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Al-Noor School Reviews

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The school can be amplified in so many departments and ways, but is still a great hospitable environment.
Al-Noor school is an average school. Though it is good in terms of some academics and clubs along with other activities, there are some problems which the school fails to resolve. It is better than other Islamic schools and some public schools, and the fact they nourish the child islamically is good, some things should definitely be fixed without hesitation.
Unfortunately, the school isn't academically challenging with their English curriculum, and a lot of the students aren't particularly interested in their education. In terms of religious benefits they do offer classes that strengthen Islamic values and skills.
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It was a good school with friendly teachers, and staff. it is not that diverse. However, it makes up for it with the culture and activities. Due to it being a small school everyone knows each other. The food is great
it is extremely safe especially with the big police security guard.
I have been in this school for 14 years and if I went back I wouldn't change a thing.
there teachers are really good and are very caring
By joining these clubs, student can learn many things. Also many donations are made and aid is provided to other individuals, countries in the need of help.
The school is good, but there are many things that can be done to the school to make it more better.
It's really great how the teachers are really dedicated to teaching. They always help out the students who are struggling within that area. The teachers always go over assigned worksheets, homework, class work and test after completion. They always provide with extra help and extra worksheets along with websites to work and practice on.
This school makes all the students and teachers as well feel very comfortable in the school building due to the great level of safeness provided by the school security guard.
They provide a variety of clubs such as the following, environmental club, volleyball club, debate team, tutoring club ,etc..
This school isn't just any ordinary school within new York, AL-Noor school sets the perfect environment for education, activities and religion.
The teachers that work at this school have a vast amount of knowledge regarding the subject they teach to their fellow students.
The school building is in an excellent condition and the guidance counselors as well as other teachers provide a great amount of time and dedication towards their teaching and guidance to students.
Al-Noor school is known for its high academics, such as providing their fellow students with AP classes, SAT classes, and after school tutoring.
In terms of in-class behavior, I've noticed that certain students can get away with thing because their father is on the board or just because they have a way of talking their way out of trouble. The teachers can be too forgiving.
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My school playes three sports, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. The student enjoy it very much and that's why its a very successful aspect of my school
My high school was far from diverse. Everyone was Muslim and almost everyone was Arab. My transition to college was a little tough because of the adjustment to larger more diverse environment.
It's a very small private islamic school and so the funding is not too good. Teachers aren't paid well, yet they make due. It seems when teachers put in the time for a student it's because they want to and not because they have to. They've taught afterschool classes, SAT tutoring for free.
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