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The overall community feeling is strong. Being a small school, you get to know all the other students.
My school experience was decent. Even though it was a private school supposedly built on having Islamic morals and teachings; some teachers would not follow through. At the end of the day you can only progress if you want to sincerely do it , the space for improvement is always expanding.
My experience was filled with memorable encounters with teachers that connected with me and understood what I was and still am going through in High School. Most show empathy to the hardships of High School and try and make it fun and memorable. I believe my transition from Public school to Private school was easier than vice versa, but it may just be the religious factor playing its role. The school moto for Al-Huda is "Where guidance is part of the curriculum" and I feel that we're always kept on our toes one way or another, we're challenged in ways that improve our capability. Although my school could improve in many places, just like any school would, and as cliché this may sound I believe it is perfectly imperfect.
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Will always hate it🙄

Hate it👌🏼😊

There aren't enough. Especially since MIST is gone. RIP MIST. I do know that admin has been trying though to provide students with alternatives. Especially Sr. Aisha. But its not really working out...
For the most part, the teachers at Al- Huda are magnificent. However, there are some teachers who do blatantly pick favorites or have clear biases towards certain students. THere are also some teachers who don't teach as effectively as they should, thus often times making it seem as though all the students in the school are
There are special events held at different times during the school year to go over the topics listed above. I feel it is sufficient for our student population. I feel safe at my school.
Like everything in life, nothing is perfect, but I feel Al Huda was perfect for me. I made some life-long friendships and overall, I feel the teachers care about the students. There are a few things that I would like to see improved, but the mission of the school and overall environment kept me motivated to continue my education.
I loved my elementary school teachers. The middle school teachers were not as engaging. The high school teachers challenged us from Day 1 and helped us think outside of the box.
This school is the best, I like it.
Some teachers actually do care for our education and future, while some teachers don't know how to deal with the students. Most teachers are knowledgable and try to make the lesson as fun as possible to catch our interests but others don't even try.
I love this school because for the first time in forever I actually had friends that cared for me and I was able to put my trust in them. It was great to be surrounded with such amazing people! There were actually people who were willing to help me with my problems, to listen to what I've got to say, and not judge me at all. That's the best thing about the school. What makes the school unique is that we get to be who we want to be.
If your hurt, they wither give you an ice pack or send you home.
They sometimes have game night - They have art clubs which are fun - They only have two clubs or so that only last 3 weeks but their pretty fun.
Every year we have this full week of bullying campaign, we make boards, posters, and talk about bullying experiences.

Dress code is far to strict and we get white slips if we don't dress correctly. The office staff is nice and hard working as well as the principles.
My school is okay.

I mean it has great education and really nice people.

But they don't know how to deal with things.
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The teachers staff at Al-Huda School are very caring and loving towards the students. Teachers motto is, "If one of my students failed, then that means I failed." They try their best help help student grasp the knowledge. Most of Al-Huda school staff have Masters, Degree, PhD s, and Bachelors. They're very knowledgeable and certified.Their communication skill with the students are wonderful, and are consistent with grading material. Each teacher has their own teaching style, which is suitable for the students.
Due to its many restrictions, limited space, and shortage of staff, Al-Huda School is the most loving, and caring school I've ever been to in my entire life. Most students that graduate from Al-Huda School pursue their dreams in the most famous colleges. Al-Huda Alumni are very well-known and have a reputation. They equip you for the wonders of College, and help you pursue your dream. I'd prefer anyone to go to Al-Huda, than failing in school.
Most students would look at Al-Huda as a very restricted, limited school with no boundaries, but that's not a bad thing. The only reason they do this is the make sure that the students are constantly safe, and a the right place they're supposed to be. Fire Drills are performed on a regularly basis, and that keeps us safe from fires. It's a great environment.
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