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Al-Rahmah School is an Islamic private school. It has a very welcoming community, faculty, staff and students are very accepting and each class is like one big family. The presence of many mentors is helpful, the one on one support is what gets a students excited to go back the next day.
Al-Rahmah School has been a second home to me for many years. I have always felt safe and welcomed in the environment around me.One of many objectives of Al-Rahmah School is to develop each student's self awareness, self confidence and personal Islamic identity. The skills we are taught in class have encouraged us to find our own Islamic identity in order to fully showcase who we are as Muslims living in the West. Our teachers have motivated us to get out of our comfort zone and explore new and creative ways to express who we are. Confidence is key for every student and it allows us to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions. We are taught to do what we are good at and make a significant change. This school has shaped me into a better individual. I have gained so much confidence and experience from my years at Al-Rahmah. The lessons and advice that I have received throughout the years at this amazing school, will always be there as I continue off to college and beyond.
My experience as a student was a very good one. The teachers are very friendly, and are always willing to help you out. There are many bright students.
Al-Rahmah is a good school.
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Great community and school. Teachers care and there are a lot of extracurricular activities. I have had my children in this school for 10 years.
Al-Rahmah School is just not a school, it is a family. Al-Rahmah School strives for excellence, accommodates parents and their needs. It is an inclusive school, a true reflection of a community school. Al-Rahmah School does not restrict admission to only smart students. Al-Rahmah School also has small classroom sizes.
The academic environment at Al-Rahmah is outstanding. The school prepares young Muslim Americans for the real world by harboring them with leadership skills, communication skills, Islamic identity, and critical thinking. The school encourages students to be globally aware and active.
We have 2 official security guards and health resources such as the school nurse and counselor.
I love all of my teachers, but because it's a small private school, it lacks the opportunities available to public schools in regards to AP and honor classes and extracurriculars.
great teachers, keep it up!
There's SGA, Literary Club, Model UN, and I think that's it.
They had a part time nurse
The teachers care about their students
The students don't take interest in their education, at least not all of them.
I wouldnt really know. I do know some people get bullied here but to be honest nothing ever really happens here.
I have been here on and off since kindergarten. I will always love this school. A lot of things have changed over the years, but the academics and the learning is still the same. I do miss some of the old activities we used to do, but honestly i can live with out them.
Most of the teachers here are pretty amazing. Some do tend to go a little off topic but at the same time the always end up teaching us what we are supposed to learn.
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