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My school has a lot of problems. Sometimes the bathrooms do not work and have no running water. Our pipes have lead in it so we can't drink from water fountains. Our teachers are great but they do not really give us the proper foundations for college so we can be well prepared.
My experience at Locke HS was very average. I was a straight A student all four years and I was in many sports including soccer, softball, track, and cross country, which made my experience much better. I was also part of AP courses; AP Biology, my favorite, AP English Language, which helped me in my writing alot more, and AP Calculus, which really challenged my math skills. Overall, I had a decent time at Locke, but it could have been better if I were to choose better people to befriend.
Alain Leroy Locke HS is actually a very good school. It has teachers that push you to do better and to better yourself as a person. I recommend it to anyone trying to do something positive in an area that isn't so positive,South Central.
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What I really liked about Locke were the teachers. Despite the unacceptable behavior of some students they still found the way to keep teaching and inspire others.
It's an amazing school that many of the students don't realize. since the school isn't particularly large, the students get more attention but they don't realize this. The counselors are kind and patient. The history teacher is too sassy for my taste but she gets the lesson done and I will give her that much.
Locke High School is a school filled with individuals who make it their mission to help our youth. Locke provides an abundance of resources for those willing to go the extra mile for their own education. Locke teachers and administrators are professionals who cater to individual student needs. They make it there sole mission to know each student personally and allow themselves to be someone the student can both trust and respect.
As a current senior at Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy, I can say that my experience at the school has been good and bad. A positive thing that the school offers is great support from both administration to the teachers. I have had the pleasure to take classes with amazing teachers that want to see their students succeed. Another positive thing is that the counselors are phenomenal. They take time out of their own to assure themselves to help you with issues at home or about college. Counselors at the school have become more like family to me. One disadvantage to the school is that the academics is poor since not many AP courses are offered to students that want to excel in school. Academics are important because students interests should be met but the school offers a limited amount of courses that affects students.
My experience here at Locke has been very up and down.Locke has really taught me that i need to branch out and become more. Going to Locke has made me a more involved in my community
When I was there it wasn't a preparatory school it was just a regular high school and it was great!! The teachers were really caring and really understanding
At the school what I like is that the teachers are willing to teach and work hard to provide students an education.
I really enjoyed the community at Locke. Staff were always engaging with the students. They were always there for support. The thing that I would change might be the reputation that Locke holds. I would like for it to be recognized, not for the negative events but, for the positive ones.
Parents are not very involved in any school activities at this school.
Let us just say that the teachers at my school are only there to do their jobs and that is it.
The connections I have obtained with a few peers at this school wont ever be forgotten, yet the school as a whole had many fights and other negative activities occurred during school hours.
At this institution you can really tell the teachers care and have the drive to get their students to succeed.
Many of the extracurricular clubs in this school dedicate their time to the club in which they join whether its student government or yearbook committee.
The thing that makes the school so unique is the variety in students and ideas whereas there are students who are innovative and construct viable programs and there are students who follow things by the book and succeed in their own way.
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The teachers at this school are adaptable to students and are able to change their teaching method if necessary.
I would chose to attend this school again because of the school community. Everyone knew each other and there were teachers willing to help students succeed. My favorite experience was senior year and all the senior actitivities I did with my class. Although it was hectic because of the college applications and AP courses teachers were very supportive.
Truly learned a lot of life lessons and made very good friends.
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