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Al-Madinah is a private school that needs improvement. The administration treats you like a child and doesn't allow room for growth. There's a reason why adolescents get more freedom as they age. As graduating students we are expected to be mature people that is capable of independence. They preach how they want us to be good people and independent people but they take away our phones in the beginning of the day because "we are not trust-worthy". The school itself is very small with limited supplies. For science classes, we barely did any experiments because the school would not provide the teachers with materials. I would like to see the school improve and stop being cheap. Our education comes first, we need more diversity, better teachers, we need room to expand ourselves as a person.
You will not learn academics or Islam from this school. Please stay away, teachers are anyone off the street , can not teach and verbally abuse the children, administrators do not care about the well being of these kids
The greatest thing about the school is the people there and the teachers who allow the students the ability to confide in them. The bonds created there are important bonds. One thing I'd like to see change would be the way the female students are treated. They shouldn't e extremely strict on the female body and overly lax on the males.
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I love that it's a private school and that it accommodated the students based on their needs. The one thing that I would like to change however, is the lack of extracurricular activities.
Al-Madinah School has made many significant changes especially this school year. These changes were made for the better. AP courses, clubs and activities, and more were included. There are several aspects of the school that could be changed such as the classroom sizes, food, and having more teachers. However, I believe that since a lot changed already, these few minor factors could be changed as well over the next couple of years.
Al-Madinah is an Islamic school with a very family like environment. However there's a lot of improvement that needs to be done before I can say that it is over all a very good school. Luckily the administration is working hard to improve and in a few years it might actually be a school I'd want my future children to attend.
I like the islamic academics and i would like to change the equality of the girls and boys. Also we should have a lot of clubs.
I mean, I've been going to this school most of my life and I honestly haven't see much improvement throughout the years. sometimes they yell at us very petty thing, and understand there trying to create discipline, but its just not working. I don't know how but students that actually behave are put in an environment with other people that don't want to behave, and majority of the students have low expectation of themselves and the ones that do aren't morally correct themselves.
I have been in this school from Pre-k to 11th meaning 13 years. Throughout the I have seen many changes, most of which are bad.
It was a good experience overall. Class size is small and there's a low student to instructor ratio, which helps students socialize better with their teachers. Students must be independent to some degree however, because the school won't walk you through the college process step by step. Since its a private school, there tends to be delays in their office with sending paperwork to colleges, but I've never been in a situation like that. I'd recommend you to come here but you must know that you'll have to have your objectives set, and must be determined to work hard.
stupid school with stupid rules like if you come 5 minutes late they send you back home. most teachers arent even qualified to be teachers. no extracirruclar activities at all. theres no actual gym. graduations are in the fifth floor. adminstrations are very rude and not helpful half the time. very unorganized school. they take 5000 dollars and its not even worth the money. i advise for no kid to go to this school//////////////////
i hated this school the minute i walked in the only thing thats keeping me from leaving is my friends
There are many health issues with the school, and safety isn't the great either
there aren't many extra curricular classes offered in my school
most of the teachers are not really qualified to be teachers there are a few good teachers here and there but most of the teachers dont have enough kowledge to be actual teachers
The only good thing I would say is that they had fun trips however they stopped going to those trips over the years. In general if you are sending your child there to become religious then be warned there is noting worth of being religious there. The only think they do is pray which your child can do anywhere. The school shelters your child from the real world and when they go to college it would be a struggle for them to adapt to a new environment. The regulations they follow has nothing to do with religion but extremist thoughts.
Only a certain number of teachers at the school have an actual teaching degree. About 10 teachers in my opinion are worthy of being called an educator. Most of the teachers lack communication skills with the students and if a teacher does try to put an effort in understanding his/her students the administration will put an end to that and fire the teachers. Many great teachers have been fired due to not following their obtuse regulations which consist of always being strict and not being a kind person.
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There are no extracarriculor activities.
The main reason i like the school is because of my classmates. Everything else in the school is average or subpar average standards.
Some teachers are good. Some are okay and some are bad. No teachers are exceptionally great at teachimg. There are some who don't know what they are teaching sometimes or don't know how to explain. Very few of the teachers are consistent in their grading.
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