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Al-Ihsan Academy is a school I have never and will never again experience in my life. With low teacher salaries, I have sometimes questioned why my teachers would stay while there were more opportunities elsewhere. After observing their actions, I have come to the conclusion that they are not teaching for the money, but to help each of their students for the sheer reward of letting another succeed. This quality is one that I have come to admire. Although having some of the best teachers, Al-Ihsan is small compared to other schools. For example, we have 1 basement that is used as our auditorium, lunchroom, and event hall. It's used to the max. But if you really look at this school, you will see it as a cell. A tiny organism that has many parts that make it a whole and in turn helps the body function. The body represents the community, and this school, this tiny, miniature school has ironically helped me grow.
It would be great if Al-Ihsan had a college fair so that seniors could get more engaged with the process of applying to colleges and understand what each school has to offer.
Al-Ihsan Academy tries its best to create a positive Islamic environment for its students with the limited amount of resources available. There are not many AP classes, no College Now or Calculus classes available. You are not prepared for college. Some teachers do not have degrees in the subjects that they are teaching. There are pieces of hair found in the foods. Sometimes teachers can be condescending, emotional, even abusive in cases, against students who are not the top 10 percent in the class for academics or behavior. Many students are not or motivated to do well. There is an ambiance of laxness and malignant cheating. Some students are humiliated for their academic grades. AIA creates a bubble for its students and teachers. Students are unnecessarily reprimanded for wearing different colored socks. This takes away time from classes. Al Ihsan becomes involved in many private and personal matters of its students. Leave if you can. AIA, change.
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The building was not ideal. There was insufficient space for all student activities. The school does not offer many extracurriculars nor does it offer many APs. However, since the classes are quite small, you bond more with your classmates and develop closer relationships with them sometimes.
I have been here for many years. the only reason that I can say that I like this school is because of my friends. Not every person in this school is nice ., like other schools you have those people who think that they are better than you and consider themselves "the cool girls" but you just Have to know who to be around .. the food is realllt good tho
Al- Ihsan Academy is a diversely populated school, With people coming from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. This school also has some of the most dedicated teachers who genuinely care for the welfare and academic success of their students. An overall great experience socially, and academically.
Decent but not good enough. Many teachers do not care for the students and as a result teaching is at its lowest in this school. School has very limited opportunities such as AP and clubs.
Great Islamic environment. Great community to be around. Mediocre in academics. Barely an AP classes. Teachers try to provide well education for students. Poor with academic opportunities. Teachers gossip about other teachers and students. No clubs for high school (at all). No after school programs or out of school courses (for high school). Excellent with school culture. No sports at all (both boys and girls). Barely any resources besides computer room which requires teacher consent. No library. Very diverse school. Students aren't to ready for college due to lack of resources and opportunities. Safe school. Good food. Barely any facilities.
Overall ratings: 2.84/5
Not many extra curriculars but its alright.
The experience wasnt one of the best but wasnt the worst either.
The teachers at Al-Ihsan are honestly some of the best. Some, however, are rude and unapproachable but this is only one or two. Most genuinely care about their students and go out of their way to help students even if they arent from that subject.
Not supportive on any ideas. Difficult to approach.
You'll find the occasional cockroach or dead rat just recently found in one of the classrooms.
What happens when inexperienced teachers collide with a small cramped building? A pretty bad school. That's what Al Ihsan is. It barely has any upsides and a bit too much downsides. As a student who has been going to this school for more than 5 years, I can honestly tell you readers that you should really avoid sending your children to this school. The academics are not taught properly. Islam is rarely upheld here where even the teachers and office staff gossip and talk about everyone. Bullying is pretty prominent in this school and the victims don't even tell the teachers because they know the school never does anything. For God's sake, how are you going to put a 70 something year old man as the doorman. If something where to happen, what would he be able to do? Probably nothing. This school doesn't even have a proper guidance councillor, not to mention the absence of a student council and the dictatorship like authority the teachers and administration have over the students. Rarely do students get to put their two cents in before getting shut down. Nobody listens to the students, excluding a few of the teachers who actually realize that the school has NO IDEA what they're doing. This school literally has its priorities backwards and it's not funny. This school should only be an elementary, junior high, or high-school only. They honestly can't handle all of the students that they have, basically biting off more than they can chew. All in all, this school is pretty bad. It would be better to send your children to another Islamic school.
The teachers aren't horrible, however they aren't amazing either. Many teachers have not had prior teaching experience and have no idea how to teach material when they're thrown into a random subject area that they don't even specialize in. Teachers back bite and talk about other teachers with and without students around. Some teachers are very obnoxious and act like the students MUST 100% memorize everything that they teach or else they fail.
Everyone cares for each other We are all brothers and sisters. Also my school is a non-bully zone.
This school for the most part is okay. I have made amazing friends , i have gotten closer to my religion, and i have learned a lot of things i haven't even heard of before. But something i do not like is that the school is pretty strict, and the teachers are okay in general.
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Most of the teachers in my school are pretty nice. They care for students, their teachings are great, and their style of the test are pretty easy. During class we learn a lot of things.But sometimes teachers can be very intimidating and scary to even participate in class.
There are many extracurricular activities open for junior high school students but few for high school. Junior high school students have after-school activities ready for them every school day. Highschool students are not as lucky. For highschool students there is currently one club called The Book to Movies club and a STEM club currently being organized by two highschool seniors. The Book to Movies club has been consistent for four years and draws in many highschool girls. There is no administration support in running or funding either of the highschool clubs.
Al-Ihsan Academy seems like a safe school to many but when closely examined one can see that it's lacking in many aspects. Few students take drugs but the ones that do often do it on school grounds, during school hours. They pose a threat to their own safety and that of those around them. Bullying is prevailant and is often overlooked by the authority figures. Often many students do not turn to the administration when they're being harassed or persecuted because they claim that nothing will be done about the situation. There aren't any school safety services that I know of but the nurse does her job well. She goes beyond what us required of her when ensuring that the students are healthy and cared for.
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