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I start in Alain Leroy Locke being a freshman, and I really like that school that why I decide to not change because in that school I learn something very important such as the word “ perseverance” and when I applied this word to my academics goals l, and life. I discovered that I can do everything I want with perseverance, and with God helping me in all the time. I am very happy to be able to study in this school. I recommend this school to others young people.
I have had an exceptional experience while at Locke high school. I have been taught at college level and as I graduate, I am sure ready for college life. The teachers are excellent and positive. My school is great but not entirely perfect. I will like somethings to change especially security and student control. Many students act out of place and a little more effort should be used to curtail them. My school is really doing well security wise but more security on campus will be great.
Locke College Preparatory Academy was a decent school. The teachers felt very supportive in helping students achieve their dreams, but overall students never really felt prepared for college. The constant school fights got so bad the police would always get involved. The food was okay for the most part but sometimes was burnt or looked like a science experiment gone wrong.
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Locke is an okay school, you will have no trouble passing your classes if you just do your work and keep up. The administrators are bad, but they have good teachers and students. The sports teams are excellent!
The school itself has a wonderful campus and space provided for students to perfectly interact within each other’s. The color are bright and beautiful, it provides many different materials for students to use, and our grass areas are many!
Locke High School has improved throught the years. This school has amazing teachers who care for the students education and choices. Locke is actually preparing us for our next step to go to college. The teachers, counselors, advisors, provide everything in order to suceed. I am a student at Locke and I am proud of my school.
I like that it is a high school that look foward for there students to go to college and help them in what they need and in there interest.
I like how the teachers are very supportive. If a student is going through a difficult time, the teachers will talk it out with them and help them find a solution. The teachers will also do whatever it takes to send the students to a high education. I would want the rules and policies to be strict; it will prepare us for interviews and college.
My school has a lot of problems. Sometimes the bathrooms do not work and have no running water. Our pipes have lead in it so we can't drink from water fountains. Our teachers are great but they do not really give us the proper foundations for college so we can be well prepared.
My experience at Locke HS was very average. I was a straight A student all four years and I was in many sports including soccer, softball, track, and cross country, which made my experience much better. I was also part of AP courses; AP Biology, my favorite, AP English Language, which helped me in my writing alot more, and AP Calculus, which really challenged my math skills. Overall, I had a decent time at Locke, but it could have been better if I were to choose better people to befriend.
Alain Leroy Locke HS is actually a very good school. It has teachers that push you to do better and to better yourself as a person. I recommend it to anyone trying to do something positive in an area that isn't so positive,South Central.
What I really liked about Locke were the teachers. Despite the unacceptable behavior of some students they still found the way to keep teaching and inspire others.
It's an amazing school that many of the students don't realize. since the school isn't particularly large, the students get more attention but they don't realize this. The counselors are kind and patient. The history teacher is too sassy for my taste but she gets the lesson done and I will give her that much.
Locke High School is a school filled with individuals who make it their mission to help our youth. Locke provides an abundance of resources for those willing to go the extra mile for their own education. Locke teachers and administrators are professionals who cater to individual student needs. They make it there sole mission to know each student personally and allow themselves to be someone the student can both trust and respect.
As a current senior at Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy, I can say that my experience at the school has been good and bad. A positive thing that the school offers is great support from both administration to the teachers. I have had the pleasure to take classes with amazing teachers that want to see their students succeed. Another positive thing is that the counselors are phenomenal. They take time out of their own to assure themselves to help you with issues at home or about college. Counselors at the school have become more like family to me. One disadvantage to the school is that the academics is poor since not many AP courses are offered to students that want to excel in school. Academics are important because students interests should be met but the school offers a limited amount of courses that affects students.
My experience here at Locke has been very up and down.Locke has really taught me that i need to branch out and become more. Going to Locke has made me a more involved in my community
When I was there it wasn't a preparatory school it was just a regular high school and it was great!! The teachers were really caring and really understanding
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At the school what I like is that the teachers are willing to teach and work hard to provide students an education.
I really enjoyed the community at Locke. Staff were always engaging with the students. They were always there for support. The thing that I would change might be the reputation that Locke holds. I would like for it to be recognized, not for the negative events but, for the positive ones.
Parents are not very involved in any school activities at this school.
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