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Al-Iman school is a wonderful environment that is accepting of all religions and cultures. The teachers work with the students closely to ensure they receive the best education and recently the school has added multiple A.P Classes for high schoolers so that we can get a grasp of what college will require from us. Throughout the past few years, the school has been renovating to make the space more welcoming and comfortable for students. The school gym has just been redone and looks so nice that it has inspired the students to work alongside the staff to organize a basketball team. The hallways are decorated with marble tiles, the classes have received upgraded Smartboards, the computer lab is equipped with better, newer computers, and within the past 2 months, the school has printed ID cards for each student to enhance our lunch experience.
I have been at Al-iman School since pre-K, and honestly, there is no better school. Al-Iman is holistic. Al-Iman provides excellent education in state courses. There are regent board curriculums for us to take the state regents examinations. AP classes were introduced allowing us students a head start at college. We have physical education indoors and outdoors. Various field trips are taken. Competitions are held through out the year:science fairs, spelling bees, speech competitions, debates, etc. Al-Iman builds the etiquette of students and maintains discipline. Teachers are so knowledgeable and friendly. I have learned so much in such a close environment. Any question in class was thoroughly answered. All students interacted with other students civilly. Also religion is a daily practice. We begin the day reciting Quran, followed by classes teaching religion and Arabic. Time is also designated for noon prayers, followed by halal lunch. Overall, Al-Iman is like a home.
It is very good school with very Fridley peoples.
it has all new technology , new cafeteria , always clean.
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My kids love going to this school, they have made leaps and bounds academically, and socially. They are safe, appreciated by they teachers and feels that all the kids are equal. The teachers have been wonderful and so is the principal, it feels like a family when it comes to communicating with the teachers. Highly recommend.

Mubashera ali.
I have been a student at this school for many years and I enjoyed every moment being there. The staff is very nice and helpful. They are always there for you when you need help. This school also offers many opportunities to build your leadership skills. The school offer a variety of competition including but not limited to Art, Debate, Science, Poetry, and etc. Moreover, this school provides an Islamic environment, where students feel safe, learn more about their religion, and find their true self.
A nascent school over 15 years, with a new qualified and licensed administrator holding two master degrees- one in education and the the other in public administration. Since taking over two years ago the state mandated exam scores and High School diplomas scores gone up and are above average. Positive discipline and rigorous curriculum is emphasized. Most of the teachers are experienced and qualified. Minimum qualification is Bachelors and many hold master degrees in various fields.
As a previous teacher in this school, I felt the school had lost its focus sometime back.For the past two years, I've noticed a lot of changes the school has gone through. As a previous teacher in this school I tend to follow up the trendsetting norms.At present I feel it's come at par,if not better with top schools in Queens area.The curriculum, the debates, as well as the cleanliness of the entire school seems to be excellent. New buses as can be seen have been added for the students ease of transportation. Makes me happy to see the progress towards betterment of our children in this ultra modern society. I wish this school the best in the future of our coming new generation.
There are no clubs available at this school. There is a yearbook club which makes the yearly yearbooks, the same yearbooks that have been bought by every student (mandatory) but has not been given since my 9th grade (2013-2014)
There are no electives at this school except for gym and art which you are not guaranteed to get. There are no foreign languages to take except for Arabic which is mandatory but nothing is taught.
They all teach what needs to be taught but classes like arabic is where you don't learn anything about arabic.
Al- Iman offers a variety of clubs and teams such as the basketball and volleyball team. they also have the spirit club, and for sometime had model United Nations meetings. There is a yearbook committee, as well as visual arts club. Various competitions are available for those who have special interests in such as, debate, art, science, math, speech, poetry, and essay.
Al-Imam school has a very welcoming atmosphere. A student who had just enrolled would most likely fit-in with whatever group there is and be accepted by the society nevertheless. It's a friendly community and nobody really picks on another, except when there are fights which rarely happen. If you walk in you'd find people with different backgrounds and races collaborating and working together to perform various tasks assigned.
The teachers t Al- Iman are compassionate and teach with mediocre communication skills. Most of them are warm- welcoming and put their heart into what they teach. the consistency in grading is pretty much accurate to what the student puts forth in the classroom. Most teachers are very knowledgeable in the realm of what they teach, however some are just average.
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