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ANA has excellent staff who are very sincere. The educations students get surpass the tuition by far. Teachers not only teach curricula, but they are mentors as well.
Al Noor Academy is a small, private Islamic school in the suburbs of Boston. With only over 100 kids, teachers give students the needed attention. I love how we are such a tight knit community, with everyone knowing everyone else and there being a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the building. However, I do wish they had more funding since the school lacks in technology and class equipment. But the teachers, students, and memories make the experience worthwhile.
In terms of academics, Al-Noor Academy's courses are very rigorous. The highly qualified teachers are very much there to make sure you actually learn and understand and not simply force feed information down your throat. The staff is really caring and see the students as their own kids and want nothing for the best for their students. The staff is always there to help in times of need.
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School offers to students another home and a second family. students come from all world background: Americans, Africans, Asians, you feel you are in the United Nations. Very dedicated staff, both teachers and principal. 100% college acceptance. Dual enrollment prepares students for college experience. The code of ethics and character is very strong, yet the climate is very friendly and fun.
Best school kids can go to. Dual enrollment, safety, clubs, teachers, diversity are all but some how this school shines
I used to do Nuerology club last year at Al Noor. With applying to College, I focused more on my academics, and less on extra curricular, but overall, the brain club made my lunch time interesting.
I was given a second chance at Islam when I came to Al Noor. I spent most of my middle school life as a regular student, without religion to ground me. Coming back to Islam was the best thing Al Noor has given me, because it was not only a past religion of mine, but rather a new way of life for me as I begin my journey through college.
The teacher I have chosen to review is Brother Hamzah: he is my guidance counselor, and my number one source for learning about the college application process. I knew nothing about applying to college, but after all of my classes with him, which were typically one on one, I can proudly say that I have been accepted to my number one college; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
The school tries very hard to make the school as safe and healthy for the students, which they achieve in doing.
Everybody has the chance to participate in fun extracurricular activities!
Everything is perfect at Al-Noor Academy! Academically and socially
Teachers teach in a great way and if something is not understood teachers go over it repeatedly until students understand.
Director always updating building and system for safety. Cameras, extra doors for example, despite very limited budget.
Extracurriculars are quite good. MUN, futsal team, neurology club, and there is also tutoring for those who need it. It would be better if there were more options for the younger students.
100% graduation rate. No smoking. No bullying. Outstanding teaching department. Constantly updated security. Extremely hardworking and dedicated director. It might be very hard to find a school to match.
Probably the best religion department in the entire nation. In other subjects, teachers can be found who qualify for jobs much higher than working at a high school, but they come here and work without any bragging of qualifications or complaining of being in a job not worthy of them.
The teachers actually care about what you want to do
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The teachers are all overqualified.
Health is one aspect the school takes very seriosly.
There are a variety of clubs to choose from, however there are not that many people because the school is small.
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