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I really enjoyed my time at the Middle college because all the people and the teachers. The teachers at the middle college were more understanding and more helpful than the teachers at my last school. My GPA was at maybe 3.5 when I first started at the Middle college and when I graduated, it was at 3.9. At the Middle college, you have more freedom and you get to take college courses and get the credit while still being in high school. Having college credits looks real good on a college application. If anyone is looking to better their education and you are not able to do that at a regular high school. I highly recommend going to Alamance Burlington Middle College because honestly it was the best decision I ever made and going there made me want to further my education.
This School program has opened up so many new opportunities for me at such a young age already. The staff is very open and caring for all the students. They put tremendous effort into making sure we have a safe and interactive learning environment. They make sure they have one on one time with every student on a regular basis . They make sure everyone feels welcomed being in such a diverse group
The diversity in the school. Class sizes are to big verses what was advertised. Great academics and good teachers.
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Alamance Burlington Early/Middle College is an amazing experience and also an amazing opportunity. This school gives students that care about their education a chance to experience many experiences that other kids our age have to wait on. The school is a loving and caring school. Im very happy i was accepted and was given this opportunity.
If I were to write about each teacher I've had the pleasure of having as not only an instructor, but a life tutor I would write a novel. Instead, I will give an overall view of the teachers at Alamance-Burlington Middle College: the best. These teachers have the ability to develop REAL relationships with their students. Each student has a very personal experience with each teacher, and, quite frankly, I've never seen that experience as a negative one. Each teacher at Alamance-Burlington Middle College puts 110% effort into their teaching and lessons. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without these teachers.
I love this school! The teachers are very personal, classes are hands on, classroom sizes are more personal and the school is like a big family.
Since our school doesn't have a cafeteria, we have food sent to us from other schools. They serve average food; not the best yet not the worst.
Everything is taught beautifully. It's so easy to understand. Courses are rigorous, but not usually overwhelming. Sometimes we could use more materials, like for science classes, but that isn't our teachers' faults. Often times they buy things with their own money, so they can't be expected to do everything. Teachers are always available before and after school to help you, and you can always email, text, or call them with questions. Almost all classes are honors.
Our school is pretty safe. We have security officers and campus police. There are cameras everywhere. There isn't much you could get hurt on/with unless you were being plain stupid. There's no bullying. Of course, at a community college you see some interesting people, some of whom are kind of creepy. They pretty much mind their own business though.
I think it's great that we have access to the community college's resources because we are also students there. We have access to laptops and various software needed for projects and presentations. We don't have as much time to get to know our fellow students because our only extracurricular activity is Key Club. It would be nice to have something we can compete in. It would also be nice to have the National Honors Society available, as many of our students would qualify.
In my experience, people at this school are very accepting. I've never heard or seen anything about anyone being picked on or ridiculed or looked down on. Our school is pretty small, but it's still pretty diverse. We have a few people from other countries, and people of many different ethnic backgrounds. We have people with many, many varying beliefs and opinions and people of different orientations. None of these, however, seem to get in the way of enjoying our classes together and on the whole we are one big family.
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