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Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning Reviews

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I've been attending this school for all my life, and I love everything about it. It's an Islamic school, meaning everyone there has the same religion. We are all like one big family, and everyone knows each other. The academics are great, but a bit limited on the AP courses side. We also have a low student-to-teacher ratio, meaning teachers are more attentive to each student's individual problem and will assist them till they understand.
My son goes to this school and I am happy that I made the right choice for him. He is way ahead of his regular school counterparts. He comes home speaking of religion rather than negative subjects. He is very sociable and really takes the time to do and understand his assignments. He is polite and well mannered as well. I highly recommend this school. The staff are all wonderful and really work with all the children. I feel he gets far more out of this school than he would in public schools. Tuition is reasonable compared to other schools of its kind.
An excellent school, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement, compassion, moral values and strong sense of community.
I feel blessed and honored to be a part of this school.
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Our children have been attending this school for ten years and we're glad we chose this place. Al-Hadi has a safe, family friendly, healthy atmosphere with an emphasis on learning, achieving and inculcating good values.
The leadership is excellent, dedicated, committed and caring towards every child. Teachers and the rest of the staff go beyond being professional, they're caring and committed.
Overall, we are blessed to be a part of this school and community.
dont send your kids to al hadi its a fake school that only cares bout money. they dont care about teaching and arent even qualified to teach.
The overall experience was great.
The teachers in this school are the best.
We don't have many organizations or clubs other than Student Council, Yearbook Club, Students Newspaper, and the M.A.H.D.I group which aims to help society fight against hunger, disease, and injustice. Students enjoy activities that the Student Council organizes and enjoy giving input in the school newspaper. Students are very active in sports, mainly basketball, and can be seen playing throughout the day.
It's been great as I've made lifelong friends and gained a great amount of knowledge. The school's staff treats everyone like family and going here is like going to our second home. The time and effort the staff invests in making sure that student's futures are bright is what makes this school unique. They will take long measures to ensure students success by giving one on one sessions to help struggling students and will treat the students with compassion and always remind the student that they have the potential to do anything their heart desires.
The teachers are knowledgeable in their fields and relate their knowledge to the students in an effective manner. They are compassionate towards the students and help them through their academic as well as personal problems. They are all very amiable and do not discriminate against anyone. The teachers to most students, are as loving and understanding as their own parents.
Clubs are everywhere and each student is most likely involved in at least one club.
There is no bullying or any form of violence there if there were it would be accidental forming from a joke or pure intentions.
Since it's a private school there is a good amount of money there the lunches are very delicious and its smaller so it's much easier to make friends and see them very often.
I think its good that they aren't too friendly because students will take advantage of it the teachers remain a professional relational amongst students just enough to be safe but not too much so they can still obey the rules of class.
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