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I have attended Alabama Christian Academy for fourteen years now, and I can honestly say it's been pretty great! Of course there have been hard times, but that comes with life. Overall the atmosphere is pretty nice. I've enjoyed the school spirit most of our students have and the drive to succeed. Our teachers are also super helpful, because they are willing to work with you to make sure you can perform to the best of your ability in their class. The only thing I would want to change is some people's attitude toward administration. Yes, they can be annoying with rules, but they do it for a reason, and they just want what is best for us.
Wonderful teachers. Great atmosphere. I never want to miss school even if I am sick. They offer many AP classes and some classes that count as college credits. If you need the administration for anything they are always there. I went to public school for middle school and hated it but I absolutely love ACA.
Alabama Christian Academy is like my second home since I have been attending there since first grade. The people there really make you feel like part of a big family.
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I have been at ACA since K-4 and the teachers, administrators, and my friends are all like family to me. I have enjoyed my time here and also received a solid Christian education. I played football for a couple of years but for the last two years I have concentrated on my grades and future.
I love Alabama Christian Academy. I have been there since Kindergarten and I am a high school Junior now. I have been a cheerleader since middle school and I played on the JV softball team. I have a really close group of friends and I enjoy going to school everyday. The teachers really care about me doing well in my classes and at home. My mom was diagnosed with MS and my teachers and friends all prayed with me. The school spirit at our ball games is the best. The whole community comes together on Friday nights and rallies around our team. I have had many opportunities at my school that my mom can enjoy with me. She has been a public school teacher for over 20 years and her school does not go on trips. I am glad that she has worked several jobs to keep me at ACA. I would not want to go anywhere else.
I love the fact that as a parent I'm always in the know about what going on at my son's school. They send daily email to inform parents about upcoming events and thing that's happening in the school on every day. And not to mentioned I can monitor his grades, attendance, lesson plans, and homework for the week.
I’ve been at ACA since sixth grade, and the overall mood of the school is full of positivity that makes people feel as one as a family altogether.
Alabama Christian is already making several positive atmosphere changes. I have been there since 4K. It has mostly been a positive experience but with a new head master the last 2 years the increase in activities and the positive changes has made my Jr and Senior years an upmost high. The changes wasn't gradual. The head master came in and began immediate change and the whole atmosphere became so positive, every one started making personal changes as well. In turn, made the biggest impact in a very short amount of time. The school cares about every students well being and all students care for each other.
My experience at Alabama Christian Academy was a excellent learning experience for me. Aca is a college prep private school in Montgomery, Alabama. It’s from k-4 to 12th grade. The administration is welcoming to new and “old” students. The teachers have goals to make you prepared for your next big step in life. Aca’s motto is the phrase “DO SOMETHING” you can’t just sit there and wait on something to happen you go to make it happen.
Everyone is nice and extremely welcoming. The staff is there when needed. All the kids are nice and teachers are very understandable.
Alabama Christian is a good school, but many will feel victimized by the administration. The principal treats ALL students the same when it comes to punishment, which can be good and bad. Usually the student will be called out in front of his or her peers and yelled at in front of them. All other aspects are very good.
I appreciated the interpersonal relationships I was able to develop with my teacher and classmates, with ACA being a relatively small school. I wish more advanced classes had been offered, however.
My son started their in fifth grade and it was a very good experience. Their is great communication with office staff as well as teachers. I just love this good and the opportunity for the students to learn and praise the Lord.
I loved the Christ-centered atmosphere and the love that the teachers and faculty had for the students and their families. I would improve student attendance to extra-curricular activities.
Alabama Christian Academy has fulfilled the needs of students for a very long time. The teachers at ACA are wonderful and the atmosphere is very beneficial to the students.
The teachers really do care about your education and want you to do well in college. You are prepared for both the ACT and college level courses. However, the administration is constantly changing, inconsistent, but it consistent about being 30 years behind on rules for students, especially towards females.
I’ve been a student at Alabama Christian Academy for two years. I’m a senior now and I feel like I’ve been prepared for college because of ACA’s education. The teachers are always willing to help and they strive to see you succeed.
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Our children have been at ACA for over 10 years. The school continues to grow and improve with each passing year. Love the staff, students and Christ centered learning environment!
I had two children graduate from Alabama Christian Academy. Both of them are in college. The teachers at ACA really care about the students and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help them succeed. ACA also stresses not only academics but also community service. Montgomery has many options for private schools and I believe ACA is the best.
I have two children that graduated from Alabama Christian Academy. They were very involved in sports, clubs and community and loved it. The curriculum at Alabama Christian had them fully prepared for college. I love the fact that they could talk about their Christianity and learn about Jesus at school as well as home.
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