Excellent academics with tight-knit community.
The school is always hiring newer facilitators, many of whom are not experienced teachers. It is also difficult trying to get in touch with the counselors.
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ACLC is a school that is heavily focused on independent learning, democracy, and leadership initiative. With its loose structure and "learn-by-doing" model, academics are learner-focused and prepare students for college atmospheres.

- Free periods = freedom
- Opportunity to take classes at any Peralta community college
- Leadership role in clubs, school boards, school committees, Leadership (ASB equivalent)
- Access to computers and printers at school
- Unique culture and traditions

- Some teachers are very invested in your learning while others are less so
- Technology does not always work (spotty)
- Food, besides parent-made lunches, is mediocre
While the teachers may seem nonchalant and overall lax, I honestly think they live by their name: facilitators.
Our principal is definitely very involved with students and parents, but I would say that communication between our administrative bodies (boards, parents, principal) is lacking. The administration often makes decisions that go against the urging of parents and students, which can be troubling.
Our sports facilities are virtually nonexistent. We have access to a grassy field with a makeshift track around it and a gym, neither of which we actually own so we only have access to them at certain hours. That being said, the gym is high quality.
ACLC is a small school where we call teachers "facilitators," and we address them by their first names. In this spirit, we have a unique opportunity at our school to befriend our facilitators and engage with them on a collaborative level. I feel like I know my facilitators more than I would at another school, and I feel comfortable to approach them and ask them questions about coursework. Inside the classroom, I think the quality of instruction varies from facilitator to facilitator. Some come to class thoroughly prepared every day and are totally consistent with their grading practices, while others seem to do more improvising.
Alameda Community Learning Center is a small independent charter school. I love my school and the sense of academic ownership it has instilled me with, but I definitely wouldn't say that extracurriculars are our forte. For many years, the only sport we offered was ultimate frisbee. It's still the most prominent (and probably the best funded) sport at our school, but now we also have a middle school volleyball team and a basketball team. Both are just getting off their feet, but they've been gaining participation and funding in recent years. Besides these sports teams, I can't really think of other after school activities. There are a variety of student-led clubs that occasionally meet after school, but none receive funding by the administration.
We have more than enough laptops for every student. The laptops are new and fast. We do most of our work online and can work collaboratively which is helpful.
I love the enthusiasm my teachers have. They are knowledgable and really help us to understand the material.
I am only required to take Physical Ed once a week for 45 minutes. We run around a short track for 3 minutes and then mostly stand around and talk the rest of the period.
There is always fruit and vegetables available. Small portion entree which is good, but the food tastes very low quality. I'm afraid they might even be GMO grown. There is vegetarian options. You can choose online what you want your food to be and you order it the week ahead.
ACLC has a vibe you can't describe. Anything is possible. Nothing proposed in leadership is too wild, wacky, and crazy is to be passed. Everyone is welcome to run for any student body position. We have a no racism/bullying policy. No one is discriminated against for thier sexual orientation. We have facilitators, not teachers. Our only expectation is to learn, and our grades are reflected by that.
Our school academics are managable. We have "Project times" built into our schedules. So like a college university, we have time in our day when we don't have class where we are supposed to do our homework. And everyone has a different schedule too. And if you have enough "Project time" in your day, it is very possible that you could leave school without homework for that day. Our facilitators are excellent in their teaching fields, and I always feel like I am learning something new. Another thing I admire about my school is that we are alowed to take classes at neighboring schools like Encinal High school, and College of Alameda/
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