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Did not like anything about the school; there's a lot that needs to be changed. I would definitely not recommend this school at all. There are many reasons why, including the fact that it does not prepare you for college, there are no resources and no certified teachers. The overall environment isn't safe or well kept and the administration is horrible.
This is a great school with dedicated staff and faculty. Population is diverse, the world within floor walls. It has a respected reputation. I am a proud alumna.
Attending Al-Ikhlas since preschool, I noticed nothings gold and silver. They're some bad experiences. However, those experiences shaped me. Iam the shy type, no one ever thought of me of doing something great. Although, in my freshman year of highschool I entered a competition. Competeing against many schools and students, I won first place in Fashion design. Since I've been designing since I was eleven, leaving with a first place metal was an accomplishment.
Al-Ikhlas has its downfalls. Its a small school, with three floors and chalkboards. We dont have a cafeteria. Though, dont think it matters though, as long as students potential is continuously broughten out. Nevertheless, of Al-Ikhlas's weaknesses, they produce voices of strength and free will. There I had been inspired. There I had been shaped. There I had been raised.
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Only a few teachers are fair when it comes to grading and working extra hard for the sake of students.
There are a number of activities at this school. There is student council, a cleaning committee, yearbook members, volunteers, tutoring for younger students to fulfill volunteer hours, etc. The students are usually very committed to what they take part in, in terms of extracurricular activities.
There is rarely any bullying in this school. There is usually security driving around the school in case of unusual or suspicious behavior/people. The school always has people come in and speak to the students about safety. For example, every year a firefighter comes and explains the importance of being safe and making it out alive in case of a fire in the home or school. Overall, I think the school is pretty safe.
My experience at this school so far has been okay. I've met some of my best friends and learned a lot not just academic wise but life wise as well. I love the different events and activities and what makes it unique is the diversity of the students. The students there come from different countries and backgrounds and that taught me a lot about different cultures. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because I feel very comfortable and welcomed in this school environment. Often times I am offered extra help by teachers and students who generally care about me and my education and I never had that before from my old schools.
There are a few extracurricular activities provided. There could be more.
The teachers are very interested in their students. They go above and beyond to teach you what you need to know, whether it relates to your academics or not.
Class sizes are small which makes it easier to get the attention you need from your teacher. The school itself is small. That allows everyone to be familiar with each other. The teachers don't limit their teaching to just the subject they are required to teach.
I love the activities at ATA, it allows me to improve many things and also myself
No bullying allowed and no discrimination.
ATA has been a great learning experience for me!
The teachers at ATA are genuine, very sincere, committed to giving their all, in hopes of investing in students and in their future!
I recommend this school to everyone. Al-Ikhlas is the place where you build memories and bonds with family. You excel as a student and leader here.
I couldn't have asked for a better second family.
Teaching use great learning tactics. Where they quiz you at the end of the day on the overall of what you should've learned. It's a great way to remember what you've learned and get an easy A.
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The building was built a long time, yet it's kept in excellent shape. It has nice hallways and lockers in great condition. Overall it's an excellent learning area.
All students love one another. You never see one student bully another unless you see everyone in the hallway against that bully. But it never happens. I feel very safe and secure I know I'm in good hands. If anything happens our nurse will help you.
In ATA the term bullying is nonexistent. The kids are raised to love one another so there really isn't a need for the principle to keep her eye on the students.
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